Corpse of Murdered Man Found on Side of Road in Mossoró, Brazil

Possible Gunshot Wound to the Head

Corpse of Murdered Man Found on Side of Road in Mossoró, Brazil

In the Santo Antônio neighborhood of Mossoró, a city in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a corpse of a man was found on the side of a road. The man had his hands loosely bound behind his back, and his head was littered with fatal wounds.

I didn’t get any specifics regarding the homicide, but from the picture it looks to me like there are both gunshot and bladed weapon slash wounds on his head.

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26 thoughts on “Corpse of Murdered Man Found on Side of Road in Mossoró, Brazil”

    1. “LoL dead roadside Da Silva.
      With bullet wounds and lacerations.
      Another BG classic my friend.
      Only thing this is missing are the flip flops.
      Good to see Brazil hasn’t changed one bit.
      Each day there is new Da Silva gore.
      Dang it is every day with them.
      Or every other day it seems.
      And for that Brazil I thank you.”

  1. Lots of guns and lots of drugs all handed out to stupid thugs. Mix it with a poor education system and poverty and what do ya get OWWW Brazil a place where a man can spread out and flourish. And by mean spread out I mean be cut into tiny peaces and fed to wildlife. Trump’s got another 15 MOAB in his arsenal​ can’t he do the world a favour and drop them on Brazils crack infested shanty towns ruled by drug gang’s.

  2. Professional Hit this was, me thinks!!! Due to the fact that the Gold ring stayed behind. Hit-Men never take things from their victims, as this alone, could get him busted. Why take a chance with a 50 dollar ring, when you get paid 5 grand for the hit?

    1. Depends on if it was pretty, clearly not this one but others I would take just because I liked them and I’m overly cautious with dumb mistakes like I see on TV so I would hide it in a box and bury it for a while..

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