Eight Youths Attacked a Truck Driver with a Machete

Eight Youths Attacked a Truck Driver with a Machete

Eight Youths Attacked a Truck Driver with a Machete

Eight youths, five of whom were under the age of 18 and one was a girl caught a ride with a trucker to get home after a party. Friendly trucker was sympathetic to their need and gave them a ride. During the course of the ride, the trucker got into an argument with one of the youths and the whole group attacked him to resolve it with a machete.

The truck driver was rescued by the fire fighters and taken to a hospital, however the wounds sustained were so severe, the poor man died. All eight attackers were apprehended but the police did not release their names. The crime occurred on August 23, 2012 in Goiânia, state of Goiás, Brazil. Here’s what the trucker looked like after the attack. Brutal. He would have been fucked for life even if he survived:

This is a report by TV Goiânia on the arrest of some of the attackers. It looks like there are two girls in the lot, but one of the girls is just a really gay dude.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “Eight Youths Attacked a Truck Driver with a Machete”

    1. so he was trying to flirt with one of the girls, what an idiot

      I would never take on 6 people at the same time if even one of them had a machete

      if I got into some argument with people I had just given a ride to, i would let them off and say sorry, then i’d run them over with my truck, and then I’d grab the bitch I flirted with and take her home with me to fuck

  1. ?Poor reverse Brazilian Pez Dispenser.
    Why don?t they use more machetes to kill people here in the United States of ameriKa? I have always had an affinity for the machete as a murder weapon ? uncompromisingly psycho while simultaneously not ostentatious. Maybe they should ban them to motivate people to rebel and pick up machetes in an avant-garde murder uprising.

  2. that’s fuked up. he had that cool terminator look going on. he could’ve walked around like that and been a scary dude. fv sucks. bottom line is interact with fv as little as possible cuz NOBODYS out to do YOU any favors. he gets what he got for being a fool. i once took in a bitch who i thought had boyfriend problems. it was a set up and she and her bf ripped off my house when i left the house for school. NEVER AGAIN.

  3. That guy was one tough bastard to walk around with injury’s like he received. I’ll never understand how someone can inflict this kind of damage upon another person. The one’s who did the actual machete attack should never walk the streets again. These youth’s who committed this act are dangerous little fucks.

        1. Surviving in Brazil is like surviving in the jungle, man.

          Never trust strangers, and avoid walking on the streets all by yourself. And, the most important rule, watch out when approaching girls, one of them may have a jealous boyfriend and you may end up like this poor fellow who was attacked by machete.

    1. Ha! That’s hilarious! I can picture it now…”Cash Cab: Brazil” hosted by Ben DaSilva. It would give your average, everyday, machete wielding, flip-flop wearing Brazilian a chance to win cash, a free ride, and the opportunity to hack an innocent taxi-driver to pieces! The taxi itself would have to be a motorcycle in order for Brazilians to want to participate though, of course.

  4. Oh my gawd… I thought his face looked bad until he turned around and I saw the back of his head! “No good deed goes unpunished” There was no reason, I don’t care what they argued about, for those little monsters to do that to him.They could have just used their weapons to threaten him, and told him they wanted out of the truck I wish you had to be executed in the same manner that you killed your victim…I’m curious as to what the teens were telling that reporter. @Brazilian_NOTDASILVA, please be careful, I understand now, why you want out of there! 🙁

    1. I absolutely agree “it was me”. It is quite sad I think. If you scroll up someone interpreted it in the comments. I do hope those that actually killed him get punished in one way or another, and I don’t mean juvenial detention either. That poor man suffered horribly trying to do something good.

  5. Apparently, the victim, who is a truck driver, gave a ride to those guys to a party in a house, where they got drunk, and the trucker tried to flirt with the girlfriend of an underage criminal, and the boy did not like to see him with this girl and teared the poor fellow apart with his machette.

    The gay guy in the end say he was asleep during the murder, and that he was not involved in the crime.

  6. The cameraman of the first video sucked at filming things…unless you enjoy looking at the sky and close-ups of the victim’s chin. Too bad, as those were some spectacular injuries.

    Who the fuck comes up with these “laws” protecting murderous teens? Seriously, are there people who think that 16 and 17 year-olds don’t understand that it’s wrong to slice the fuck out of another human being with a machete? That’s cool, though…I’m sure it’ll suddenly dawn on them when their 18th birthday comes around. Holding these little fucking monsters accountable for anything they did before that would be immoral. Yeah…


      1. @It was me, yeah I totally lurked too. At first it was too harsh, but this is reality and it makes me appreciate life. Although, I’m not sure I’d want my images out there should I die in a traumatic way. I dunno :/

        @J3ZAB3L, thank! Where are you from?

        1. @missmexi, You learn alot from this site!! Not only the posts, but our fellow members are some smart S.O.B.’s (Students Of Best Gore) I’m not hard core gore yet though, I’ve never watched a beheading video. If I die in a spectacular way, I don’t care if it gets posted, but not if it’s something lame! 😉

          1. @J3ZAB3L Nice to meet you too, but no not jealous. I live in Americas Finest City, San DIego, CA 😉 you can snowboard and swim in the ocean all in one day!

  7. It’s dangerous to be too generous in this world. Especially if you pick up Hitchhikers. Shame that he died, but he would’ve been far off worst if he’d survive. Hopefully all of them get raped with a machete and see how they like it.

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