Corpse of Naked Woman with Whole Head Skinned Found in Acapulco

Skin and Flesh Peeled Off from Head and Neck

Corpse of Naked Woman with Whole Head Skinned Found in Acapulco

Oh Acapulco, how I missed thee. Mexico’s execution central and single most dangerous city in the world hath spoken to us again.

A naked corpse of a woman with whole head and neck skin was found on a dirt road leading to the village of El Veladero on Monday December 17. 2012 at around 11 am. Not far from the corpse was a machete and a set of female clothes – presumably clothes the woman was wearing before her gruesome death. The identity of the woman is unknown but authorities are likely examining her fingerprints and dentures to determine who she was. The killer sure took his time finely flaying her head and neck. But why leave the machete behind?

When it comes to sheer human savagery, no place beats Acapulco. None comes anywhere near. Acapulco is sick even by Mexican standards. That place is pure hell.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Corpse of Naked Woman with Whole Head Skinned Found in Acapulco”

    1. They have believe it or not, develop new forms of torture or have learned from some sort of CIA secret torture school on how to do them lol. Two new execution methods I heard they use while watching an interview they did with a cartel torturer (yes they pay someone who’s only job is to torture people) that when he gets “special orders” which are mostly high rank officers, rats etc they capture alive he uses a torturer technique called the “Skin-Jacket”. He describes how he gets a thick blanket and drenches in gasoline and wraps it around the person and sets it on fire. When the time is just right, he pulls off the blanket along with all the skin tissue on it. Also keep in mind that the person is chained up by their hands standing up. After he pulls the blanket off he gets buckets full of alcohol and drenches the person with it and repeats the process again until they die or proceed with “improvised” surgery as he explains it “for kicks and giggles”.

      The last one I’m going to tell you is pretty gruesome. He explains how a victim is chained up standing on a special crane they make especially for this torture. The person is standing real high over a huge cauldron (sometimes full of acid or boiling water and also made especially for this torture) and brought down little by little. First they do there legs and chop off their legs, then the thighs until the person is dead.

      1. Happy New Years to you also.. I hope you don’t end up that way any time soon & get to enjoy your life still.. I must say of all the ways the drug cartel have killed I still find my favorite & way I’d want to go if going to be killed by them is being told to strip, & with 4 girls & maybe one other guy, do like in that one video, where we are all beheaded & then dismembered & then thrown into ACID.. If I had to Die by the drug cartel that is.. Hoping not too, but if I ever did, over the way this poor girl died being skinned to death..

    1. @gunkgirl they probably slit her throat then after skinned her whole face off have you seen this old ass movie called mortal kombat the scene where Johnny cage fights this weired guy named scorpion and in the middle of the fight scorpion rips his own face off exposing his skeleton head o.o something tells me this bastards saw mortal kombat too many times ..

  1. I agree @sagemoon, the distention of her torso is too incongruent with the fat distribution on the rest of her to be mere body fat. Another possibility, however, is that she perhaps had some form of trauma or illness presenting with bloating localized in her abdomen. The swelling could also be a gas by-product of decomposition.

    Degloving (aka skinning) rips the skin completely away from the skin’s blood supply. Sheared veins and arteries–especially the carotid and the jugular–would have bled prolifically. Since no such blood litter surrounds the victim, I suspect she either was killed in another place, or was skinned post-mortem. Live blood-spray would have graffitied the body, too, so it’s most likely post-mortem.

    Scavenging animals typically consume their prey’s face and first, so the skinning may not have occurred as part of the murderer’s plan. That would explain why the machete was left behind–the perp wanted it clear her demise was murder, not animal attack.

    1. Oh yeah, one more observation;
      You can plainly see that her hair (which lies on the ground just under the intact shoulder) is scattered and separated from the missing scalp, somewhat corroborating animal munchies. The likelihood of the killer meticulously separating her hair from the scalp and scattering it about chaotically isn’t as feasible as the animal theory.

      1. no shots @Obli but i will have a glass of cheap sparkling wine for you! the guy at the store told me they only call it champaign if its made in France. in the u.s. its sparkling wine. really? as long as i get to pop the top! =0

  2. I talked with a medic friend of mine from my hometown ( S?o Paulo) who told me of a case like this that happened years back. They found a junkies body who had been tortured by peeling the skin off his arms and legs, fingers to elbows, toes to kneecaps. apparently most people would die shortly after this type of torture, from going into shock and blood loss. I cannot imagine the horror of having to sit there while a sicario cuts your face off slowly with a boxcutter. hopefully shock would kick in, and you could die quicker.

    also happy new years BG! Party on!

  3. She wasn’t skinned, she was killed and then she was eaten by animals. They start at the wound which was probably her throat. Those are not cut wounds they are chew wounds, the flesh has been chewed down to the bone and all her hair is lying around.

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