Courtroom Video – Man Tries to Kill Brother in Law Suspected of Murdering His Sister

Courtroom Video - Man Tries to Kill Brother in Law Suspected of Murdering His Sister

Courtroom Video - Man Tries to Kill Brother in Law Suspected of Murdering His Sister

33 year old Zyderrious Platt of Columbus, Ohio appeared in court having been charged with murder of his wife Jilani Platt. The trial has not yet started when the victim’s brother, 30 year old Jeryl Carter attacked the murderer while crying “I’ll kill him!” Deputies wrestled the heartbroken brother in law to the ground, preventing any harm to the murder suspect. While on the ground, Carter Jeryl yelled:

He should die! Give him to me… Please let me kill him!

Zyderrious Platt faced several counts of murder and feticide for allegedly shooting 26 year old mother to be Jilani Platt in the head with a Luger handgun. The murder was allegedly instigated by the couple’s argument over rent money. Zyderrious Platt told police he choked his wife in their Crystal Court apartment and she fell to the floor at the top of the staircase. He then left to buy smokes and after he’d returned, he found Jilani motionless at the bottom of the stairs. So he stuffed her body in his Suburban and drove with her to a retention pond off Schatulga Road where as he said, he accidentally fired his weapon in the air and a bullet hit Jilani in the head.

LOL, ain’t that some shit. The guy’s wife is found murdered with a bullet wound in her head and he claims the gun accidentally went off and that pesky bullet, of all the possible targets in a 3 dimensional space, chose to strike his wife in the head. Talk about bad luck! The dude may as well pour acid on his face and claim a Muslim in a niqab attacked him. Or that he dove to shield his girlfriend in a movie theater.

According to Ledger Enquirer, Zyderrious Platt was found guilty of murder and feticide of his wife and her 10-week unborn child JaLon Elizabeth King. They give names to unborn children now? Muscogee County Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters sentenced Zyderrious Platt to two consecutive life sentences, plus five additional years on a weapons charge – as a convicted felon, he was illegally in possession of a handgun – and said:

You’re lucky they didn’t seek the death penalty against you!

Video of Zyderrious Platt’s brother in law attempting to kill him in a courtroom is below:

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46 thoughts on “Courtroom Video – Man Tries to Kill Brother in Law Suspected of Murdering His Sister”

      1. sadly it will only get easier for these guys to beat the system. Obama does not see it, these people do not care about laws. He had a law that said “crooks” cant get guns, and of course he doesnt give a fuck. What is 5 extra years to someone with life in jail?

    1. I agree. I feel for the brother. You can here the pain and sorrow he is going through wanting to avenge his sisters death. It sucks that tax payers will be paying for this murdering mother fucker. Hopefully he won’t last that long on “the inside”.

  1. I agree with the guy who wants to kill the man that murdered his sister and her baby. Obviously the murderer doesn’t deserve to live. Clearly her brother loved her very much. Too bad he didn’t get a chance to kill a murderer. It would have been a public service.

  2. New reality show like Judge Judy show except the stakes are much higher. Whom-ever wins the judges decision can inflict whatever punishment he/she see’s fit, to include death. Now that would be a true “reality” show!

  3. I named my babies before they were born. I like to plan ahead.

    I think the judge is in the wrong field. He seemed to care more about the furniture than anything else. Interior design perhaps?!

    The BIL- had the right idea but failed to plan. He should’ve either stabbed the murderer in the neck, or just sprayed the dude with bullets.

    Lastly, I’m pretty sure the detective that came in towards the end, transferred some drugs to the officer. LOL. Maybe to plant on the guy on the floor? Maybe to stuff down his throat? Maybe for the officer to do on his break?! Idk, but he looked pretty happy!

  4. You know, for the pleasure of revenge, I’d actually somewhat support the death penalty being locking the convicted in a room and letting the grieving family member/s in with an assortment of tools and weapons and saying, “just let the guard know when you’re done!”

    This guy, in particular, I’d have let his ass go loose against the convicted with a machete, “just make sure you clean up, buddy! The chainsaw’s on the table.”

  5. Why was the brother of the victim and the suspect in the court with practically no one else there. The suspect was not even in handcuffs. The suspect was far too near the brother, and it was obvious that emotions would be running high. Plus both were nigger, that said a lot to me.

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