Drunken Argument Leads to Knife Slashing Murder

Slashed a Few Times, Bled Out Quickly

Two teenage men got into an argument, one of them pulled out a knife and ended the argument by killing the opponent. Both were reportedly under the influence or either alcohol or other substance. It happened on March 10, 2013 near the Parish Church in the town of Cruzeta, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

The victim was identified as 19 year old Ivanilson Anderson. Pubestache wearing murderer is 19 year old Cícero Romão. He was identified by an anonymous witness but denied involvement in murder. I think his pubestache is a testament to shadiness. I would not believe a word this man says.

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  1. Brazil seems like the place to to let off some steam: go down for the weekend, slaughter some people, and come back in time for work monday.

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