Compilation of Videos of Richard Rojas Ramming People with Car in Times Square

Compilation of Videos of Richard Rojas Ramming People with Car in Times Square

Compilation of Videos of Richard Rojas Ramming People with Car in Times Square

Here’s a follow up video on the yesterday’s vehicular attack in Times Square, New York. The video is a compilation of multiple angles of the run over.

The police say Richard Rojas, of the Bronx, has been charged with murder. His rampage left 18 year old Alyssa Elsman of Portage, Michigan dead. Four more people remain in critical condition. Overall, 23 people were rammed.

Richard Rojas has a history of drunk driving, but he was not drunk for the rampage. He however tested positive for PCP (Angel Dust).

It’s quite remarkable that only one person has died, seeing how many people have been quite seriously hit. Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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148 thoughts on “Compilation of Videos of Richard Rojas Ramming People with Car in Times Square”

      1. he truly did, he aim at people and a crowd of people. Fortunately when he aimed at the crowded people (the last minute) there is a steel bar, if that thing didn’t exist, how long he’s going to keep mow those people?

        damn, the one who wear pink clothes has being hit so hard, and the girl at the red light, I bet she’s the one who died, her posture seems wrecked.

        1. That’s just my assumption…
          Little girl that you mention is a 13 years old in serious condition. Her older sister(18) just next to her takes it way worse. @1.07/8 she falls to the ground next to her in the worse possible position and disappear.

      2. It is very sad how watered-down the media is here in Australia. They did not show any of this speed moving shit on our news. The Jew lovers made it seem like one small collision with the post. Fuck he was moving fast.

        How can we fix the world if the media controls what we see?

    1. WOW,,, I have not seen something so incredibly crazy before. This fucking retard killed, & Hurt, lots of innocent people. And as Mark states,,, it is a miracle that only one poor soul has lost their lives because of this tragedy so far. After watching it quite a few times, i am still baffled at this incredible fact, but unfortunately, i am sure that a couple of them in critical condition, will soon perish. But, with what we have just witnessed, you never know, as they could survive, and i hope they do.

      1. I was amazed he hit that many people and killed one 19yr old tourist. Then he has the balls to get out of his and try to walk away. Really??? I was in times square for Halloween and with all the people plus cars this was bound to happen sooner or later. I send prayers to all the families this nut has made to suffer.

          1. He was yelling “You were supposed to shoot me! I wanted to kill them!” according to one article.

            He is fucking idiot and to be a former navy? what a cunt. I wish they’d beaten the shit out of him before the police came.

          2. “Why Veterans Become Criminals?” It seams to be a common occurrence worldwide. I read a few tales of Nan Vets becoming bank robbers. Something like the “Hurt Locker” effect. South of the border every guerrilla faction welcome ex-military men. Paratroopers and shit.. But this is the wrong question. The question is why veterans Snap!?

          1. Such morons, yes actually all Europeans have Neanderthal ancestors so I see them everyday, Asians have a similar ancestor…in fact the only people on Earth without Neanderthals as ancestors are black Africans…Ironic really.

          2. @humblescott.
            You claim that Neanderthal had a large brain and Europeans are descendants. You also say that black Africans are not descendants of large brained Neanderthal. That actually makes perfect sense, although, I don’t see the irony.

          3. The irony is the initial commenter was called a ‘cave dweller (dwelling) neanderthal’ by someone contradicting that this was committed by a black man…yet all races apart from black Africans have Neanderthal DNA with their larger brains. Point is it isn’t an insult, ironic considering the stupid responses from people clearly without Neanderthal ancestors.

    1. “This reminded me Grand Theft Auto.
      All those clueless sheep walking about.
      Unsuspecting of the big bad wolf.
      The wolves that live amongst the living.
      They were hit by tons of reality.”

      1. @decepticonlbc Yeah I did a little 5 years in Texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon F-2 aggravated assault against a public servant F-2 criminal mischief (M) I did two years in Lubbock before getting shipped out to Middleton transfer unit did I got shipped to El Paso Sanchez unit after Sanchez I got shipped to Middleton again then I finished my time in Armarillo Texas Bill Clements Unit

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          1. Ha ha sounds nice I don’t do drugs anymore but I did love weed at one point maybe abit to much, Purple haze and White widow or abit of UK lemon were my favorites they really get you blasted but I have heard Canada is famous for its good weed;)

  1. Wow this gives a much clearer depiction of what happened than the other post. He really went balls to the wall that shit was intense. Straight out of GTA. He would have plowed that other huge group and kept on going for more if it werent for those posts. Those people got super lucky. I think they went way too easy on him with that capture but hey they didnt allow that piece of refuse to get away. Hope he rots

  2. Richard Rojas exemplifies the dilemma facing white Western society: you really can’t get any serious immigration from white countries, because white countries, by and large, are nice places to live. Who wants to move from, say, Germany, because you think America is so much better? Not gonna happen. That leaves the Third World to draw from. Let’s face it, Social Security is not going to be funded by shiftless negroes and worthless Latinos. We need to figure this shit out.

  3. The only time Americans ever talk about mental health issues then things go quiet for some time then it happens again because nobody sees the problem. Better access to mental healthcare is needed. Rehab over revenge.

  4. Now I see , this incident is from America so all are commenting like “fucking idiot” which shows that you only care for your own and consider every other countries as nothing.
    No doubt driver was idiot but if it would have happened in some other country, then everyone would be makeing fun out of it.

    1. @ashuboi16 (:
      You are right to the core these privileged bastards are blood HYPOCRITES . hope, that faty north Korean nuke this place so that I can laugh laugh laugh and laugh . there by fulfill my right to express like these bafoons .
      karma where are you bitch !! LOL

    1. And I spotted Minnie, right next to him. How on earth he ignored those sweet targets is beyond me. I mean if he is in a crazy, freaky , psychotic world, he could very well think those characters were for real! A very sad day to America.

    1. I’m sure that Mr Rojas will be taken care of adequately in jail.
      Motherfucker better PC’ up cause he a deadman.
      This he did was some truly Fucked up shit the young girl’s life was taken in a heartbeat.
      She was real pretty too. I can just imagine how unsuspecting of her death she was when she woke up early that morning.
      Good reminder to keep trucha!!!
      At all times cause death all around us.

  5. marijuana laced with PCP, or angel dust that is what he took! Now USA or UN Human Rights Commission that is whay the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte is very rough and tough with drugs! Look now what happened here! And idiot Obama ridicule him! Now who’s right!

    1. marijuana laced with PCP, or angel dust that is what he took! Now USA or UN Human Rights Commission that is why the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte is very rough and tough with drugs! Look now what happened here! And idiot Obama ridicule him! Now who’s right!

    1. Brian Oliver Yap You sound retarded. It was the PCP that had him doing this crazy ass shit. You have obviously never smoked weed if you believe this to be the results…You’ve probably also watched Reefer Madness one too many times. And just to entertain your stupid theory, if it was the weed, then why not make alcohol illegal? It causes WAY more vehicle related deaths than weed will ever cause.

      1. Synthetic weed???
        I think thats what the famous spice is, ¿¿nuh??
        Shit, I remember the first time I took a bong hit off of that shit….
        Ohh boy!!! Was I in the ride of my life.
        Spice is some fucked up shit, it is the trip of anybody’s life.
        I know I felt overwhelmed and thought that I was going to the afterworld as I found myself what seemed to be the crossroads.
        Anyways spice was the ultimate religious experience.
        A nasty high.
        Can’t believe that shit is legal to buy.

        1. Some crazy scientists accidentally develop a synthetic THC but declared not fit for human consumption. Spice is a harmless weed (not marijuana) sprayed with that powerful shit… and that shit is strong. The compound is not illegal and sold as incense. They get away by written in packages “not for human consumption”, but that shit already killed lots of people. Marijuana is so harmless in comparison, yet is forbidden and demonized everywhere. The funny thing is, US A manage to force most of the planet to criminalize weed and now in half of US A weed is legal. In the rest of the planet, still is not. Viva Mujica
          To me… the ultimate religious experience is called Ayahuasca. Which is Legal… don’t know how… but its the bomb!

  6. a few of you are talking of an attack from north korea, well let me tell you now the only reason they are making an enemy of NK is to perform a false flag nuke attack when nobody is expecting it. they will then blame kim jong un and there is their excuse to take them out. and lets not forget any monsters willing to carry out 9 11 will not stop there ! let that little doozy ferment in your minds because it probably will happen at some stage.

      1. NK has every right to arm itself. If you believe in the 2nd Amendment then these are the same principles… arming yourself in the same capacity as your aggressors for self-defense. Every gun owner isn’t intent on killing people, just like every nuke-armed nation is not. Let’s not forget NK is still at war with SK, a US ally– so technically with US as well.
        Check history on the only nation to fire a nuke against a civilian populace in aggression (years later military planners/analysts said those nukes weren’t necessary) and as a foreign state you’d be ready to build an arsenal of defense against a said nuke-shooting nation who changes regimes every 4-8 years.
        Also, see how much Korea has been bombed by US in the past, for whatever the reason. It’s simple preparedness.
        No one can say you’re wrong for arming yourself when it’s your life on the line, not theirs

    1. That whole silly carry on is chicken feed compared to the days of old, The Cold War.
      The Yanks will never use their nukes, their whole existence relies on the continuation of flogging arms to the highest bidder.

  7. Hehe, fifteen years ago everyone would have been all like “OMFG we gotta ban Grand Theft Auto and all violent video games and stop having such a violent culture.” Nowadays everyone is just like “LoL!! human pinballs!!! Where’s that pizza I ordered half an hour ago!?!?!?! Pizza guy is definitely NOT getting a tip!!!!”

    1. They’re like “It wasn’t terrorism so nobody has to worry” hah! They looked pretty terrorized to me !
      I wonder if one of the people in the car’s path was illegally armed and shot this guy to death, saving lives, would they be held as a criminal or a hero?

  8. This incident was a hoax, nobody died and one person was injured when the car flipped over when it wasn’t suppose to. The driver of the car was a crisis actor getting paid for his acting. This incident was not real, and GCI may have been used.

    1. This is the most xenophobic place I have come around. Yet is very free. You can even blame the pedestrians if you want. I guess this is a drugs and mental health issue and has nothing to do with his nationality. It is very sad that it happened but very lucky that not many people have been killed. I praise US A for not shooting him right there. To me… a car is a very powerful weapon accessible by most people. It happened before and it is very scary that there is not much one can do against that.

      1. Anywhere Anytime No One Is Safe, We just get lucky everyday we don’t run into a psychopath like this. Good thing people were alert and aware of the danger. Headphones were lethal in this situation

  9. Totally reminds me of when I used to play Grand Theft Auto IV online years ago. I always used to mow down pedestrians deliberately, especially in the Times Square area. -The THUNK when you nail a person in a car was always very humorous & satisfying to me. 😀

  10. Lesson: Take the headphones off and pay as much attention to the 360 degrees around you, all the while realizing there’s something above, below, or out of peripheral view that you are missing.

  11. He wasn’t drunk, but he tested positive for PCP? Wowsers! That’s better.
    These people should have fucked off to their jobs anyway. He only did what 99.9999999% of us want to do, but suppress the urge.

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