Combat Footage from Syria – Two Tanks Destroyed by FSA

Combat Footage from Syria - Two Tanks Destroyed by FSA

Great piece of combat footage from Syria shows successful attack on a convoy of SAA tanks by the Fake Syrian Army. Three tanks are shown, two appear to have been destroyed. I don’t know anything about weapons available to the FSA (the explosion looked different from the hit by RPG-29 Vampire) but it looks like the two hit tanks were hit each with a different type of bomb. Crew in the first hit tank may have survived, but the tank was likely decommissioned. Second tank was hit by some kind of sparkly bomb that flashed for a brief period and likely killing everyone inside the cabin.

Lots of echoing Allahu Ackbar in this video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Yep, you are right. But they should use the A.T.F. & shut down Allah,s Crack-Bar first, these fuckers are already sick-fucks without it 🙁

    1. The thing is now every time I hear someone say ‘Thank God for this’, or ‘Thank God for that’, it reminds me of all these stupid jackholes jabbering away in these videos. Thank god I don’t go around saying dumb shit like that.

    1. I don’t think these are impacts from conventional anti-tank grenades that you’d find on weapon systems like the RPG-7, I also don’t believe they’re the impacts of the Vampir.

      If it is the RPG-29, it was developed to counter Western MBTs, its effectiveness is confirmed on Challenger IIs, M1A1 Abrams and Merkavas and the T-90, so its reasonable to assume a lower-grade armour system like the T-72s in its RHA Composite, I can’t tell from here but it seems as if they don’t have the RelKAK ERA, it wouldn’t help much against the Vampir’s assortment of rounds, but the impact residue that expands from the explosion looks as if it could be the detonation charges of ERA, but I couldn’t say for certain, its too far away to hear the distinctive ‘crack’ that they give off, you can barely hear it above impacts unless you’re reasonably nearby.

      But to be fair, its likely these T-72s could be the knockdown models from Poland, if they are Russian they still aren’t the higher-tier models and so they’re not nearly as effective in their defense as is. I mean, they’re still tanks, they’ve still the tactical and strategic input a vehicle like that does as well as the fear factor.
      Goes to show, though. If this is a ‘minor conflict’ I’d not be too keen on seeing a full blown conflict involving the West’s major weapon systems.

  1. Agree with the first one, killed by a mine or remote detonated IED. The second one probably hit by a RPG of some sort. More than likely not a advanced RPG because it looked like most of the blast was deflected by the angled turret armor. Front shots on turrets are hard kills because of the armor thickness and the angle of the plate. We were taught to either take them from behind and go for the engine, or disable by killing the tracks.

  2. The first explosion was most likely IED. The second one looks like a hit from Carl Gustav M3 recoilless rifle. Unlike russian RPG rockets, the CG M3 can be used with variety of rockets ranging from white phosporus to high explosive rounds. It is a weapon of choice for US special forces, because it is versatile, can be used multiple times, while majority of US antitank man held LAW rockets can be fired only once.

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