CCTV Video of Anders Breivik Planting Car Bomb in Oslo + Explosion

CCTV Video of Anders Breivik Planting Car Bomb in Oslo + Explosion

CCTV Video of Anders Breivik Planting Car Bomb in Oslo + Explosion

This video was released by Norwegian authorities on November, 2012 – almost a year and a half after the bombing in Oslo and massacre on the island of Utøya carried out by Anders Behring Breivik. It’s a CCTV footage which shows 33 year old Anders Breivik planting his car bomb by parking a van with explosives at the entrance of a Government building that also housed the office of the Prime Minister in Oslo. The explosion killed eight people and injured dozens. The prime minister was not in the office at the time. After the explosion, Anders Breivik got into another van and drove to a Labour Party youth camp on the island of Utoya where he gunned down 69 people, most of whom were teenagers.

It was reported that the device Anders Breivik used to blow the building up with weighed nearly a ton. You can see from the video that the guards zoomed the surveillance cameras in on the van. A guard explained that this parking spot is reserved for the Prime Minister or his body guards but they get people parking there without permission all the time and need to chase them away. Anders Breivik was however wearing a uniform of security officers and acted calm and collected which did not make him look suspicious. The guard still zoomed in on the van’s registration number and was about to verify which security company it belonged to but then the van exploded.

Anders Breivik’s total death toll was 77 people. He is currently serving the sentence of 21 years (maximum sentence in Norway) at high security facility Ila prison near Oslo. CCTV video of him planting the van including the video of the explosion is below”

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “CCTV Video of Anders Breivik Planting Car Bomb in Oslo + Explosion”

  1. Some men die for their country. Others say that some men kill for their country.

    I don’t care. Look at what we’re capable of…

    It’s enough to make me want to go hide in the woods until It’s All Over, and then I can live like a total savage barbarian in the ruins that are left over…

    Hurry it up, people! I want some Peace & Quiet!

  2. We should all take a leaf out of Breivik’s book. by this I don’t mean killing children, I mean taking action instead of moaning about what is wrong in our societies.

    I will not get into the moralistic side of Anders Breivik because there is no right or wrong answer, it entirely depends upon your own view of the world and your own ideologies as to whether you agree with him or not.

    I do believe however that Anders Breivik set an example, he was not going to sit and moan about things because that changes nothing and so he decided enough was enough and that he had to act in order to change things.

    The truth of the matter is that we as a society are more technologically advanced these days however we have lost the spirit to fight that our ancestors once possessed, where our previous generations fought for what they believed was right we moan and cry about things.

    We have power in numbers and if we all decided to act in unison we could most definitely change things, we could all improve our societies, our governments always win by using the divide and conquer game, they make us fight against each other through mind games and propaganda and we always fall for it because we human beings tend to be stupid as a whole.

    I say we should all take the example that action speaks far louder than words and fight for what we believe in because if we don’t then we deserve to be destroyed.

    1. “We should all take a leaf out of Breivik?s book. by this I don?t mean killing children, I mean taking action instead of moaning about what is wrong in our societies.”

      I completely agree with this. And I as I am sure many of you can admit that we are guilty of this moaning about society instead of taking serious action. And yes his action is questionable and I agree that it depends on your views and how strong you feel about them.

    2. What Anders Breivik did was set back the ideology of people like himself (Which I count myself as one) years and years.

      It doesn’t matter that he targeted Young, Leftist Whites who would grow up to be another wave of destruction in Norway.

      It wouldn’t matter if he targeting Muslims, or Africans.

      All his actions did was weaken our ideology, and strengthen theirs. The men in Norway who shared similar feelings as Anders Breivik (And Men around the world) all felt the chains around their wrists ever more tightly than they did before him.

      I don’t celebrate the man, but I won’t demonize him, either.

      If things don’t change in our Countries soon… there will be a lot more Anders Breiviks all over the White World.. and that’s something that terrifies me.

      Anders Breivik stands as an example of what happens when you take away our voice, you leave us only one path to affect change: Violence.

      RIP to all the Victims.

      1. Hi Silenced

        “What Anders Breivik did was set back the ideology of people like himself (Which I count myself as one) years and years.”

        Anders Breivik’s ideology should not factor into this, I have said myself that I will not entertain a moralistic argument on this fact because life is dependant upon view points and as such the argument can be infinite and non static.

        What we must understand however is that Anders Breivik was a man of action rather than words and as such left a bigger impression.

        My entire argument then was that we should also be men of action in order to correct what we believe to be wrong.

        I am sure that we can all agree that to act is better than to talk about.

        You then speak about,

        “If things don?t change in our Countries soon? there will be a lot more Anders Breiviks all over the White World.. and that?s something that terrifies me.”

        I take from this that you yourself appreciate action rather than talk, in that case you should not view Anders Breiveik has setting you back but rather as telling you that action speaks far louder than words, and that by taking action you can prevent future Anders Breiviks.

  3. The shockwave is amazing but still not the kind of damage I was expecting. Its not that severe, at least in my ignorant opinion. About the 8 victims because of the debris or broken glass I guess. It is known the kind of explosive used?

    1. Fuel oil mixed with ammonium nitrate fertilizer. It’s a potent mix. From what I have read it has a relatively slow moving shock wave which creates more damage to some structures such as multi story buildings. I got this info from watching a documentary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

  4. Just imagine for a minute if there were 1 million Gentile Men who were just as dedicated. . . Imagine for a minute if such Men would engage against world jewry and their armies of nigger scum. I hope such Gentile Men can mobilized and destroy the jew and their armies of nigger scum

  5. Sadly, just another video bite that will fade to black. Wtf should follow this, much less call for further such acts of violent demonstration? Wtf among those number is actually doing anything toward the betterment of humanity at all? Love who you can, then hold them close and dearly. The powers that be are already in control and you know it. If there is a plan of extermination en masse, then it is only a matter of time and there’s nothing you any of you can do except look out for those within your reach. That’s all any of us here can do. If you can’t even pick the next “idol”, what chance do you think you’d have at world peace? It’s a war that has never ended and your biggest mistake would be to believe you had any part in it. Duck and cover if and when the shit hits the fan, just say your prayers and hope for the best. Until then – leave us be Lookey Loo and point out the foibles of those who strode into harms way, shall we?

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