Dashcam Video of Ernesto Duenez Jr. Murder – Shot by Cop 11 Times

Dashcam Video of Ernesto Duenez Jr. Murder - Shot by Cop 11 Times

On June 8, 2011 Manteca police officer James Moody shot Ernesto Duenez Jr. 11 times outside of his home in Oakland, California, killing him on the spot. James Moody justified the shooting by saying that he thought Ernesto Duenez Jr. had a throwing knife in his hand and that was enough to clear him of any wrongdoing.

But now the video recorded by the cruiser’s dashboard camera which captured the shooting has been released and casts a whole new light on the incident. Oakland attorney John Burris who released the video filed a wrongful death federal lawsuit against Manteca Police and James Moody.

Police came to see Ernesto Duenez Jr. to follow up on a domestic violence report from earlier that day. As he was climbing out of a truck, officer James Moody fired 14 shots at him, hitting the victim 11 times. Whitney Duenez, Ernesto’s wife then runs towards him from the home, sobbing over her husband’s body as the officer tells her to stay back.

San Joaquin County district attorney’s office ruled that James Moody had been legally cleared of wrongdoing in shooting the man. District attorney also clarified that Ernesto Duenez Jr. was a gang member who served three prison sentences – one for drug possession, one for vehicular theft and one for assault with a deadly weapon. At the time of the shooting he was also in violation of his parole.

San Francisco Chronicle reported that police found a throwing knife with a 4 inch blade in the bed of the truck. Officer James Moody is back in active duty.

Ernesto Duenez Jr. most certainly was a gang member and quite certainly also a big time scumbag. Officer Moody in my opinion deserves to be charged with murder, but all the cry babies starting “Justice for Ernesto Duenez” Facebook groups and what not need to pull their heads out of their asses. Fuck justice for a piece of shit scumbag. And fuck his single mother who brought this piece of shit up – she should have absolutely no right to whine.

It’s for the best that the gangster is dead. It makes everyone who lives in the area a little safer. I do however have to admit that to an average minding his own business citizen, a murderous gang member is less of a threat than a trigger happy cop encouraged by previous murders he got away with.

This is an uncut version of the video – fast forward to the 11 minute mark for action:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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87 thoughts on “Dashcam Video of Ernesto Duenez Jr. Murder – Shot by Cop 11 Times”

    1. LOL I saw the word “dashcam” in the title, and instantly thought it was gonna be in Russia. I love those Russians and their dashcams… all countries need those. Other than providing evidence is certain situations, they catch awesome crashes and gore. Yay for dashcams!

    2. Dude jumped out and was reaching for something in the back of his truck, he was justified in shooting him but 11 times is pretty excessive and I’m pretty sure he could’ve gotten out of it alive if he wasn’t so stupid. All that aside though if he is the scum bag that he sounds like then good riddance, we don’t need more people like that

    1. When you see a cop come at you like that, your gonna panic. You can straight up tell that dude was freaking out not knowing what to do. The cop didn’t even give thetthetIme to comprehend what was going on before he started blasting his ass away like he was trying to take down Arnold in the Terminator.

      1. EXACTLY. idk what the hell other ppl saw by some optical damn illusion claiming this murder was justified. if it were them, it wouldnt be so damn acceptable. 1st of all, it only takes ONE none life-threatening bullet 2 bring a suspect down. 2nd, that cop panicked & didnt give dude time 2 do anything. 3rd, 11 shots is unnecessary & over kill. 4th, theres a SERIOUS training flaw in their academy, when cadets arent trained 2 shoot only 2 disable. im so fucking tired of these cops killing ppl all willy-nilly & getting away w/it. some of those muthafuckers need psychiatric help. now if a citizen did the same damn thing, they’d be charged w/murder claiming over kill. this shit was MURDER plain and fucking simple. i dont care WHAT his crim-record states. THEY’RE suppose 2 be the law. if they hold themselves high up on a pedestal, then that shit should be reflected in their conduct, actions & ALL duties. so FUCK that shit & them. there WAS no excuse. i hope his fam wins their suit.

        1. As far as I can tell and from what can be seen…this was murder and I’d even opine premeditated just to get him off the street and outta their hair. – I mean; shoot a man multiple times from ten feet distant and then let him bleed out slowly over a good four minutes before even checking on him and then waiting longer to send for medical in to get it on tape that everything was done to save that man.
          Sure guy may not have been great guy but what lies will be told over your or my dead body ‘when the bad boys, bad boys when they come for you’?

      2. Agreed. @sickone. Dude in car did some serious stupid shit. Yet I feel from watching. Definitely Excessive Force. So what if he grabbed his knife. It would have taken a bit to attack.. Yet, I guess, excuse was po-lice didn’t know what he reached for and dude jumped out passenger side. Big Morher Fucking No. Good Riddance Stupid Dude. Yep.

  1. When you’ve lost your right to carry a gun, and this cop knows you don’t have a gun, this cop has nothing to fear in walking up to you with his gun, blasting the shit out of you. In the cops mind, you don’t even have the right to flee his dangerous presence.
    So, the justification was a 4 inch blade in the bed of the truck?

    1. What are you talking about?The cop would have to be psychic to know whether he was carrying a gun or not. Just because he’s lost his right to carry a gun doesn’t mean he plays by the rules. You think a cop is fearless knowing he has no gun??? Are you kidding? How could he possibly know if he’s got a gun or not? You’d be a fool if you approached a vehicle with a known gang member inside and not be armed and ready for the worst case scenario!!!

    2. The cop created the deadly encounter.
      When a robber or hostage taker is cornered, they don’t go in shouting & blasting the dude. They try to talk the guy out.
      You have the right to resist arrest if you have not commited a crime in which you’ve been accused. However, if you exercise that right, you stand a good chance of loosing your life, followed by a falsified Discovery.
      The cop, with his back up, in the follow up response to the domestic complaint made earlier, should have stayed behind his car door and used his megaphone to state his purpose, and waited for compliance or a bonafide reason to kill.
      Running away from a cop does not warrant the death penalty either.

    1. @1girl1cup XD what do you expect they are fucking gangbangs they are supposed to drive old ass shitty cars/trucks -.- maybe if they sell drugs maybe they will have low riders but young ass kids fuck no I was picking up my little brother from school I hear stupid funk music bumping up out loud D; I see this huge ass fat chick 4 times the size of me getting out of the small low rider car *the driver was the same size as her* poor car please take it out of its missery XD but me ^_^ i dont find this shocking I’m happy one less douchebag telling you *what you think you’re better than me* or *what you bang* >.> fuckers

  2. I never thought I’d ever see anything here from where I live. But seriously this guy was an idiot, and having the history that he did, if he was told to not move he should’ve listened. But on the other hand does it really take 13 shots to get your point across?

  3. while the death of a gang member is no great loss this man was murdered by the trigger happy cop who put 11 caps in hiz azz. the cop ran up on him and didn’t give him enough time to exit the truck and comply with his orders. if a pig ran up on me shouting and pointing his pea shooter i would panic and also be confused as to what was going on. it’s a very sureal situation. the pig just ran up on him and started BLASTING.

        1. The cop was making sure that he was going to die by pulling; stretching his body to stop any blood clotting of the holes, and then flipping him over to stretch his arms behind his back to help keep the holes wide open, just so there wouldn’t be any of “his side of the story” to be told.

  4. One thing you can be sure of is that the cops will lie about what happened to cover themselves. Cops can kill whoever they want and just say that they thought they saw a gun. It doesn’t matter if there is a gun or not. “The officer felt threatened and thought his life was in danger,” is what the state attorney’s office will say when they make their justifiable shooting ruling.
    Where I live in Florida, they executed a former police officer at the State Prison yesterday for murdering 9 people in 1986. Never trust a cop.

  5. Talk about UNLOADING on a guy! Wow. I wonder if the gun barrel was smoking after all that like in a Western.

    Two regions in the U.S. that I don’t ever want to have to deal with law enforcement: The South, and anywhere in, or around, L.A.

    1. There probably was some smoke but nothing like you see In the movies, the majority of all modern cartridged firearms use smokeless gun powder but even with smokeless gun powder theres still some smoke only it tends to be very little “thin white” smoke and not alot of “grey thick” smoke that comes out of black powder muzzle loaded guns, also shotguns tend to smoke up a lot more than handguns because of the amount of gun powder in the shell but when you dump the clip like that cop did the smoke from the small cartridges does accumulate and creates a little haze that disappears pretty quickly, I’m sure it smelled awesome…I love the smell of burnt cordite.

  6. This cop was way too easy and quick to fire, a lot of bullets.
    Like most cops I guess. Drive right up to peoples house, you don’t know what their doing, hey could be fixing their car… SCREW DRIVER!!! BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!!!

  7. Murder charges? UMM, NO. Not only did the cop clearly and LOUDLY state, “Put your hands up, DON’T MOVE, then DON’T MOVE I WILL SHOOT YOU!!!”. The felonious monkey decided to ignore him, and dive out of the truck to do God knows what. He did also look like he reached for something. Good riddance. Maybe the cop should get transferred or put on office duty for awhile or something, but MURDER CHARGES? NO.

  8. hahaha are you kidding me with the cuffs, dudes got atleast 8 rounds in him if not all 11, and they want to cuff him up, like hes going to use the knife that he prolly didnt even have after that much trama yeahh right……chalk it up to another case of police brutality

    1. don’t forget the full body search that cop did on them LOL. A big percent of cops are losers in school( mostly teased and picked on) so they do there hardest to get into the force to seek revenge. Seriously, that’s what most cops are! Trigger happy losers with a licence to kill. Were better off without the gangbanger but the cops is a piece of shit too.

      1. That Cop needs to be shot and have his naked ass exposed like he did to that poor man. I have been in law enforcement and par-medicine and I have never seen such fucking bullshit in my life. Its not going to bring the dude back however I hope the cop and his department get taken to the cleaners and charged accordingly

    1. Seriously. I see most people here missing the point. Everyone carrying on about the guy being a gangbanger. I get it, society probably is better off without him. But it should be more alarming that the police can kill citizens with seeming impunity. That part is downright scary.

  9. Americans cheering on the cop in this case should think about their position logically. Yes the guy made a very stupid move after being warned. But 11 shots is definitely overkill and not justified by any means. Contrast this with the story in Minnesota where the guy executed those teens who broke into his home on Thanksgiving. The cops (very logical, IMO) response in that case is you’re allowed to use deadly force, but once the threat is neutralized, you do not have the right to execute the person. Even if the guy here was armed with the knife, it doesn’t take 11 of 15 shots to neutralize him. This is murder.

  10. He should’ve listened. For that reason I don’t understand why they didn’t just shoot the screaming bitch too. She wasn’t listening whatsoever either. You see the other woman knows how to listen.

    Also, change the part about the 11 minute mark please. I went there and watched for 2 minutes before realizing it was the most useless point in the video.

  11. WTF cop is not using taser gun? Cops walking funny like fat ass dwarf in the video. In cpr part, that is stupid to do cpr when bullet is already inside his chest and he is already dead. Anyway their uniform is ugly as niggerfucker.

  12. This cop is a piece of shit. I thought police were supposed to be highly trained, yet every time they kill someone its by emptying their whole clip, demonstating a complete lack of discipline. I’m suprised he didn’t shoot the woman too. She was armed with fingernails.

  13. While I do agree that the world is better off without gangs…I don’t agree with brutal murder, and that’s exactly what this is. Not to mention that cops are just as much as gangs as street gangs, not ALL of them are bad, but when you see shit like this, it really makes you wonder, who the hell can you trust? Yes, the cop told him not to move and to put his hands up, but from what I saw, the guy had his back turned when the pig started shooting, there is NOTHING more coward like than shooting someone in the back, and while he was on the ground? wtf? Not to mention the pig should have not just came up to him like he did, the pig should have waited behind his door and for back up to come, I’d be scared as fuck too if someone just rolled up on me like that, I honestly thought going into this video I would side with the cop, but after watching it, there’s no way in hell this was justified. That’s just my irrelevant opinion lol, first time commenter btw, long time viewer.

  14. I realize there are good cops out there… but swine like the one in the video should be taken to the slaughter house. Fucking pigs think they can get away with anything because… well… they can. I can agree that loosing a gang member and a shitty human isn’t really a loss… but being murdered by someone who is suppossed to “protect and serve” the community? I don’t think so. 11 shots… you would think, 1 or 2 would have been enough.

  15. not even in banana republic can cops get away with shit like this so easily as in America Fuck Yea. Thats why BRs veteran cops always carry a backup weapon with the numeration removed, to plant it into whoever they shoot. If the shot down guy was a “scumbag” like in theis case, he will be most surely out of the hook for good after short preliminary investigation.

  16. The cop knew the suspect, you can hear him calling the guy “Ernie”..
    I have always respected police for the danger they inherit by accepting their position. I appreciate when I see level headed police officers who, when faced with a stressful split-decision, make the choice favoring the suspects survival while at the same time incapacitating the suspect with non-lethal methods. They cant train these cops to shoot with marksman precision? I feel offended that the higher-ups in the police chain are satisfied with such amateur shooting done by this officer. A guy is standing ten feet in front of you and you have to put more holes in him than bum socks? My little brother, who plays call of duty, has more precise shooting capability than this officer. Perhaps change the policies regarding the weapons an officer can carry, and only officers with certain training can carry out certain types of arrests. I think the cop played the part very well, holding his stance even after the suspect was clearly incapacitated, acting as if he were still threatened. I feel the police are necessary in our society, but this stinks.

  17. Around the 6 minute mark, “officer” moody lets instinct take over, get out his knife and starts cutting away and gets real “possessive” about his kill. The body here is his trophy, I feel like this when I bag a large buck. I get my knife, start “gutting” it. Start cutting away, hover over my dead prey, skin it, feel the warmth and the pride over my kill. Smell the blood, feel the “heat” and steam rising from the dead carcass while the life evaporates from the kill. I wanna “be there” while the life drains out from the buck. Man . . . it’s a unique feeling and mr moody is feeling it in this video. I feel mr moody is a hunter, and this is one of his kills and he got a real satisfaction and high from this. He relives this every night with a cigar and glass of light beer. You can bet dollars to donuts.

  18. That officer should be punished for his incompetence.
    At 3:46, he is putting the handcuff on a dude he shot 11 times… which is useless, he should not be moving him around like that with the damage he did to his body. Wait for the ambulance to come… idiot.

    Also, later in the video, at 5:07, he’s acting like he’s looking for something he can’t find. Another cop comes by and ask him if he’s alright. The man then answer that he is okay, that he is just looking for the knife the victim had…which is obviously a lie to legitimate the shooting.

    Like I said, this cop should be punished, ashamed in public, and should never be given the right to hold a gun again. He brought shame on his police department.

    In my opinion, cops should be like sages, with great wisdom and intuition, and be able to control their feelings. They got a lot to do to improve the service they are supposed to give to our society.

  19. I’m with the cops on this one. They had their guns trained on him and the dude ignores their orders to reach into the truck to grab who knows what. Perhaps it was harmless, but the cop had no way of knowing that. Put yourself in that position….you would probably shoot too.

  20. It’s pretty simple. The officer gave many warnings to him before he even got in front of the squad car, the guy fucking jumps out of the vehicle and then turns to reach for something. I’d have fucked him as well if I were the officer.

    He reached for something, got fucked up before he could get something. There’s no wrong-doing here. Maybe the guy did panic and tried escaping, but still, the officer can’t take chances. The life of an officer is way more valuable than a suspect’s.

  21. Yes many warnings in the span of 5 seconds, lol. And then people wonder why this society is so fucked up

    Fucking pig with the overkill, guy should not have a gun (his murder rate must be high). At best a taser for that trainee

  22. As far as I can tell and from what can be seen…this was murder and I’d even opine premeditated just to get him off the street and outta their hair. – I mean; shoot a man multiple times from ten feet distant and then let him bleed out slowly over a good four minutes before even checking on him and then waiting longer to send for medical in to get it on tape that everything was done to save that man.
    Sure guy may not have been great guy but what lies will be told over your or my dead body ‘when the bad boys, bad boys when they come for you’?

  23. Please people, notice the following:
    The cop keeps acting suspiciously asking other cops to “help them clear the house” at min 4:54 it is like he is buying time or doesn’t want others to approach the victim. At minute 5:12 he says: “I am ok, I’m just looking for the ‘knife’ he had when he came out” …

    Notice he is clearly NOT looking around for a knife, he is buying time. He pretends for a second to be looking then goes back to his prize: the body. (min 5:15 on)

    At minute 5:54 he asks for knife to “cut his shirt off”, since when cops do that? Isn’t that the medics job?
    Another cops tells him to stop, leave it to the medics at minute 7:28 (that’s how unusual his behavior was)

    At minute 7:44 HE PLANTS THE KNIFE ON THE VICTIM’S TRUCK. Please pause it and look at it. He had it on his right hand. DISGUSTING!!!

    DIRTY COPS. i hope you read this officer Moody.

  24. Starting at 7:40, you can clearly see the cop that shot the guy put the knife into the bed of the truck that supposedly the mexican guy had. The cops asks “can I have a knife to cut his shirt off” then someone gives him the knife that is blammed as the knife that he used to threaten the cops life with.

  25. “OMG”…Can some one say Over Kill, WTF!”..How in the world was that even justified. Did he Robb a bank,kill some one,was he in s high speed pursuit. No pulling slowly in his driveway with his mother driving. And Hummmm, where was then knife? The cop had to borrow one to cut the duds shirt off ,he was saying drop the knife ( a SO called 4′ blade) before he could clearly see with those dark sunglasses, and shooting him 11 times at point blank range, it would be laying right there..the cop was clearly hyped up Jesus, probably scared the guy the way he was as acting..”He did me” I’d jumped to ..but seriously why pull a knife with two rogue cops pointing Guns with your mom right their on a follow-up on domestic violence..on probation in your own driveway, makes no sense don’t believe it ..he had no outstanding warrants the other cop said …No matter what 11 times in this situation..(this cop clearly has issues) a man died for no reason in his driveway, in front of his family. Their is nothing right with this picture..if he felt threatened HE should not have ran up on him like he did ,his partner had him covers. This kind of cop is the kind we should all be scared of , he needs to go back to Iran ,and get a major psych evaluation, WE all have Rights, and not every one reacts the same in a split Second..This was extremely disturbing !! :/

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