Car of Women Shot at by LAPD During Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

Car of Women Shot at by LAPD During Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

Car of Women Shot at by LAPD During Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

During their manhunt for alleged cop killer Christopher Jordan Dorner, police in Los Angeles shot at two elderly, unarmed Asian women who were delivering newspapers. Picture above shows what their truck looked like after it was riddled with bullets by trigger happy cops who did not care to see who was inside the truck, nor did they issue a warning or attempt any kind of negotiations, they just opened fire and that’s that. Makes you question who the actual dangerous guys are…

Based on the reports I get, it was the trigger happy cops from Torrance Police Department that shot at the women. The truck they shot at does not even match the description of the truck Christopher Dorner was reported to have driven – neither does the make, nor the color. Firing more than four dozen bullets at a truck that they don’t even know for sure is the one they’re looking for – isn’t that synonymous with attempted murder?

Latest info I got says the women were wounded. So far no word on whether either has died as a result.

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36 thoughts on “Car of Women Shot at by LAPD During Manhunt for Christopher Dorner”

    1. I would imagine that’s because if it gets out to the mainstream media, the media are going to have a fucking field day with the LAPD. Or so I would think, perhaps I’m wrong. What I gathered from his manifesto is that he’s a loyal and honourable gentlemen who is actually standing up against the LAPD’s extreme actions.

      1. sad thing is, neither dorner nor you are right about the “mainstream media”. They are crucifying this guy. CNN called dorner racist against whites by only showing the part that says white officers that are racist are a target. The media fails to mention he said blacks who are racist toward white officers are also a target. Media spin at its best. And the sad thing is when CNN says things like this, people believe it as the only facts. It is sad to me to see the way the media can distort something for their own gains.

        1. shit if they get 100k I would be surprised. Minus lawyer fees and taxes, they may get 25k. Oh then think how much that ambulance ride and ICU visit will cost the ladies. I would not trade places with them.

  1. WTF!

    So cops are just firing at any random cars now?

    2 elderly asian women? Just how could they confuse 2 asian grannies with Christopher Dorner?!

    Worrying behaviour

  2. Maybe they were driving slow as fuck, like Asians are wont (Wonton) to do, and the piggywinks got impatient and ventilated them. They are piggywinks after all.

  3. I kinda laughed when i read this. Not at the poor women that are homicide victims, but at the fact that it shows what Dorner was talking about and his accusations against LAPD. Fucking pigs

  4. The women were hispanic. One is 72 years old , she was hit several times in the back. She is expected to make it. The driver, received a cut on her finger. Also expected to survive.

  5. The cops will get a paid vacation (Suspended with pay) for this and that is about it. The tax payers will have to pay the women a bunch of $$$. I hope Dorner get these cops.

  6. There was a 70 year old woman and a 40ish woman the 70 yr old woman was shot in the back and in ICU(Intensive care unit). Then there was a black honda truck that was shot at. (I think a mexican was driving, but not sure)

  7. This sort of shit makes me angry but also brings on a feeling of total loss!! The world is fucked unless we revolt against the system and there’s not enough of us in the same mind frame to actually do it and if we did start to rise I’m sure the Zionist lefties would shut us down before we could do any real damage! Hence… We’re fucked……

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