Eyeball Displaced After Deadly Headshot

Eyeball Displaced After Deadly Headshot

Eyeballs are the most indestructible part of human bodies it seems. So many headshot pictures on Best Gore, yet eyes still retain their form without bursting. The fascination never ends. In this case, guy took a bullet right between his eyes which busted open his right eyelid exposing the eyeball. Now the eye is sticking out of the skull in quite distasteful way. It’s soaked in dried up blood giving it this rich red tinge of doom. Poor guy but great aiming on behalf of the assassin. That’s probably the spot most snipers go for when shooting at the head. Unless they aim for the heart, right?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Eyeball Displaced After Deadly Headshot”

  1. Actually, snipers don’t usually go for the headshot. They usually go for where the momentum of the bullet is greatest. The abdomen.
    I watched a documentary on it, headshot’s are just time consuming and have a low hit rate as compared to the main chest area.

  2. In case any one is curious, this is the work of a trained sniper. Being one, I can confirm. Snipers aim for the “apricot” (brainstem.) The idea is to disconnect the brainstem from the brain which can be hit by aiming for the Fatal T (line that runs through both eyes, then another line down from between the eyes to the mouth.) Shot between the eyes would do it. The over pressure of the bullet entering the skull sometimes causes the eyes to pop out, as seen here. Perfect shot. Normally however, snipers are trained to go for a center mass shot, unless they need an instant, no reflex kill (like a hostage situation.) So this is rare.

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