Death by Shotgun Blast to the Chest

Death by Shotgun Blast to the Chest

At around 7pm on Friday January 25, 2013 a man was killed inside his home in the municipality of Chupinguaia, about 140 kilometers from Vilhena, state of Rondônia, Brazil. The man was shot in the middle of his chest with a shotgun. Got it straight into the heart – I’m pretty sure it was an instant death.

The victim was identified as 25 year old Weberson Leite da Silva. His family lives in the district of Novo Plano. The police said they had solid leads as to the murderer but have not released any further information.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Death by Shotgun Blast to the Chest”

  1. I have to ask, what exactly does da Silva mean and why do so many Brazilian people have this name.

    It is like the Indian Patel surname or the Muslim Mohammed surname, and I cannot be bothered to do a proper internet search so if anyone can answer it I will be grateful.

      1. It’s actually appears to be a smaller type of buck shot and not birdshot its self birdshot usually leaves a large surface area wound that gives the appearance of chicken pox, I’m pretty sure this guy was shot with #4 buck which is the smallest buckshot…buckshot sizes range from #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 which are lined up largest to smallest, the number of shot in a buckshot cartridge varies from 6 for a #000 cartridge to 21 for a #4 cartridge.
        Birdshot just like buckshot also varies in size and even the type of material it is made out of, there are two types of birdshot which are lead and steel both of which are measured the same way, the average size of birdshot is about the size of a BB (airgun BB) which is actually called “BB”, birdshot can range from “FF” which would be the largest to “#9” being the smallest, due to the small size of birdshot a birdshot cartridge can hold many many pellets although unlike buckshot cartridges which go by the number of shot inside the shell, birdshot cartridges on the other hand do not go by the count of shot in the shell rather by the weight of shot which is usually measured in ounces and the reason for this is that their can be to much to count since there are some birdshot cartridges that can hold up to 1000 pellets.

          1. Distance does play an important role on trajectory, penetration and shot pattern especially with shotguns, the lethal range for a shotgun while keeping accuracy and a tight shot pattern is about 40-50 yards which is considerd medium range and if your shooting slugs or #00 buck shot then the lethal range can extend from 75-100 yards but at that range if your using buckshot the shot pattern will widen so much that there is a chance you can miss your target but if you do manage to hit your target at that range it can be lethal. Judging from the shot pattern around the wound it appears that he caught it at close range id say he was shot from inside of 25 yards which is considerd close range personally I think he was shot from about 15 yards away which would leave a similar pattern to the one on his chest.

          2. @1girl I think what you wanna know is if it was a shotgun why doesn’t he have a massive gaping wound in the center of his chest and to answer your question it is because he was shot with #4 buckshot which is the smallest load of buckshot if he had been shot by #00 buckshot which is larger then his wounds would’ve of been a lot larger too, no doubt the shotgun in general is a very lethal gun but you have to remember its still a gun and it has its advantages and limitations just like every other gun and I know people tend to belive that shotguns are these big nasty guns that will blow your head clean off and leave giant basketball sized holes in your chest but for the most part this is what shotgun wounds look like yes a shotgun can blow the top of your head of but that’s different from getting shot in the chest even slugs will leave pretty nasty sized holes in your chest but they usually aren’t any bigger than a softball in fact all the slug wounds I’ve seen were about the size of a golfball.

          3. Well personally I’ve never shot an animal at point blank range with a shotgun so I wouldn’t really know but I would imagine the entrance wound would be small and the exit wound would be about the size of a grapefruit maybe after all shooting something so close doesn’t give the shot enough time to spread but chances are it would still be messy and would probaly tear the back up pretty bad maybe even give it a blown out look but it wouldn’t be huge a huge gaping hole probaly something about the size of a grapefruit maybe less but I mean I’m not sure the only animals I’ve ever shot up close range were javalinas I trapped and I’ve always used a handgun or a rifle to dispatch them…shooting them with a shotgun at point blank range just feels wrong lol and I’m sure it might make a mess I wouldn’t wanna clean up.

    1. Probably not although since it was pretty close he might have some exit wounds but it wouldn’t he a big nasty hole in how back he wouldve had to have been shot a lot closer…out of all the animals I’ve ever shot with buckshot most of which were javalinas and were taken at a range between 20-60 yards none of them ever really displayed any large exit wounds like the kind you describe they would have a couple holes where some of the shot over penetrated and went thru but that’s it really nothing like you see in the movies where someone gets shot with a shotgun and it leaves a giant hole right thru them or blows out there back…although like I did tell 1girl I’m sure if you shot someone with #000 or #00 buck shot at a very up close range maybe about a 1-5 yards away it would probably leave some like what you described but I still don’t think the hole would be bigger than a large grapefruit.

      1. Also since he was shot with what appears to be #4 buckshot chances are there isn’t much of an exit wound since #4 doesn’t really over penetrate the way that #00 does in fact #4 is preferred by some LE and SWAT teams due to fact that it does not over penetrate in close range situation the way that #00 does, if this guy would’ve been shot with #00 at the 15yards I belive he got shot at then chances are he would’ve of had some nasty exit wounds but since it was #4 he probably doesn’t have any exit wound and if he does it’ll minor.

        1. Thanks for your time bro, I guess if you wanna smoke a human , then it’s gotta be 00 up close in the cranium… I remember seeing the Richard kuinski confessions where he said he shot a guy in the face at the traffic lights and took his head off.

          1. Not a problem mate and if you didn’t notice I love talking about guns more than anything after all it is mans greatest and worst invention of all time.
            Oh yeah and if your talking Richard “Ice Man” Kuinski? Yeah that dude was fucking cold blooded, I think I saw the same special on him when it came out on HBO a long time back where he talked about and described some of his murders and mob hits and if I’m not mistaken I think he said he used a sawed-off for that traffic light murder…but yeah you can’t beat #00 buckshot for medium to close range in fact some people think the #00 is to much overkill at close range but I think its just right and perfect for stopping some cracked out crook intent on trying to break into your house. Personally I always keep Federal Premium #00 buckshot and a couple 1oz sabot slugs loaded in and on to my 870 for home defense and with those type of loads I can stop anyone trying to bring me harm from all the way across the street lol, i also always keep my Glock 30 within arms reach at all times, I keep that one loaded with Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 230g Jacketed Hollow Points..which in my opinion are the best hollow points for concealed carry you can buy, of course I only use these type of loads for home defense and besides I belive if your going to shoot a human in self defence you should shoot that human with nothing but the best lol, when I go to the range I’ll use cheap or even surplus ammo, although I don’t really like using surplus that much cause it tends to dirty up your gun a lot quicker and the ballistics are always sucky at best.

  2. I’ve only been on here lurking for a few months now (this is one of my first posts btw) and I don’t even bother to read where the pictures/videos are from anymore because I know its gonna be from either one of three places: Brazil, Syria, or Mexico. Lol. Cartel-de Silva-Allahu akbars ftw. ;D

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