Deadly Shooting at the Washington Navy Yard

Deadly Shooting at the Washington Navy Yard

At least 13 people are dead and at least 8 others were wounded after a shooter opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, 2013. The suspected gunman, identified by the FBI as 34 year old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas is among the dead. Aaron Alexis was a military contractor.

Authorities initially said they were looking for two more potential shooters dressed in military style clothing but later announced that Aaron Alexis committed the rampage alone. No motive is known yet but terrorism is unlikely, although not entirely ruled out.

The photo was taken near a CVS Pharmacy, a block away from the Navy Yard at the time of the shooting. A couple people on Twitter said this was an unrelated heart attack. Seems a bit bloody for a heart attack. A missing shoe also suggests it’s a gore material. The unconcerned guy in a military uniform owns the photo.

Aaron Alexis worked as a civilian I.T. contractor at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems in Washington DC. He entered the cafeteria of Building 197 just before 8.30 a.m. brandishing an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, shotgun and handgun and began shooting at selected targets, not randomly.

I’m surprised the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama didn’t blame the shooting on the Syrian government and threaten military intervention. His regular teleprompter script writer must be on vacation.

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  1. I don’t think this pic is from the shooting @ate. Its been widely reported all the shooting was done inside of a building that the shooter gained access to with valid identification. Shooter also used an AR-15 which would of made a bloodier mess of one shoe Joe. He probably broke his glasses on impact and drew blood or something else totally dorky.

    • @amnyc yeah I think you’re right, but when reading about the story on 2 other sites they both used the same pic so I’m sure everyone just assumed it was related from the start.

        • No he’s right @amnyc, I looked it up after I read his comment. They revised the story this morning saying he rented an AR-15 but returned it before the shooting (which I think is weird. Perhaps he didn’t wanna get stuck with a bill if he lived?) Now they say it was a shotgun & 2 handguns, but that the handguns he may have taken off the guards. I’m sure by tomorrow it’ll change again ;)

          • @MikeyGraves, thanks for that i hadnt heard that.from what i know, there were three guns. and it was actually the first day of his new job at the yard, he had a police record, but they still hired them without a background check.

          • What kind of self-respecting mass murderer goes into battle without at least one proper assault rifle. Didn’t he ever play HALO? You also need a couple of grenades too, preferably the sticky ones.

      • He showed up wit ha shotgun, overpowered a security officer and took his AR-15 and pistol. The lib media wants you to think he showed up there with all three.

        • no AR-15 just shotgun n two pistols our men n the forces are not allowed to patrol our bases with AR’s since clinten was n office hillery did not like how it looked ! us bases that is …

  2. Maybe they took off his shoe to tickle him and make sure he wasn’t faking a heart attack before commencing CPR. That’s some exhausting shit. And one, and two, and three, and four, and blow, and one and two and three, and four, and blow…etc.

  3. By the looks of it I’d say he tripped over the curb but since everyone else was ducking for cover from the sound of gunfire no one really saw what happened to him. As far as the missing shoe goes…even I’ve left home in a hurry before and forgot to put one on. Was there alcohol involved? Bloody likely.

  4. Wow..that’s terrible..losing a shoe and your life at the sametime..Niger goes crazy and Whitey has a heart attack..oh to those who lost their lives for no reason..

  5. The shooter was white. What race were the victims? Is this a black on white shooting or a multicultural affair? Anyway, here’s my theory of what happened. This guy goes to work and he’s feeling cranky, so he goes to the vending ,achine to get a snack. He puts in his dollar but the fucking machine steals it. He becomes enraged because he already has low blood sugar, so he decides to get some revenge on whitey for stealing his dollar. All he wanted was a mother fucking twix bar.

  6. It’s funny to me how people make fun of Obama’s teleprompter. Yes, it’s technology. Would it be better if he read it from an iPad? Presidents have been using teams to write their manuscript style speeches for over 200 years. Now it’s a big deal because Obama does it..

    I have trailed off-topic. What happened? Someone got shot at an Old Navy?

  7. Ha! According to the NY Times “Suspect in Shooting Had Interest in Thai Culture” which is just euphemism for “he spends all his money fucking cheap Thai whores”.

  8. Let me guess now the government will try to use this to ban AR-15’s and disarm the people, right?

    “They can have it when they pry it from my cold dead hands”

    • Ive read on several blogs, that the mainstream pusher media released the news about that a couple of ours BEFORE it happened. So, I guess it was sort of the purpose of this “out of the blue amok” to ban assault dildos and mayhem pillows.

  9. RIP to the dead ones.

    I envy you, Americans. You can shoot and slaughter your own people anywhere you want in broad day-light. I can’t imagine such a rewarding experience here in Russia.

        • “I envy you, Americans. You can shoot and slaughter your own people anywhere you want in broad day-light.”

          We can?! All Riiiiiiight! Shootin’ spree, here I come!

          pnn69, It only gets put on the news here, the same shit happens everywhere. Cheers!

          • Come on guys- let’s all get along. I mean that with true sincerity. The world is already an ugly place full of violence, hate and blood. I’m not saying anyone is wrong or right here but in our Russian friends defense, he’s provided us with nice content many times. Let’s all love each other and sing kumbayah (or however it’s spelled) :) <3

    • LOL It’s not “legal” to shoot and kill others in the U.S. as you are implying. Democrats seem to think it is, which is why they keep sending these loonies out on massacres and false flag ops. There are far more violent places such as Somalia, and Brazil.

  10. I do not understand why a person with his troubled pass was given clearance to work at government facilities. This was a terrible tragedy which might have been avoided with a closer background check.

  11. Well here in America we’re going to have to listen to people bitch for 3 months about guns again. Amazing that those “gun control activists” aka fuckface people, get all the news coverage in the world, but barely get any support whatsoever.

    • Gun Control laws are a joke. It doesn’t matter how many restrictions they put on them if somebody wants to kill people they’ll find a way. Not everyone is like this anyways its just a few individuals that do things like this.

      • There are so many guns in circulation here anyways that yes, gun laws are exactly that, a joke. Its quite odd also…that in the states where the biggest gun law supporters live, tend to have the highest crime rate, but if we start addressing that, we’d have 10 years of race cards to jump over first.

  12. It was told on national news that he told people he started to hear voices in his head, etc. His age is right for paranoid schizophrenic to present itself. Apparently he didn’t get help for it so he went on a shooting rampage.

    • I had a friend who was either stationed at or had JUST left Hood when it was shot up. Alot of his friends were killed. The worst part is that the guy who did it showed so many signs of instability etc. Yet no one denied him access.
      for those who agree with gun control laws, only the MP’s at ft hood(and probably every other military post?) Are allowed to carry weapons. theyre all sitting ducks.

      • Fort Hood is largest military installation in the states, so it’s more of a coincidence that Major Hassan was here than anything else, plus having so many soldiers virtually ensures that many will be killed if something like this takes place.

        Fort Hood is quiet and pretty boring. That shooting was an isolated incident. It could happen again, but it could happen anywhere. Anywhere.

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