Collecting Ear Trophies from Slain Adversaries in Syria

Collecting Ear Trophies from Slain Adversaries in Syria

It looks like in Syria soldiers collect ears of enemy soldiers they killed in a way similar to Indians collecting scalps of men they had killed. Makes you wonder what they intend to do with those ears? Are they gonna dry them in the sun and save them for behind a glass display at home?

There was some ear cutting in the yesterday’s video from Syria too.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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32 thoughts on “Collecting Ear Trophies from Slain Adversaries in Syria”

  1. “Makes you wonder what they intend to do with those ears?”

    My guess is that it will be for the next time their leader says “Lend me your ears!” they can all throw them at him like that part in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

    Or it’s so they have something to admit all of their forbidden desires to late at night without getting in trouble.

    Heck, I don’t know. Collecting ears is a very strange business…

    1. Well, the Jews believe in “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”.I ain’t surprised that the Camel Jockeys have their own Proverbs “Cut out your Enemy’s Ears , then the Decadent Western Imperialists won’t be able to hear us Scream Gibberish every morning before Prayers ….or something.”

  2. The act of taking human trophies is something that is as old as war it self. Everyone’s heard of Native American tribes scalping their enemies and frontier settlers then keeping the scalps as trophies, and of coursb
    e we’ve all heard about shrunken heads and the head hunting tribes that make them. Taking human trophies is something that use to be very common in war…or atleast it was up until WW2, since then the act of taking war trophies has died down. In the past Mercenaries hired to kill as many enemies as possible used ears to confirm their kills and were even paid by the ear. Ears and other human trophies such as fingers have even been used to claim bountys and ask for ransom. Other human trophies include skulls, scalps, ears, noses, tounges, teeth, fingers, hands, feet, limbs, bones, skin, locks of hair and even genitals. During WW2 American Marines fighting in the pacific took many war trophies from the Japanese. Most of the war trophies they took consisted of ears, noses, teeth and entire skulls which were first skinned, boiled, peeled, cleaned, and polished then mounted as decorations or kept as souvenirs which were sometimes turned into ashtrays. Japanese skulls were also used by Marines as warnings signs to signify danger such as minefields or enemy territory. The taking of human trophies by Marines during WW2 got so out of hand that their superiors had to remind them that it was a punishable offense and they would not stand for it, yet despite the warnings it still continued. In Vietnam the act of taking human trophies wasn’t as wide spread as it was during WW2, but it still went on behind the scenes. In recent times the act of taken human trophies has become very rare. Instead due to technology soldiers have started to take pictures of their dead enemies and have even posed with them as if they were wild game which they hunted down. This might not be as extreme as taking a body part from a dead enemy but it still falls into the same category of human trophy. The reason people take human trophies varies just as much as the body parts that they take. Some take for revenge others for dominance some for demoralization and some even take for commemorative and spiritual reasons. It’s obvious by watching this video that the act of taking human trophies is something that is and always will be apart of war.

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