Cops Watch as Man is Brutally Killed by a Mob with Stones and Hammer

Cops Watch as Man is Brutally Killed by a Mob with Stones and Hammer

Cops Watch as Man is Brutally Killed by a Mob with Stones and Hammer

New video from South Africa shows SAPS (The South African Police Service) officers just standing by and watching as a mob brutally attacks and kills a man. The man is beaten, kicked and stoned, but it’s the hammer blows to the head delivered by the attacker in white vest that quickly did him in. He didn’t hold back one bit, he bashed the victim’s head with that hammer full on.

South Africa is a scary place with all those bloody savages all over the place.

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84 thoughts on “Cops Watch as Man is Brutally Killed by a Mob with Stones and Hammer”

  1. Hi Mark, i am from south africa and ive seen things like this, the problem is that if the police try to stop them, they will be next. If you look carefully theres only 2 police men there and a few hundred of very angry people. So think to yourself, would you have try to stop them?

    1. Exactly, drop 10-20 of them, then you will see the next mob using rubber hammers!

      In these cases, the police should be free to run and kill as many as you need to make them flee!

      This is a dangerous spiral, and until you don’t drop the Dredd model on these fucking monkeys you will still have the jungle law.

    2. If you cant stop them, shoot them. They deserve it. Or else you should become something else than dont protect and serve because thats not what they are doing.

    3. I woulda got out my police truck and machine guned the whole fucking crowd with no mercy just to save that one guy , then i would told tgat guy to jump in the back and to him out for god damn dounuts and coffee

    4. I reside in the West, along with my two babes and husband (Father).

      My babes are 8 years apart. At one point, we were the white minority, surrounded by entitled blacks. My little lady came home from third grade and asked me, “Is cracker just a food?”

      We fled before we were shot. When I first arrived, I wondered why black teens all ride pink bikes. Then I got my fucking bike stolen. Along with everyone else’s bike.

      I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a white minority where you are. I tried with my own experience and didn’t even come close.

      1. He didn’t do anything. He was simply a Somali(foreigner) shop owner running his shop.

        I live near there. The media makes us white people out to be the racists, but if this is the kind of racism they exert onto other blacks from other countries…. try imagine what they do to us white people.

        South Africa…

          1. Name any country populated with Elephant jockey’s that is not a shit hole.???.They simply cannot evolve Fact.

  2. There it is, another country I’m NOT going to! :) But I understand why the cops didn’t do anything.

    Get into trouble with the mob equals suicide lol.

    1. You know what, I was going to write “Landa, now you have a second country in your list besides Thailand” before even seing your comment 😀

      (always with your nice black and white pictures ? : ) )

      1. You know me so well, hehe :D. Black and white pictures are my thing ! My list of countries to not go to is growing lol! In every country accidents happen, but things like this don’t happen in my sweet, little Holland! I searched BestGore for things that happened in The Netherlands and I didn’t find it very shocking. Just (train)suicides and a crazy dude from a city called Rotterdam stabbing his ex-girl. My country seems boring.. :(

        1. Hehe mine is boring too, but last week in my beloved Tunisia there were a guy who cut off his dick (apparently mentally ill) , went to a police station and gave them his penis , he said that he wanted to help the country during the economical crisis.

          How sweet

          1. That sounds funny lmao! Haha. Mentally ill people are mostly crazy as hell.
            His cut-off penis sure gave the economy a boost I guess :)

  3. What…Only one killed…?
    Come on you guys can do better than that….pick another dude at random and beat him mercy….go on get crackin…

    1. @Kill…. Plenty to choose from I suppose? He probably stole a potato or something as pathetic as that ! I would go hammer hungry if somebody stole my spuds !!

  4. If it was me, it’s such a nice day out, I would have went to the park BBQ and maybe go fishing lol but I guess there’s something else on the menu lol

  5. Give the police a few water cannons. Give the mob an enema they will never forget. They will be too busy shitting in the street to seek revenge.

    Pass the TP please!

  6. Its a country full of murderers over there any excuse to kill someone and there all in like flys to shit the way the world is going i,m a bit worried about the future i,m glade i don’t have any children i only have myself to worrie about.

  7. Damn….. Poor fellow. I am just glad my family moved back to the States from South Africa. They lived in Cape Town but still was worried of stuff like this happening.

    1. strange how you move from a country where they beat you to death to one where they shoot you for wearing the wrong colour on the wrong street corner, and your glad you moved?

  8. This is freedom, Africa style.Freedom to be robbed, freedom to be killed, freedom to be raped, freedom to starve, freedom to have disease epidemics, freedom to have a collapsed economy.
    Much more freedom than was permitted under that nasty racist white gvernment.

  9. Apartheid, Jim Crow laws etc, all they did was force blacks NOT to integrate with whites. In the federally imposed black history month we learn that blacks have been able to be powerful historical figures, get college educations and live lives equal to that of whites, even during times of “oppression”. They were just made to do it separately.
    Well, the problem there was that they couldn’t sustain and take care of themselves. The “oppression” was that they were forced to live amongst, and sustain, their own people.
    They have to force themselves upon whites because we support them!! Find me one nation, city, state, hell neighborhood that is completely black and is civil! Go ahead, I dare you. You, can’t, it don’t exist

  10. 2 scenarios lol….for American egghand fans: the refs were blowing their whistles for an encroachment on the offense…the beaten guy stepped over the line

    for European futbol fans: they blew their whistles because the beaten man did a sliding tackle and the other team did not like that, so he was beaten with rocks and things of that nature….sooo would that be a yellow card or a red card?

  11. I am guessing that’s just the way the culture is over there. Like somehow they are frozen in time. I imagine that at one point in human history it was like that all over the world. Hell in some parts of America there are gangs that engage in similar behavior.

    1. they have been getting the kids out of there for decades no sorry centuries and what happened they learn the new culture and laws then cry racism and go on about their history but have you noticed how many want to be repatriated? NONE

    1. There aren’t many white police men left in South Africa. It’s ALL run by the black minority these days mate! Read your local news paper! Wake up from your deep sleep and realize it’s not the 80s any more!?. The ANC and ex MKontwe MSiswe drop outs are in controle of affairs today! Stop blaming the whities you tjop!? It’s Their own little fukup buddy and it’s their own actions now, the whites aren’t part of the equation any more and will never be again! Try blaming it on something else that apartheid or the whites!??

  12. It’s South Africa. They wanted freedom from white man oppressiion and look at how they act . They’re savages forever, no matter who rules them,or where they live.

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