Child Ripped to Pieces Plus Other Casualties of War in Syria

Child Ripped to Pieces Plus Other Casualties of War in Syria

Child Ripped to Pieces Plus Other Casualties of War in Syria

It’s the innocent ones who pay the highest price of war. All it takes is greed of a few bloodthirsty individuals and this is the result.

The video depicts an aftermath of an attack that wasn’t caught on camera so we have no knowing what it was really about. If I’m not mistaken, the actors in the video blame the deaths on the government and probably bring up the indiscriminate bombing or whatever the preferred rhetoric is at this time.

The most prominent casualty is a little child that was ripped to pieces. A man holds the child’s head with attached arm and a few shreds of torso up to display the extent of trauma on camera. It certainly looks like the child died in an explosion, we just don’t know what caused the explosion. There appear to be other casualties lined up along the floor of the room where the video was filmed, but dead children are better for propaganda so the video is mostly about the child.

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          1. To the people that dont know what hes saying , i speak arabic
            Hes saying its all lies , the americans helping , the other countrys being involved . Take this somewhere approperiate unlike the child and other younger people . This is against gods rules himself , if this is youre battle fight it . Dont get children involved

        1. Than all the kids will be like this..and im pretty sure im seeing all of you say this is sad…so we need mercenaries or just people willing to go in death first like these fuckers and take the ‘HEADS’ out.. than we move closer and closer to making some kind of civilization over in that shit hole place

  1. Every time that they want more donations for Africa they always show sad looking children on TV, 90 percent of beggars on the street make sure to have a dog with them because they know that the dog makes all the difference between getting money or not.

    The question is why?, why do human adults not create sympathy?, the answer is simple, it is because the adult human is seen to be calculating, cruel, corrupt, conniving and self serving and for the most part they are correct, we are.

    We create the kind of societies where shit floats to the top and we brainwash our children with propaganda, we factory farm our own children, our own future, so that the farmers can have more obedient livestock to exploit.

    My conclusion, adults do not garner sympathy because we do not see each other as fellow human beings, we instead see each other as something to be despised, something of little value that would not be missed should it die.

    The odd part is that children will one day become adults and therefore if we sympathise with children we are indirectly sympathising with adults and with ourselves.

    Do we look at children with jealousy and remember when we used to be free from self hatred, from wage slavery, when we used to look at the world with pure eyes that did not assume the worst of everything and everyone.

    Most of us like animals, particularly the domesticated variety and it is for the same reason, we feel safe with them, we can relax because we know that they are not trying to stab us in the back for self gain.

    It is very sad that we human beings have created our very own cage to bind ourselves and as a result we struggle to live among each other and cannot trust each other.

    1. To be honest I do envy children. For the most part, they have no awareness of the horrible world they inhabit, and are happy that way. Ignorance is bliss.

      It’s paramount to inform others of the reality the mainstream media and much of society doesn’t show, and that is the job of websites like BestGore and other alternative media outlets, for if we want to create any change we must acknowledge this grim reality, but at the same time, I do envy those who don’t have the slightest idea of the savagery that is humanity.

      We are also capable of doing good deeds, and that is what I hope can be the light at the of he tunnel for our species.

      1. Yeah, – okay, – Thank you for your guidance, Mr Edward R. Murrow. I’ve been a bit busy for the last 6 months, but I’d always intended to suggest you take a step back, – and get a grip on yourself. You’re a big fish, in a small, douchey pond.

    2. Yes, one must be aware of the deceitful usage of heart-rending images by the corporate media, like the examples in Iraq, Hula or even now in the Ukraine. Simultaneously the compassion needs to be preserved, but more selectively apllied.

      The human creature is seen as vile and corrupt, but where does that come from?
      I think our system, or the system that is forced upon us is the source. Created by a psychopathic minority, it mirrors their nature and injects us with their poison and pathological memes. Sure, there are efficient vectors among the non-ruling populus, but they are also a minority, the failed psychopaths. Call me naive, but I think empathy and cooperation is not an evolutionary abberration, instead rather our nature and under attack by an very sinister agenda to transform us into rootless, anxious and obedient robots.

      My point is, that we, that are in deep trance our whole lives, are not in control of the system or even which kinda “shit” floats up to perpetuate this sick nightmare, its more likely promoted by negative selection from the top. Certainly, the amount of awareness of the in charge diminishes with every lower level, but they still know a important part of what they put on us, and surely they doesnt count themselves to the “peasant” species.

      Maybe there is no exact definition of the natural human condition, but Iยดd start to restore the values, that had let us survive over the millenia to heal what is left inside the sad remainders of the so called “modern culture”, before we reach the PONR, which is not that far away.

  2. …… I have nothing to say……
    It is truly a disturbing result….
    The adults must get out of the countury …..
    nobody can stop terrorists bomb attacks ……
    We must report the victims to U.N
    exactly to Ban ki Moon

  3. On another note, I just read El Chapo was apprehended, you know, caught, it seems to me that this war on drugs is not over but we will see less beheadings because they are catching the big wigs, I see as a good thing and a bad thing, oh yeah shots for all youguys, can’t forget that!!!!!

    1. I was thinking that maybe we are seeing fewer mexican beheadings because the 2 people who publish many of the videos on blog del narco have had to flee Mexico (although one is probably already dead because he has been missing for months). Have you heard otherwise?

  4. “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. Whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me, but whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences! For it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by who the offence cometh!…Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my father which is in Heaven. For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost…”

    1. I had to stop laughing before typing…….. ‘Son of man’ bwahahahaha.

      It’s that sort of religious propaganda that blinds the masses.

      Step into the real world and well………. Get real.

      1. Prophecy my friend. The only one that is blind is you and other atheists. My eyes and ears are open and can see clearly. You refuse to accept the truth when youย hearย it. You dont hear and accept the word of God because you are not one of his children. There is wheat and there are tares, they grow togeather but when the harvest comes, which it is very soon, God will keep his wheat and throw the tares into the lake of fire. God is a shepard and his sheep hear and know his voice, the rest are merely goats.

          1. @ Obli

            That’s all they are is followers.

            Sheep generaly follow with rose coloured glasses and TITHE 10% of their income to support such rubbish.

            What a joke.

            I believe in dinosaurs because I’v seen PROOF.

            From a scientific point of view I want someone to show me stuff related to the ‘almighty one’.

          1. this is the only place many of us have to speak our minds without fear of losing our jobs or being shot. lol.

            me, i get as offensive as i can just because. and i need a place like this to purge the blackness that builds up my brain over the course of a day.

      1. Seems like their are alot of socialists and marxists. Its funny how so many people on here claim to hate the zionists yet hate God and Christianity, so in ways they are just like them. Anyone that disagrees with something or someone on here they are automatically labeled a shill, very much like the jews automatically claim anti semitism as soon as some says something about them. As far as the zionists are concerened they are on their side. I wouldnt be suprised if they are controlled opposition. Zionist love to control and spread the into put out about them.

        1. I, myself love people of all color and religion. In my many travels i have met many kind & loving individuals, not giving a shit if they were Muslim, Catholic, or whatever. There are many, many great people of all religions, and yes Jewish too! A lot of us here sometimes unintentionally generalize when criticizing a certain race or religion ME included. But in all fairness it is directed at the ASSHOLES of that certain Religion, not the whole of it.

  5. ……Consequently there is always fighting and wars between men and nations. Men do not understand that because they unrestrictedly kill so many animals, they also must be slaughtered like animals in big wars. This is very much evident in the Western countries. In the West, slaughterhouses are maintained without restriction, and therefore every fifth or tenth year there is a big war in which countless people are slaughtered even more cruelly than the animals. Sometimes during war, soldiers keep their enemies in concentration camps and kill them in very cruel ways. These are reactions brought about by unrestricted animal-killing in the slaughterhouse and by hunters in the forest….commentary by Srila Prabhupada on Srimad Bhagavatam 4.26.5

  6. someone should reintroduce that man to the concept of waving a flag and not a child’s corpse. he literally hold’s it up for display and shakes it for emphasis just as one might the banner of their nation or cause

  7. Translation; “I am sick of this! You always make me hold the bodies! This is the seventh video now! Why don’t you come over here and do it?!”.

    On a side note, that is quite literally a meat puppet…

  8. there should be Call of Duty: Syria. where you play as a ten year-old Syrian kid. you start out only able to smack the shit out of people with a copy of the Quran but eventually upgrade to stick, brick and ultimately an old-ass WASR10.

  9. Awww poor baby people are saying… give him 15 years and rip his neck open so that we may hear him drowning in his own blood; then it will be acceptable… Fuck that child, he was gonna be a future rapist! Unicorn Jesus told me so!

  10. Isn’t it true, for the most part, that these deaths are related to religion? Your invisible man is different than my invisible man in the sky? You would think that after witnessing atrocities such as this, you would have a mind opening experience and begin to question faith?
    Oh, and by the way, i recently read that the majority of the younger population of jews is atheist > at least that is a benefit to the region; too bad nobody will listen to them there.

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