Cold Blooded Murder Caught on CCTV in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Cold Blooded Murder Caught on CCTV in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

CCTV cameras in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia captured a moment a gunman murdered 47 year old Honorio Rodríguez Mejía in cold blood. The murder happened on the Lt. Arteaga Street near City Park in broad daylight.

As the video shows, the victim tried to take refuge in a car of a woman, but the sight of the gunman scared her so she closed the door on the victim. Another person is shown waking in the direction of the murder but as soon as it became clear what was happening, he took off.

The victim was first wounded in the left arm. He then tried to escape but the gunman kicked him and shot him in the neck. The victim made one last attempt to flee but fell to the ground in front of a parked car where the gunman delivered fatal headshot.

After murdering Rodríguez, the gunman picked up a folder that had been knocked out of the victim’s hands, put the gun away and escaped the scene. Police are not ruling out the possibility that this was some kind of revenge for unpaid debt.

Props to Best Gore member for the pics and video. He said:

Even though Santa Cruz is a city near the border with Brazil, and shares the same warm climate, there aren’t any flip flops of death in the pictures.

The murder happened on April 15, 2013. CCTV video is below:

Gallery of a few low res crime scene photos:

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38 thoughts on “Cold Blooded Murder Caught on CCTV in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    • He was my favorite character in that drama going down there. Didn’t even look back as he casually strolled into the building. Very smooth indeed! Guaranteed if questioned, he will swear that he did not see nor hear anything.

    • I agree. I’d rather just be shot in the back of the head unexpectedly because if i saw it coming like he did, i would’ve looked like a crack-head ninja and probably killed myself with a face-plant to the side of a car! I’d just rather not know what hit me. Lights out!

  1. A very bad day for Honorio! Looks like he did see it coming for a bit which I’m sure sucks more than just getting a quick, unexpected shot to the dome!

  2. That reporter is too flat chested to be on the air. And that was a good death. If I could make a list of ways I would want to die – gunned down in full view of terrified bystanders would be high up on my list. Relatively quick and painless, high shock value, and good chance your death will make the news.

  3. I think there was two of them. The victim was obviously fleeing someone coming at him in the street and the shooter moved in for the kill from the sidewalk. The victim was not paying attention to the shooter until the shooter bee lined towards him. Looked like the shooter had his gun hidden in rolled up newspaper or something, as it is dropped, revealing the weapon, when he went in for the kill.

    Assassin gets style points for the bonus kick and points for not forgetting to retrieve his dropped newspaper or whatever that was.

  4. I was just going to say:

    See pic #1

    Either this is hombre exhibit A


    Its a new fad in Bolivia to notify other queers that his “A”ss is “A”vailable.

  5. His last chance to survive was missed when he spoke to girl pointing on thug. Instead that imagine that he pushed bitch away, jumped into her car and go backward fastest as can… but instead of that -he appeal to woman for help but frightened whore jumped into car and closed the door, loosing a chance to save her soul forever.

    Poor man.

    • Gotta agree with you there. The dumb fuck could have easily jacked the car with her out of it, drove forward, keeping his head down and taken out whoever was advancing up the street.

      But nooo, he was a gentleman when approaching her. She refused, he complied and died as a result.

  6. If the woman in the car had helped him, she would more than likely be dead or wounded by now. Maybe she had something to do with the shooting?

  7. Not a pro, because he didn’t check if the victim was really dead. You can’t take a chance, he survives and will testify against you in court in the future.

  8. Hey this is what happens when you don’t pay up or fuck over the wrong people! Definitely organised crime hit cuz the got away. I think the folder had the intel for the hit and thats why it was important to pick it up!

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