Guy Locks Kid in a Washing Machine in Joke Gone Bad

Guy Locks Kid in a Washing Machine in Joke Gone Bad

I’ve seen my share of WTF videos, but this one stands out like no other.

A man, a woman and a kid are together in a Laundromat getting their laundry done. They were doing their thing but then the guy’s attention was caught by a large washing machine (dryer?) located at the end of the raw for people with large items to wash. The door to it was open and that gave the father an idea. He thought he was gonna pull a funny by throwing the kid in there and closing the door behind him for just a second. I can imagine he intended to laugh his ass off asking the kid: “Were you scared?” after he pull him out.

What the guy did not realize was that closing the door starts the cycle and locks the door until the full cycle is finished. Oh the horror. Now both father and mother have to watch their son being spun uncontrollably around as space around him is being filled with water. They struggle to open the door but the lock is engaged so their efforts lead nowhere. They try to turn the machine off but commercial, coin operated washing machines don’t have such option so malicious people can’t interrupt the cycle for which you had paid.

I can’t even fathom what must have gone through their minds when every effort to rescue the kid failed and the only option at this point was to run and look for an attendant to ask him to stop it. The attendant did not have the means to stop the cycle directly either, but was able to access the area where power outlets are and unplug the appliance, putting a halt to the cycle and disengaging the lock. The guy pulled the kid out and ran off camera.

Good luck living with that guilt…


By the sound of it, the guy who threw the kid in the machine was not his father. It also looks like the kid did not die. Fan of fair rides, perhaps?

Here’s an interview with that todler’s mother – she does sound like someone who better hire babysitters cause she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

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132 thoughts on “Guy Locks Kid in a Washing Machine in Joke Gone Bad”

    1. Yup, this happened a while back…funny how black people when stressed or mad always seem to want to clap or hop around like a stupid ape in heat..what a bunch of retards. That mom needs to get her mother license taken away from her and then shot by a canon in the head for letting this happen to her soon to be criminal child!!
      Hail lucifer’s majestic glorious might!!!!

    2. Those A-holes were allowed to keep the kid after that happened?? Clasic dept.of child welfare leaving kids with incompetent parents!! They ALL should be ashamed, and that stupid fuck who put the kid in the washer should be horsewhipped! The state should’ve taken the child away, and sterilized the parents!!

  1. I saw this a while back. I thought it was sad. Now it’s just pathetic. Not in and of itself, just that fact that dad didn’t put his foot through that fucking glass immediately after the first time that child’s head went thunk…he could’ve easily suspended the child above the tumbling parts until it got shut off. But what do I know. I can analyze it all I want. I wasn’t there. But in the more than my share of life or death situations I tend to be ruthlessly practical as needed. Blah blah novel sorry..

    1. Those glass doors are a twat to smash, they need to be stronger as the temp inside the machine can rise to 100. not to mention the pressure fom the water it needs to withstand, so the dad did right just getting help to turn it off.
      I am glad the kid lived, and on a bright side at least he wont need a bath for a couple of days.

    1. It gets me how the real mom says he was in there for “at least” 5 minutes and Ann Curry says “Five minutes? ” and when the woman says it was timed , Ann says “Hmmm…” Well I did time it. 1 minute 33 seconds.

  2. Glad the little man didn’t die…Jesus Christ some people are so fucking stupid!! I mean, what the hell would possess you to put a child in there for one, but CLOSING THE DOOR?? Really???? Some people are not fit for watching children/parenting. I couldn’t breathe while watching this. I can’t imagine that happening to my little girl..

    1. ” SOME people are not fit for watching children/parenting….” ???

      I would say most people are unfit for parenting.

      Every time I’m out, I see spoiled and disrespectful little brats all over the place. Occasionally, I encounter the behaving little human which reminds me that they do exist.

      1. The kids that are well behaved are usually well disciplined they know if they get out of line they’ll get straightend out right away, the ones who aren’t are the ones that know if they continue kicking and screaming mommy and daddy will eventually bend to their will

          1. I’m lucky enough not to have any kids yet and I say lucky because I can only imagine how much of a bitch It is to raise kids the closest I’ve ever come to taking care of a kid is my younger brother and my exgf son, truth is tho I can barley take care of myself let alone a little one not to mention I’ve been accused of acting like a child lol but despite that I think I would still make a better parent than most, having kids doesn’t scare me any body can do that…its raising them and doing it right that scares me

          2. But now that ii think about It even raising them doesn’t scare me what scares me is the fact that I’m so use to looking for me myself and I, if a kid were ever to come about then not only would I need to worry about him and his needs but the needs of his mother as well…just thinking about it gives me goosebumps, of course I’m not the type to back off from anything and a kid is no exception I wouldnt be able to call myself a man if I did that just run out on the poor kid and his mother but I know that responsibility and morality instilled in me will make me good father/husband someday not yet tho I’m only 26 lol

  3. lets stop calling children ‘kids’.
    especially if we are going to be serious about exposing the jewish question.
    you know the last passover,i told people the jews are actually sacrificing ‘kids’ (young goat) in front of thier ‘children’ a.k.a demon spawn.
    when the kid of the goats blood is spilt,the ‘kids’ of the goyim are next you see.

  4. The playground was overrun with drug dealing gang bangers so they improvised here. I’m upset they forgot to put the little niglet thru the wash cycle first. By the way this kind of shit is part of the up bringing of future gang bangers, you want to toughen the little fucker up! No harm no foul…

  5. Not the boys parents. Babysitter & her boyfroend. The Mom was at work, the father was on prison. The baby lived & was very trammatized. Babysitter didnt even tell the Mom what happened. Mom found out from someone showing her the posted youtube video of her baby. Cops refused to press charges against this bone head. I saw the entire interview with the Mom on the news. Personally I would have pressed civil charges

  6. k so here’s what happened.

    This all took place in Camden, NJ and the guy in the video is the babysitters boyfriend and they were at the laundromat doing laundry and jokingly puts the kid in the washer, what he didn’t know was that the door was gonna lock and the kid would go through all that. And the kids mom that night saw the footage, recognized the people, called the police. So long story short it was just a prank gone wrong. Luckly the kid was alright so I guess its one thing to be happy about.

    1. At one Daycare center ran by Blacks and Latrinos, the ‘baby sitters” were forcing the little boys to fight each other for their entertainment, no joke. I think that hellhole was shut down.
      Why oh why would any sensible person put the safety, education, and lives of their child in the hands of Negroids and Muds… than again why would you throw your kid into a washing machine for a cycle… the world is a bizzare place.

        1. @Sagemon, i agree that there is good and bad in each race. I myself give any one person due respect as i would expect in return, unless they give me reason to think otherwise. As in their actions demonstrated by them. Closed minded individuals will keep a cycle of hatred moving right along…

          1. Kill, used to be when I stepped outside my neighborhood, I had to deal with lowlife Mexicans & Blacks and Asian drivers. So I left the state. Now when I step outside my neighborhood, I have to deal with White trash. (Sighs) But I’m like you, I despise on a case by case basis and all parties are innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Depends on whether what happened was traumatic for the child. It may not have been that bad but, once the child was removed, the reactions of the babysitter & co. may have caused more upset than the actual experience of being in a washing machine. Kids take their cues from adults.

  7. Whata stupid nig straight the hell up…..bad things should happin to him indeed…….what the fuck goes through your head to put your baby in a fucking washing machine, i belive he should be stoned for an act like that and if nothing else atleast charged an prosecuted, fucking monkeys lol Trp out

  8. More and more its looking like these idiots parents above, and the parents of some of these extra special BG Members have something in common, they just shouldn’t of had kids. An innocent child is an innocent child, and if you think it’s funny or ok to make fun of the brutal suffering death of ANY innocent child, then your parents have gravely failed at their jobs and you should have probably been aborted.

    What’s the difference between these idiots who put their child into a washing machine and the white woman who decided to throw hers off of a roof? They’re both useless wastes of flesh, yet I see no racial comments on that post? Why? Is she somehow better than these morons and isn’t deserving of the same?

    It’s as though some of you sit, anxiously, patently, anticipating the next post containing some “minority” content for you to spew some ignorant racist dumb shit. You’re just smart enough to know to keep the dumb shit online, during your day you just let your hate of others quietly stew within atbwork, school or whatever, till you get to the safety of your computer, it’s cute. Your parents have failed you, but it is YOUR life, and BG should show you how short it is and how easily it can end, waste it living consumed with hatred if you will, till you yourself ends up on these very pages one day hopefully by the hands of the race you spent you life hating, karma. I enjoy life wayyyyy too much to waste a fraction of it hating, or much less even thinking about another humans hue.

  9. I was disappointed he survived, not hating on him (yet), just those idiot parents could’ve done with the realisation of how truly retarded they are; plus the kid…and the rest of us…would probably be better off if he doesn’t grow up learning to be as retarded as his stupid father anyway, then go launch himself onto the world continuing the whole stupid cycle of retardation.

    TL;DR: Darwinism failed us this day.

  10. “You?re just smart enough to know to keep the dumb shit online”

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    1. Libtard? Meanining liberal I assume lol? I’m far from a liberal actually. I’m just very aware that this world is a big chess game, and the powers that be move these black and non-white pawns to misdirect weak minded “sheeps” attention and hate upon those pieces, while they move their knights, rooks and queens and kings undisturbed while they work to achieve their objective against you/us.

      Blacks have no power in this world, nor do any other minorities. So it’s similar to you wasting your breath, energy and time hating a poodle barking at you while you walk your Rottweiler. Why give so much attention to somthing you find so insignificant to you? Some of you are like a Coon-nigger-spic PR Advertising agency!!! All the while, the people of your own race are actually sitting in Washington, sitting in Parliment etc, carefully and dilligently plotting your control and demise, while you direct your hate and focus on useless chess pieces.

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      Yes, it’s unfortunate that some people bring crime and shit wherever they go, that’s the world we live in, your wasted hate will not change anything, just play the hand you’re dealt, and play it wisely. But if you think I’m going to stoop to their level you’re sadly mistaken. If your focus is excelling in life becoming a better man or woman than you were yesterday, education, furthering your financial position for yourself and kids to live a comfortable life, having fun and enjoying life with those you love, it doesn’t really leave much mental energy to expel hating that annoying little poodle.

      But I assure you that if ANY poor excuse for a human, regardless of their race, threaten my family’s lives, their pictures will be on this site for your viewing pleasure shortly thereafter.

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