Ex Agent Attempting to Rob Orange Phone Company Shot and Killed by Police

Ex Agent Attempting to Rob Orange Phone Company Shot and Killed by Police

After he shot and almost killed a private security guard named Isidro Ramírez during an attempt to rob an Orange Phone Company outlet, Dominican Police shot and killed 26 year old would be robber Melvin Jiménez Blanco. It happened on the 12th street of the Pueblo Nuevo sector in Los Alcarrizos, a municipality in the Santo Domingo province.

According to the police report, Jiménez Blanco was an ex agent that had been fired a month prior to the incident on the grounds of unprofessional behavior. He lived on Maximiliano Díaz street in El Nazareno neighborhood, Santo Domingo.

The robbery attempt started with disarming of 58 year old private officer Isidro Ramírez who was shot twice during the struggle. Jiménez Blanco and his unidentified partner then escaped on a black Passola (gas scooter), leading the police on a four hour long man hunt that ended in Pueblo Nuevo. The shootout between the police and the robbers resulted in Melvin Jiménez Blanco’s death.

Below is a video by SIN News with footage of dead robber and interviews with people of Pueblo Nuevo who provided their account of the event and expressed frustration with not enough police patrolling the street and asking for no mercy for criminals. I guess in this case they got precisely that. What we need outside of the Dominican Republic is for the TV news channels to cover the news the Dominican way – without censorship. If this is what happened, then this is what happened and if this is what the end result looked like, then this is what the end result looked like. Sugar-coating is bullshit.

Props to Best Gore member alberic for translation from Spanish:

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