Couple Hacked to Death with Machete by Jealous Ex Lover in Colombia

Messed with a Woman of Crazy Ex Psycho, Ended Up Hacked with Machete

Couple Hacked to Death with Machete by Jealous Ex Lover in Colombia

A new formed couple was attacked by the woman’s jealous ex lover and hacked to death with a machete. It happened in Colombia. Now that they are both bloodied on their faces, they definitely look like they belong together.

The killer ex went mad with the machete. I wonder if they were together when he got to them or whether he sought them out one after another. Best never mess with a Colombian woman who’s had a previous affair.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Couple Hacked to Death with Machete by Jealous Ex Lover in Colombia”

  1. I don’t understand how can someone be so jealous to the point of killing his ex-girlfriend just because she is with someone else.
    Anyway, this is Latin America, so he won’t spend much time in jail. If the victim’s family want justice, they will have to do it with their own hands.

  2. I can understand killing the man for your woman cheating on you, but the woman too?

    Hell, murder in general is kind of foolish and stupid along with war. Not as bad as rape though, with rape the victim lives with that memory forever until they’re dead. After that it depends on your beliefs….

    1. The woman didn’t cheat on the murderer…he was her EX-lover.

      Anyway, if I were cheated on, I’d hold my wife/girlfriend more accountable than the man she cheated with, as she’s the one with some kind of commitment to refrain from fucking other people. Single people have no such obligation to anyone and shouldn’t be forced to abide by the rules of someone else’s relationship. That’s how I always justify fucking women who are already involved with someone else, anyway.


  3. South American girls are so overrated, I don’t know why men drool over them.

    IN South America, the best looking girls are usually white hispanic or mestizos with most European features. In South America, the upper class being the white European descents usually put their distance from the lower class dark negro mulatto mix and self segregate themselves away from dark skinned savages.

    I think most people got the idea that Latin America is beautiful place because some white looking ho from Venezuela and Colombia steal all the spotlight but these dirty looking dark skinned motherfuckers are not pretty at all.

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