Decomposing Body of Murdered Rape Victim

Decomposing Body of Murdered Rape Victim

Set of older pictures show decomposing murdered rape victim whose body was not found until a few weeks after the horrific act. I almost tend to think that the attacker killed the woman first and raped her when she was already dead. That would explain why she ended up stiff with her legs spread. If he raped her first and killed afterwards, he wouldn’t bother trying to pose her dead body to stay with legs spread open before he dashes off, would he? She may have tried to scream or otherwise do something he perceived as lack of cooperation so he applied extra force until she wouldn’t move no more. He then had his way with her – but that’s just my guess.

Victim’s vaginal opening is king of disturbing. Do you think it’s stretched so much because the rapist forced large objects inside of her or could it just stretch like that on its own due to dryness caused by the sun? I’ve never seen a female victim with that large an opening so I don’t tend to think it wasn’t helped in some way.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Decomposing Body of Murdered Rape Victim”

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    2. Definitely raped after murder. Seen it several times. As for the very large size of the vagina it could have been kinky or because of the fluid loss from a very moist lubricated area since the evaporation process is more rapid in the damper areas of the body.

  1. If I just saw a picture of that vagina, I’d say a combination of animals and decomposition, but I don’t see any evidence of any other animal stuff. If you look at the picture taken from her right side, you can see some bunching of skin at the top of the opening, which to me, suggests the some sort of tightening somewhere, maybe of the underlying muscle. He could also have taken the lips as a trophy, that’s quite likely, but I don’t see any real evidence of that, not like say…the Black Dahlia murder or anything. And yeah, he probably raped her when she was freshly dead (or perhaps unconscious?)… or maybe she wasn’t freshly dead, either… just because it’s terrifyingly revolting to me, doesn’t mean it isn’t for the next guy…

  2. Hay, wait a minute.
    I’ve seen Balloon Dogs by the freeways and roads, but is this body at the ‘balloon’ stage?
    And why don’t they ever pop and split open from the internal gas build-up?

    1. Bodies bloat at different stages, I think she is in the end stage of bloating, and is “Deflating” And gas leaks out every orifice, the eyes, nose mouth ears, ass, penis hole, vagina, sometimes even the pores of our skin, so, it isn’t common for humans to pull a cattle mutilation and explode, though it does happen from time to time.

  3. The reason for the stiff nipples is from tissue gas rising through the body. Sometimes they do split open from so much bloating. Also a little known fact is when you cut open tissue from a severly bloated body you can see the gas bubbling from between tissue strands and it sounds like rice crispy cerial. Found that out back when I worked at a local funeral home and we had to pick up a body of a guy that killed himself in the back of a van in the middle of september and laid there for 3 weeks.

  4. ok i m not an expert on the forensics or post mortem changes but tht vagina is odd…somthing bout it doesnt seem right…now i know its a dead body n so its suppose to be weird …but even for a dead body its odd…its definatly had more than just a penis to turn it inside out like tht…

  5. That’s another good thing about Third World crapholes: stray dogs are everywhere, they form packs and kill children and losers who turn the wrong corner.

    Which also means murder victims rarely end up like this. They are eaten long before, and all that is found is the bones.

    BTW, she looks delicious. A bit overcooked but still nice, she just needs some garnish.

  6. @chancho I cant believe do-gooder’s want to round up these dogs and find homes for them when they need to catch them and put them down, they’re dangerous and spread canine disease’s etc

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