Documentary on Israeli Connection to 9/11

Israel Connection to 9/11

War by Deception is a 2013 documentary made by an individual by the name of Ryan Dawson. We just had an open post about “deception” – remember? I’m sure the enslaved minds of the sheep will have colorful names for the maker of this video or myself for posting it. Anti Semitic conspiracy nuts right? Questioning the government, especially if they’re feeding us blatant lies is a big no no in the eyes of the sheep. Unfortunately, the sheep are the many. Their bleat will always sound louder than the voice of reason.

In 2 hours, the War by Deception documentary explains in great detail, but without beating around the bush that 9/11 was masterminded and executed by Israel and their US puppets. It features news reports, interviews, FBI files and more which walk the viewer through the process of planning and carrying out the 9/11 attacks with Mossad agents being behind every stage of it. Of course, for public, details that could incriminate Israel have been suppressed, eye witnesses assassinated and perpetrators extradited back to Israel all the while big shots from the Jewish media launched massive brainwash campaigns to draw attention away from the facts and onto fabricated speculations until proofs that Israel planned and executed the attacks faded out of knowledge.

Because the documentary is new (2013), it also shows how the same Israeli privateers (modern day mercenaries) are used to do the dirty job of the Zionists around the world, including recent war on Libya and currently ongoing war in Syria. With hired mercenaries involved in the attacks, investigative trails of outside agencies got marred after they it lead them to high ranking terrorists on the CIA payroll. Michael Springman – former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah blew the whistle on the 9/11 hijackers confirming that their passports were issued by the CIA.

The system of proxy wars, false flag attacks and using mercenaries to carry the attacks out proves to be the only way to go for the Zionists in this day and age when the world is so well interconnected, the news reaches the masses within minutes of the event happening. Of course, in order to avoid public scrutiny, instead of tax money, agencies pay the mercenaries with drug money. ZOG mercenaries enlisted as soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan for a reason – Afghan Heroin is a $65 Billion a year business. ZOG wants the Opium money and so they safeguard it with mercenaries under the pretext of fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan. And the sheep believe all this.

US and Israeli agents, acting as the co-intel pro were embedded in each hijacker cell. They just paid the jihadists with extremist views to fly the planes into the towers. And thus, the dying Cold War was replaced with even more profitable War on Terror with which the general populace could be kept in fear and reluctant to question or worse yet – oppose the measure of the ruling elite to trample their civil liberties and keep them under control.

Adam Yahiye Gadahn aka “Azzam”, the so called American Al Qaeda helped to produce many Al Qaeda videos that were fed into everyone’s face to made Al Qaeda look like a real threat to everyone. Turns out he is a Jew acting in front of a camera to keep people afraid of the mystery organization. He appeared in these so called Al Qaeda videos in which he spoke about how Al Qaeda will continue killing Americans yadda yadda. His real name is Adam Pearlman, he’s Jewish and a grandson of the member of the board of the Anti Defamation League (ADL – Jewish multimillion dollar organization with sole purpose to launch public smear campaigns against anyone and everyone who exposes the Jews for the filth that they do).

Once exposed for a fake that he was, the Zionists manufactured and promoted another “scary Muslim” who launched a US based pro-Islamic website with very anti American rhetoric and imagery to try to make the Americans believe that Al Qaeda had a strong presence in the USA. That helped to justify constant surveillance of the populace with wire tapping and email breaches. Not surprisingly – this American Al Qaeda is also a Jew.

One thing I really liked about this film is that it also exposes fake whistleblowers – like Alex Jones or the guys behind the Loose Change movie. Fakes like these blow whistles on everything, but always carefully hide the involvement of the Zionists in it. You would think these fake whistleblowers are sponsored by the Zionists themselves to give them an upper hand over actual whistleblowers who expose the real evil.

More than a decade later and the Israelis who celebrated before, during and after the attacks of 9/11 are still out there, participating in new, more dangerous terrorist attacks and we’re the victims. We’re the victims primarily because we allow them to deceive us with lies. The truth about the involvement of Israel in 9/11 is irrefutable. But how many will brush it off as conspiracy theory simply because they’re the sheep and sheep only and solely accept what perceived authority tell them is the truth?

To my American friends – what the fuck is wrong with you? No, seriously – what in the actual fucking fuck is wrong with you? It was your countrymen, your brothers and sisters that dies on September 11, 2001. Wouldn’t you want to hold those actually responsible for their murder accountable, instead of some boogieman from a cave in Afghanistan? What the fuck is wrong with you that you went into the streets to celebrate the death of Usama bin Laden? First of all, it’s someone’s alleged death you were celebrating. Secondly, Usama bin Laden was not killed by ZOG mercenaries. Thirdly, he had precious nothing to do with 9/11, although as a high ranking CIA operative and Zionist co player he clearly agreed to sell his identity as a boogieman, seeing that he was near death anyway and no actual repercussions were to come out of being part of the larger plan. And you fell for the bullshit just because Kenyan born war criminal, international arms dealer, drug trafficker and a commander in chief of the terrorist organization with more blood on their hands than any other told you so? What in the actual fucking fuck is wrong with you?

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Documentary on Israeli Connection to 9/11”

    1. You got to be na?ve to think you are safe anywhere in this once beautiful world. Especially fucking China where you could be seriously injured and have 50 + people stroll by before you bleed out.

    2. Oh contrare… you do know the zion-ist gods rule china….their intelligencia are deeply implanted worldwide and they are the secret force behind the great china-internet firewall (as well as all the other really really bad things occurring in the world). Off to watch American History X on the tube.


  1. I agree with everything apart from,

    “They just paid the jihadists with extremist views to fly the planes into the towers.”

    I have no piloting experience but surly you can not go from having a few flying lessons in a light aircraft which has around six basic flight instruments to flying a full sized aircraft with many more advanced flight instruments with pin point accuracy into a building because this is what these so called terrorists did.

    You could argue that they used the auto pilot mode to do this but all auto pilot modes on large complex aircrafts use the flight management system, this system uses GPS and pre-set flight plans amongst other things and in order to make a new flight plan they would need permission from ground control, in other words, it could not have been used to fly itself into a building that most certainly was on its GPS.

    Then there is the issue that the “terrorists” hijacked these planes using knifes to threaten or kill people, how many terrorists were there on each plane, maybe four or five, and how many passengers, it seems extremely unlikely that a small number of men with knifes held hostage more than fifty people.

    I could go on but I won’t, my end conclusion is that these planes must have been controlled remotely from somewhere, after looking at the evidence its the only conclusion I can come to.

    Then there is the separate issue of the plane that hit the pentagon, no bodies or other remains found at scene or aircraft wreckage, therefore the obvious conclusion would be a missile attack.

    My favourite fact of them all however is when they found the terrorists passports that fell out of the exploded plane, wonderful, explosion proof passports, nice one.

    1. All you did is state what the Loose Change documentary stated. Nothing you said is your own ideas or opinions.

      Thanks for the amazing insight. PS your theory about a few guys not being able to take over an entire plane full of passengers is moronic. When you’re on that plane with a knife at your throat lets see how heroic you feel.

    2. Which news reports were you watching as it unfolded on 9/11? Parts of the aircraft, seats, landing gear psaaenger luggage etc.were strewn all over the place at the Pentagon right after it happened. Also, my best friends sister was on that plane. Her remains were later identified by DNA.

      1. I find it really interesting that there are claims of no aircraft remnants etc. at the pentagon and others stating the opposite. Surely something that blatantly distinguishable would be easily ruled in one favour or the other. I mean a plane either crashed into a building or it didn’t.

        It was a highly populated area, (therefore we can assume with lots of witnesses), amongst a cctv/iphone epidemic and It supposedly came in over a highway for fucks sake.

        This shouldn’t be debatable. The physical difference between a missile and a full sized aircraft is not something we struggle to identify.

        And if it was a missile, where did it come from? A highly militarised nation such as the USA would notice something like that on radar. They have systems in place, specifically to monitor the threat of a rocket attack and especially in the wake of the cold war. Unless the entire military was supposed to be in on it? If it was intercontinental, then there is no way that is feasible. If it was supposed to be a home grown launch then people would have perhaps noticed its take off. If it was that of an aircraft, then there would have been maybe a little suspicion amongst the ground crew when a fighter came back missing some of its armaments. Missiles don’t simply go missing, they are all accounted for in checklists and by the individuals arming/ disarming them. A horrendous number of people would have had to be involved in any of these scenarios. including the one filtered through the media.

        Being on the other side of the world and relying solely on what other people deduce to form my ideas comes with difficulties.

        Also, how do you pay someone to kill themselves? Doesn’t being dead defeat the purpose of a check?

  2. People still laugh at me when I explain that the towers attack was orchestrated by our own government(or at least someone besides “terrorists”.) They used it as a scare tactic among other things. People willingly gave up their rights in the name of “catching terrorists.” Haha silly bastards.

  3. One thing I don’t get is how inept the five jews appeared to have been on arrest, we’re talking about supposedly highly trained mossad agents here who have just been part of the worst atrocity on American soil for years and they don’t seem to have a clue. I grew up on a rough council estate and hatred and distrust of authority figures was an intrinsic part of life, from an early age the words ‘no comment’ were spoken like a mantra on arrest yet here we have these fools blurting out like they’ve necked a gram of speed – maybe that was part of the plan, act dumb and the cops will just move on.

  4. Thanks I’ll give it a look. I love conspiracy theories but one thing about 9/11. I’ll always thought that the USA did it. It comes from my heritage of being a Lakota Native American. Nothing like treaties being a bold face lie. Just look at Mt Rushmore if you don’t believe me. Took our Mt which as our spiritual place.

  5. The 9/11 terrorist attack and destruction of the World Trade Center was a big conspiracy all right; however, the main perpetrators were the then-president of the USA George W. Bush and his father, GWB senior.
    It is well documented that W had been warned by the secret agencies (namely the CIA) that an attack on the WTC was in the works, and it would involve using airplanes as missiles. W and his accomplices saw the upcoming attack as a perfect opportunity to have an excuse later on to invade Iraq; which was something he and his father had been planning to do since Saddam Hussein attempted to kill GWB senior.
    There is footage of W receiving the news of the attack as he read “My Pet Goat” to a group of schoolchildren, and you can see that he actually has to put an effort not to laugh with delight (you can actually see him smiling). He didn’t look shocked at all, which would be the expected reaction from the US president. It is as if Dubya was thinking to himself “mission accomplished”!
    And so began the downfall of the great American empire…
    ….What happened after the WTC attack is history we all know.

  6. Paid extremists to fly planes into the towers…..nah, What would be the point in paying someone to kill themselves?

    . At the end of Steven Shitjewbergs film “Munich” this is what transpires…….

    During the last scene, the camera pans across the New York City skyline and stops with the Twin Towers in the center of the scene. A postscript notes that 9 of the 11 men targeted by Mossad were eventually assassinated, including Salameh in 1979.

    Yeah ok.

  7. And isn’t it SO convenient that when Osama Bin Laden was supposedly caught and murdered they dumped his body on the ocean. What a crock
    Of sh*t!! when you catch a sought after person you don’t go dumping the body in the ocean. It doesn’t make sense. It was obviously staged. Obviously!!! And as the author posted.. Wake up Americans!!! Anyway it’s good to know the truth, but on the other hand we can’t do anything about it. Filthy Jews have all the money in the USA and control out country.

  8. Hey I despise Zionism as much as any Mid-Western American, but I think it’s hysterical anyone could believe this “9/11 was an inside job” bullshit enough to blame it on Israel. Our country sticks our nose where it doesn’t belong, sure as hell and no shit. We pick and choose sides like we were fighting over being the thimble in Monopoly (with utter disregard to whether or not Grandma’s always the thimble). The motto is “Liberty and Justice for All”… but of course WE want to have a hand in who “All” represents. Everyone knows more people have died because of their government, not simply war. And we KNOW Osama claimed responsibility, and 10 years later we shot him dead in front of his family and jettisoned his stinking corpse into the ocean. You REALLY think we had the CIA dump money into setting up Al Qaeada by the Jews simply because we want opium money??! We have Mexico by the balls, we don’t need Afghan dope. We support rebels because the Congress thinks they can pick and choose corrupt governments on a whim, despite their history and culture. I do know it’s wrong, but I also know Hirohito, Ho Chi Minh, Qaddaffi, Stalin, Hitler, Hussein and Mussolini all did plenty of damage to their own countries before we got involved. Ethnic cleansing and bullshitter governments are just what this world is made of. I guarantee you if Canada or Mexico ever got fucked with we’d be there whether or not anyone wanted us… and SURELY, when someone decides to blow our asses up like they did in 9/11 it’s because we’ve earned it with our loud mouths, like mine – but that someone has SELDOM BEEN the damned Jews. The Jews want a dusty little country in the middle east? So fucking what?! They killed Jesus for it, let them have that bullet riddled dust bowl. Muslims have far more Muslim countries. The Jews want their rock or their wall. Psh… Muslims have Mecca, Riyadh and pretty much the entire Arabian peninsula and all over south of Russia and on into Indofuckinesia. I don’t see Canadians refusing to watch Speilberg movies or offering Maddoff asylum. I’m sure there were millions of people real damn proud of 9/11, but the damn Jews certainly weren’t the majority of them. Don’t blow any Jews did it type bullshit up my ass. Show more pics of the Jews burning children up with white phos if you want to hate the Jews. Palestinians could travel 200 miles in any direction to be accepted but they want that damn mosque on that special rock… it’s all ludicrous anyway. Inside job…. PSH… my black ass.

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