Corpse Partially Devoured by Fish Washed Up on Shore Near Pattaya, Thailand

Corpse Partially Devoured by Fish Washed Up on Shore Near Pattaya, Thailand

A corpse of a young person in red underpants washed up on shore near Pattaya in Thailand partially devoured by the fish. Identity as well as nationality of the corpse are unknown. The only discerning mark is a barb wire tattoo on the victim’s ankle. Since every chav and single mother whore has a tattoo of barb wire on their ankle these days, that’s not of much help, me thinks.

The corpse was found about 3 nautical miles from the coast of Sattahip, near Pattaya and had a stick through the stomach. The death occurred estimated 15 days before discovery.

Amazing that people go to Thailand to swim in the sea that’s full of rotting corpses and garbage that gets washed ashore. Nevermind thousands of prostitutes who piss and shit in the sea each and every night as they look for victims along the Beach Road in Pattaya.

Photos of a similar case of partially devoured corpse fished out of the sea in Thailand is HERE.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Corpse Partially Devoured by Fish Washed Up on Shore Near Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. Female you ask? Maybe…nice body, round rump: but men have nice bottoms as well and the one arm that is still attached looks a tad bit muscular for a female.

    Side note: these pics are my most absolute favorite. I love the submerged/partially eaten ones. Thank you!

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  2. The size of the deceased’s shoulders indicates it was a male as seen in 2nd and 3rd pictures, also in the first picture if you look at the skull of the victim you can see it’s arcade lines which are clear to sight at a male human skull, there’s also the frontal bone curvature which is almost vertical at female skulls. Also it’s clothing (the shirt to be more accurate) indicates a male. The location of the corpse indicates there’s an ocean, sea (or maybe a very big lake, however the presence of sand makes the lake theory less likely). Also the victim seems to have died at least 4 days before the images were shot (considering the fact that the people sent to retrieve the body wore short we can assume it was summer or at least hot enough for the body to get in that condition in at least 4 days), cause of death could have been drowning (a drowning victim will always float face down), however a more precise explanation requires more evidence. Please consider that i might be wrong about certain aspects.

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