Drive By Execution in Thailand – Safe Vacation Destination

Drive By Execution in Thailand - Safe Vacation Destination

You know how those Iphones owning leftists with Facebook accounts and Gmails always tell us that it’s safer in Thailand than in most western countries? Right, cause in western countries you get groups of gunmen armed with assault rifled driving around on truck beds executing people en masse. Sure we believe you… NOT!

This video shows what leftists and travel agencies don’t want you to know about because it’s the true face of Thailand. All they want you to see are beaches with floating shit photoshopped out. But the reality is different. Life has a very low price in Thailand, many people are armed and police is corrupt. Add all three up and you’ll get a realistic picture that no amount of liberal propaganda can mar.

The video shows a massive drive by execution that happened somewhere in Thailand. A gang of heavily armed Thais in trucks gunned down people on two motorcycles. You can see buildings behind the trees so this is not some remote wilderness where this took place. If it happened on this road, it can happen anywhere in the country. These guys make killing their business and are not afraid to assassinate anyone in cold blood.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Drive By Execution in Thailand – Safe Vacation Destination”

  1. Recently there is news Chulalongkorn Uni students being robbed near their Uni campus. This is news to me because it is like Oxford students robbed near Oxford, Chula being Thailand’s second Uni. Thailand is not very safe.

    1. That’s totally true.. that’s why all those Thai whores that work in Pattaya, after 2 years, they have enough money to buy houses or build houses in their villages and filled with modes facilities and amenities… and buy cars like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Now I know where they get the money from..

  2. Hi Mark,
    This happened in southern Thailand where Muslims are killing soldiers and non-Muslims on a daily basis.. those on the pick-up trucks are the coward Muslims and those on motorbikes are soldiers

  3. This is not robbery or random execution. It’s Muslims of Malaysian origin in Pattani killing Thai army officers. There is an insurgency in southern Thailand, close to the border with Malaysia, where most people are Malaysian Muslims, because some people want independence from Thailand.

    It’s a very nasty business, but the fact is, stuff like this is happening all over the world, including in some western countries like Spain and, until recently, the UK (Belfast).

    1. For the rifles and sidearms and ammo, whatever they can take they’ll take. Most of the attacks are just to kill and cause havoc, the guns are simply a bonus.

      Attacks on Police Station is’nt often but once it happens, the terrorist gets a shit ton of police weapons.

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