Da Silva Stabbed and Shot in the Eye with 12 Gauge Shotgun

Da Silva Stabbed and Shot in the Eye with 12 Gauge Shotgun

This was your typical motorcycle drive by murder as happen in Brazil every day, except that this time around, the assassins dismounted to stab the victim. To finish him off, they put a 12 gauge shotgun projectile in his eye.

The hit took place on Tuesday March 5, 2013 in the town of Santa Luzia do Norte in the metropolitan region of Maceió, Brazil. The victim was identified as 21 year old Wellington Cirilo da Silva. He was killed near where he lived. His relatives told police they didn’t know who would want him dead. That seems to happen often.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Da Silva Stabbed and Shot in the Eye with 12 Gauge Shotgun”

    1. I just noticed that right next to the leather sheath there is what appears to be a broken bolt handle of a bolt action firearm. This could mean that they were using a bolt action shotgun or that it might of been a rifle and not a shotgun. Although the wound does appear to be the right size for a slug wound.

      1. PALE RIDER.
        I believe the item to the right of the sheath is a motorcycle clutch/brake lever that has broken off in some accident, the killer must have been on a motorcycle and in the almighty cluster fuck the bike must have been dropped. Probably the reason why the blast was so directly close to the guy.

        1. @dazz good call, its always good to have a second set of eyes. Funny thing is I ride and I wouldn’t have guessed it was something that I touch and use everyday lol. I think what really threw me off was that it was lined up with the knife and sheath. Naturally I thought it might be part of the weapon that was used to kill him since it was placed right next to the other murder weapon. Another thing that threw me off was the color, I’m so use to seeing rifles with black bolt handles and bikes with stainless levers that I figured it was from a bolt action. Even tho bolt handles and bike levers are almost identical in size and shape, the latter being only slightly larger, I wouldn’t have guessed that’s what it was lol. It being the broken end piece of a motorcycles clutch/hand brake does make alot more sense due to the fact that bike levers break easily.

      1. You mean that small dark circle at top left of his forehead? I was wondering what that was myself. It’s not a gun shot wound even tho it looks like the perfect size for one. What might have caused that dark circle was him being hit hard against the forehead with the crown (tip) of the barrel which would make sense since they shot him point blank. What doesn’t make sense is the size of it, its to small for it to be the crown of a shotgun barrel which could mean it was a rifle they shot him with not a shotgun…but for all we know he could’ve already had that dark circle before he was killed, maybe its a scar of some kind.

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