Decomposing Female Corpse Eaten by Vultures

Nevermind the Face, Her Boobs Turned to Shit

Decomposing Female Corpse Eaten by Vultures

On Tuesday March 20, 2012 a decomposing corpse of a female homicide victim was found in the region of Complexo Benedito Bentes in upper Maceió, Brazil. Still unidentified, the corpse was in an advanced state of putrefaction and was devoured by vultures when the police arrived on the scene.

The coroner estimated that the woman was dead for at least a week when discovered in a sugar cane field near Rio do Meio. No vultures made it to the pictures. Sneaky bastards took off before cameras could snap.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Look, wife and kids, here’s a great spot for our picnic. Right next to that funny-looking log…wait….whaa?!…Gag!

      1. oh sure sure bro. Here’s the deal m’kay, She’s yours for a week sounds giddy ayt, then she’s mine for another. I’d like to take her to a parteh, a few wines and stuff… talk about the birds and the bees…you know..flirty things, i hope i can do her first base on a first date. wish me luck bro 😉

      1. Oops I meant I don’t like people that don’t like certain animals cos of the way they feed or whatever! Vultures, condors etc have bald heads so they can stick it right inside a bloody/rotten carcass and not get fouled feathers! Its genius really.

        1. I have 2 pet ones, they’re ok i guess, 2 females, 1 is very friendly, Link is her name, I took her to the school,the kids sat in a big circle and she was passed around! I just get sick of cleaning their cage every week (or they stink too much).

          1. Another rat fa, yay! Rats were one of the best pets I ever had!
            Affectionate, low-maintenance/cost, entertaining, fairly clean, adaptible, portable (i used to take walks with my favorite rat on my shoulder), easily containable, quiet, unintrusive, a handy consumer of leftover food bits, and intelligent enough to learn to come to their name and fetch.

            The smell issue makes me wonder… I had two males (litter mates), and they never fouled up the air. I only had to clean the cage monthly. They usually didn’t stink even then. Then again, bedding is a high variable (type, amount), and space available. I was lucky enough to receive a very large, multi-layered cage when I adopted them. Those things (cage) are expeeeeensive.

            I used to have a rat on my shoulder while at the computer, and he’d lick me like a dog, scurry down one arm to explore the desktop, scurry back up, curl into a ball, and fall asleep with his whiskers tickling me.
            I miss him. </3

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