Compilation of Crashes That Changed NASCAR

Compilation of Crashes That Changed NASCAR

I have exactly zero interest in NASCAR and even I found this video really interesting. It serves as a compilation of accidents, some fatal, that prompted improvements in the safety of the motorsport complete with detailed commentary.

Anything – sport, business, transport, always has a price in blood for safety. The 8 minute compilation below is a sobering reminder of the price in blood, with info on whose blood it was, when it comes to NASCAR.

Fatal accidents included are:

  • Fireball Roberts, who died six weeks after suffering severe burns in a 1964 crash
  • Mike Rich, a member of Bill Elliott’s pit crew, fatally crushed between Elliott’s car and one driven by Ricky Rudd in 1990
  • Dale Earnhardt, killed by a head injury sustained in what should have been a minor collision in 2001

The video also shows several spectacular non-fatal crashes, including one that ended the careers of two drivers. Somebody should sell a road car with all the NASCAR safety features – anybody whose watched a few dashcam crashes will want one.

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30 thoughts on “Compilation of Crashes That Changed NASCAR”

        1. Yes, instantaneous death but everytime I’ve seen it the kids body flying through the air always gets me and after watching some of the more graphic stuff on the site and not being phased at all, I’m not sure why.

    1. Nascar isn’t my thing, prefer Formula 1 but still, an interesting vid that I wouldn’t have bothered watching anywhere else – made all the better with having Skynard as the soundtrack, awesome song.

  1. This is the only thing I enjoy bout auto racing…crashes…it’s the only thing that intrests me. I’m human I like beauty. Destruction is beautiful to me. I don’t wish for death but gnarly wrecks and fireballs are righteous in my book. @roamer good post my blood. You never disappoint.

  2. I remember watching the Earnhardt crash live on TV with my dad. I’m pretty sure it happened at the Daytona 500 race. A few days later they published a picture of the inside of the car in the newspaper. Since his body wasn’t in the car anymore the photo was pretty mild by BG standards, but I remember there were some pretty sizable blood splatters. I guess you could call it my first taste of gore at eleven years old.

  3. As a kid, my dad would drag me to NASCAR races a few times a year. I had the fortune to see a few great flaming car wrecks but the most interesting scenes came from the redneck booze-fueled RV camp areas. Camping out there led to my dad getting smashed with Rob Thomas’ mom (meh) but best of all: Dozens of grills bursting into flames/exploding propane tanks, all catching RVs on fire with the wind usually blowing the fire onto neighboring RVs. Good times.

  4. every time i see dale earnhardt crash i remember that day he crashed in to the wall it fills my heart with sadness dale was my favorites in NASCAR racing.

    some say he had a massive heart attack and died but he had a skull fracture? that goes to show how much you can trust the news.

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