Carnage in the Street After Car Bombings in Basra, Baghdad

Carnage in the Street After Car Bombings in Basra, Baghdad

Carnage in the Street After Car Bombings in Basra, Baghdad

On May 20, 2013 series of car bombing attacks targeted Shi’ite districts of Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. At least 27 people have been killed and more than a hundred wounded as car bombers set their explosives laden vehicles off near bus stations and outdoor markets.

Two car bombs detonated in Shi’ite-majority areas in the city of Basra, where this aftermath video was filmed, killed at least 13 people. Iraq has seen a significant spike in bombing attacks in 2013. The killings are a result of rising political and sectarian tension between Sunni and Shia communities.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Carnage in the Street After Car Bombings in Basra, Baghdad”

  1. What a way to live. I feel for these people who also, did not ask for a war in their Country under false allegations of wmd,s. Now all they did is de stabilize &fuck their Country even more. TOTAL CHAOS. sad…

          1. @Re-belk

            That totally just gave me the guilt-by-association “What did I DO?!” feeling. This is my first post of the day! No harm, no foul. 🙂

        1. No, you have to be a Jew or a Jewish sheep in order to not see that without Jews, this danger wouldn’t exist. Until Jews ripped Iraq apart and started to exploit their oil resources, there were no car bombings in Iraq. None, zero. I don’t know why I’m trying to explain it to a Jewish sheep, but it’s a fact.

    1. I can’t believe Re-belk is taking shit for making this comment. Can’t we all have our own opinion? I’ve said way worse stuff, and more, and hardly anybody messes with me. Fuckin’ cowards need to stop pickin’ on a lady.

      1. Agreed too. Why are trolls hovering around Rebelk like moths around a flame- comparison is insult to real moths- . Maybe the trolls are jealous ? Well, they would have reason- Rebelk is a better person than this trolling lot combined plus she can stand up for herself.

  2. I see it like this-
    I spent 10 years in the U.S.Army. of that 10 years, I spent 2 years in the 2nd Infantry Division, up on the DMZ in South Korea. It was my stay in Korea that got me into studying politics. I wanted to know why I was there.
    I didn’t swear any oath that said I was willing to go fight, or DIE in somebody else’s country.
    I’m not am isolationist, a separatist yes.

    Those countries have been fighting wars that you can read about in the bible… it’s a hornet’s nest, why go over there and poke it?

    We are not the world police, we should police our own borders, cross our own ‘t’s and dot our own ‘i’s, settle our own issues…FIRST.

    Other countries view us as Hypocrites.. and understandably so. We are a super power, but we have lost our rapport with the world.

    If I were president today, the first thing I would do is go to the U.N. and tell them- “It’s been real….we are out of here. We’ll be back after we correct some things. If you need further help- see China.”

    We need to be Honest in our intentions…and Noble in our deeds. We have allowed our liberties to compromise our freedoms and we will be judged for our complacency.

    1. Did you know that Obama considers the UN, beside corporate interests, as a higher priority as the US congress?
      I hope your country recovers, but your people are so dumbed down like never before in history.
      When were you serving in Korea?

        1. The DMZ experience was real, the people- they were polarized…the old loved us, the young hated us.
          The atmosphere, back then reminded me of a Stanley Kubrick movie.

          We had a curfew there for just about the whole time I was there.

      1. Yes I knew that, (U.S. Small Arms Treaty IS A REAL THREAT to me) but it would surprise people of the world to know that the common u.s. citizen doesn’t really know wtf is going on around them-
        They have the ‘keeping up with the jones’ attitude…. in other words, as long as they can make a house payment, drive their nice car or truck, go to the movies and socialize….they couldn’t give one fuck about whats materializing around them when it comes to things such as the UN.
        I see it everyday.
        I would love to believe that the majority of the people are slowly awakening to the reality of things but I am afraid it may be to little…to late.
        we shall see.

    2. I agree with you, especially with the middle east. Now Syria? I know we have special interest in any area we are involved but the level of involvement is crazy. If we were going to get involved in Syria, we should have gotten on Assad’s side. Crap.

      1. What the US creates (And it’s allies or puppets) is Islamic regimes in otherwise relatively modernized ‘progressive’ Muslim Countries.

        Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt etc.

        I don’t get the point.

        Fight against Islamists here, Support them here, Import massive amounts of them into our lands and Countries..

        Retarded. But even worse that we allow our Politicians to operate with such impunity.

        1. Silenced,
          We (the U.S.) have a military presence in at least 110 countries.
          If I were in a position to influence the United States, we would leave these areas so fast that there would be a giant sucking sound heard world wide.
          I believe that we should have a world presence, but not as ‘The Police’. We should set a positive example within our own borders first, then when we step out into the world, we would walk softly, speak kindly, and carry a BIG FUCKING STICK.
          We’ve stuck our government ‘nose’ into everybody else s business for the wrong reasons- it won’t surprise me when that nose gets knocked off or broken.

          It sickens me when I hear foreign countries refer to a politician’s ‘cowboy’ attitude…. they couldn’t be further from the truth.

          I am a cowboy, I don’t start trouble, but I don’t cotton to trouble- You ride your broncs and I’ll ride mine… thats the way it is. If somebody wants to lord over me then they will never see me coming.

          Just a note to say I enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Amazing that people can do this to their own country. In the USA, that turd McVey was executed after blowing up the federal building in Oklahoma City. The asshole was given two pints of Chocolate chip mint ice cream for his last meal.

      1. I probably wouldn’t be able to eat, but some pussy would be nice. In Texas they don’t give you that option anymore, but if I had a choice probably a mushroom swiss cheeseburger with curley fries and a chocolate shake.

  4. Ok I will probably make a fool of my self now but, Sunni’s and Shii’t muslims fighting is basically two groups fighting for which way of worshiping Allah is the correct one? Obviously I am trying to over simplify things but in its core this is what it is or am I wrong?

  5. Don’t worry about possibly saving someones life by applying pressure to stop the bleeding just keep filming so you can download it on, I guess there are fucktards all over the world.

  6. been a while since we had a good old fashion car bombing, yeehaw!!!
    ahem…sorry. it seems to me that the Sunni are the ones responsible for the destruction of White Europe. is that correct? if that is the case then it is them I have a problem with. I could care less what they do to each other in their own countries.

    1. It’s hard. I’ve yet to find a source of data that breaks down the Sunni/Shia diaspora in the Western world. Like which Countries have the most Shia’s, which cities and so on.

      The best way I can go on is by following Iranian, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain immigration since most of the Muslims in those Countries are Shia (Upwards to 70+).

      You could include Iraqi people in there also, I guess, since that is also around 65% Shia, but given the Iraq war and the after-effects, that might not be wise, since they might hate the Western world for the destruction of their Country.

      Either way, it’s hard to figure out the portion of Sunni/Shia in the West. The highest levels of Persian (Iran people) in the West are in Germany with around 250,000… Since Germany has something like 3 million Muslims.. It’s a small portion.

      So it’s safe to safe all those riots, murders, rape, etc. committed by Muslims in Europe and the West, and all the civil unrest caused by them, it’s very easy to attribute that to Sunni Islam.

      Shia Islam is largely considered more ‘moderate’, but that could simply be a case of there being a lot less Shia Muslims than Sunni Muslims, so we don’t feel the effects so much.

      1. so technically it is the Sunni? fuck, this shit is confusing. why can’t they just assimilate properly? why the fuck can’t they understand that they have an obligation to their adoptive country? they say they want peace but they seem to do everything in their power to make shit difficult. and on top of that Shia and Sunni both have several sub-sects. what the actual fuck?
        I know this all started because people couldn’t decide who should inherit Muhammed’s legacy and lead the people. but for someone who supposedly communicated directly with god, he sure didn’t plan his shit ahead, did he? now the whole world will suffer because of a goddamn misunderstanding. throw that in with oil, foreign countries’ politics and weapons and you’ve got apocalypse now.
        and for what? what will this actually solve? there will always be suffering and death. always. no matter who is in charge. I just want to live my life in peace. I want to evolve my mind beyond this human condition. because clearly this human condition is not the right path. humanity has failed and we must change to accommodate this new awareness.

  7. I, for one, don’t believe that you can solely put this on Islam. I know some amazing Muslim people, just as I know some amazing Jews, Christians, Agnostics Atheists, etc. This has more to do with nurture than nature. It’s so easy to look into this calamity from the “civilized” Western world and scoff. But it’s also about as ignorant as it gets.

    1. As a former Muslim who visits this site says, the thing you see in this video, is basically what Islam calls for. Kill the infidels. Smite the infidels.

      It is deeply rooted in their Religion.

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