Dying Man Riddled with Bullets in Mossoro, Brazil

Dying Man Riddled with Bullets in Mossoro, Brazil

Dying Man Riddled with Bullets in Mossoro, Brazil

In Mossor├│, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a dying man was riddled with bullets by his captors while incapacitated on the ground.

I don’t have any background info, but I hear the people filming repeatedly mention PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital), which probably means the killers are members of the First Capital Command who killed either one of their rivals, or someone they decided deserved the death penalty.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. .45acp and .44mag are two different classes of pistol cartridges and shouldn’t be considered “firepower”. Neither I find that interesting these days as they aren’t as practical as a lot of other rounds that are smaller, lighter, and can do a lot more things.

          2. You’ll know you’ve been hit with a .44 mag. I like the kick, percussive blast and penetration. In .45 ACP I shoot the HK Mark 23. Extremely accurate. Imo, the best out there.

          3. U remind me of this “hot shit” cousin of mine that talked all this bs about shooting at the shooting range and how no one was gonna fk with her…until she got punched in the face n knocked out n got her gun stolen from her…cheers

          4. @ itsplaster, Sounds like fun! I’ll bring my German HK 91 and plenty of ammo! German guns are the best imo. I practice 2x a week. Took Gunsite course. No one’s taking it out of my hands w/o a fight. Xxoo.

          5. Lucy, I have a German handgun but I admit that you need to be pretty close for me to actually hit you. Ha. And I have an Israeli handgun (does this ban me from BG?) Once I started shooting my husband’s rifle, I was hooked. It’s accurate, it feels good in my hands, it’s just a nice smooth action. I target shoot to relax. I’m not opposed to trying other guns but we don’t have a huge collection or anything.
            Also please do a winged-eyeliner look on me. I had to go very girly there. I don’t even wear eye makeup because I SUCK at it. Teach me!

          6. Well now that i got a comment from plaster i know it wasnt petty at all…my cousin wouldnt think it was petty at all either…she hates when i fk with her n ask her what happened to her gun…

          1. Yeah well if the story about your “cousin” is true, was the felony assault and felony theft reported? How did he get away? No one else around…..?? Cousin shoots alone ? Fishy story.
            @itsplaster, you’ve got a fantastic face. So much we could do with you… Let’s turn BG into a makeup corner!! Mark also has a nice face…

  1. The revolver wasn’t anything I could identify and I heard the clank of a shell being removed from a gun towards the end, but it didn’t seem like the calibers were any larger than .32. It sounded like .177 BB’s from CO2 guns. If you fired a .22 magnum revolver at this cunt it would be a lot louder and I have even fired one from a revolver inside a car once so I’m not sure what is going on here.

  2. Lousy shots, these guys are. Like holy-Fuck, the killers wasted more bullets on the sand over the guys head, than their intended target, lol. They don,t believe in shooting ranges down there?

  3. For what they said, the guy who was killed was a member of PCC. The killers are probably from Sindicato do Crime or Sindicato do RN(Rio Grande do Norte), that operates in Rio Grande do Norte and are at war with PCC, and killed each other at the prison of Alca├žuz.

  4. They must think they were all at the firing range to have blasted and scored bulls eye ………….
    As a reward they all are gonna be given lead shots to shove in their arse .
    Brazil …… Brazil ………why does the bad omen over rides your good intention is beyond me.

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    -every Brazilian gangster ever

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