Female Vacationer Thrown to Her Death from Highrise in Thailand

Those Two Buck Teeth Steal the Shot

Female Vacationer Thrown to Her Death from Highrise in Thailand

I always love it when our leftist friends with Iphones, Facebook accounts and Gmails tell us that Thailand is a safe vacation destination only people need to use some common sense and stop bringing misfortunes upon themselves. I mean – it’s got to be the stupid foreigners’ fault when a group of Thais break into their hotel room, beat them unconscious, drag them up to the top floor of a highrise and throw them off the balcony so corrupt Thai cops that are part of the racket can declare their death a suicide or an accident, right?

When it comes to xenophobia, Thais don’t discriminate. A wee splat seems to be the way to go regardless of the vacationer’s race, gender or age…

Now take a look at this woman – does she look like a possible suicide or accidental fall victim to you? Why is there such severe damage to her head but no damage whatsoever to any other part of her body? Also, compare these photos to other photos of “accident” and “suicide” victims from Thailand. Have you seen any other victim swan dive head first from a building? Going head first is very unnatural and not typical of neither suicidal nor accidental falls.

Welcome to Thailand, a safe vacation destination:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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128 thoughts on “Female Vacationer Thrown to Her Death from Highrise in Thailand”

  1. Seems strange that people would go out of their way to get vacation time, buy plane tickets, pack suitcases, and rent hotel rooms just to commit suicide. I can see that effort going into committing murder maybe, but suicide? Doesn’t follow logic.

          1. So any foreigner who vacations in Thailand ends up as a ”suicide” case? unbelievable, I will never ever visit Thailand. Even if someone pays for my plane tickets and extra money for expenses. My response will be a big fat NO.

  2. Apparently she either took a leap of faith! OR she was watching “Space Jam”, and got caught up in “I believe I can Fly”! Oh wait!… One more! Maybe she was trying to film her own version of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”?!. Okay, for real one more!… Maybe she and her significant other, were reenacting the “I’m Flying, Jack!, I’m Flying!!”, scene from “Titanic”! …. And *trips*, “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”,…….*SPLATTTTS!!!”. Ugh, so terrible and not funny! I should be thrown off a balcony, for mocking this tragedy! What’s with some countries, running Best Gore-type photos on the front page of their newspapers? If my grandparents seen that, they’d both keel right over! They can’t even sit through “Grey’s Anatomy”!.


          1. Yes! I read this blog about sexy and just normal health issues! Well apparently guys that don’t consume enough water or fruits, can have jello-like cum that smells and tastes like shit! Drunk pineapple juice! As guys, we should get pineapple juice for free! Lol.

  3. She looks like she got thwacked with an iron pipe a time or three, prior to the “fall” that flung handfuls of brain matter all over the general area. But if that were the case, there’d be blood in the room, I suppose. Seems unlikely as @nesska said, to plan and purchase a vacation, to just toss yourself over the side of the hotel. Maybe she wouldn’t put out for an unruly Thai she met while vacationing, or on the Internet, before her trip, and he decided to “end” it. Maybe she was moving too fast for him, diving headlong into the relationship, and he wanted only to fornicate. Maybe he wanted a green card, and he was the one who insisted on marriage, and she balked, angering him further, and instead of getting her knocked up, he knocked her down. Ok I’ll knock it off,oh wait… In any case, it may be tough to put the pieces together on this one 😉

    1. Well this was not a suicide! But I will not rule out the possibility that she was practicing her right rope skills! She obviously wasn’t great at it, but I respect her determination! There’s nothing like throwing yourself into your work! I still think that she was probably making her own version of the R.Kelly video for “I believe I can fly”. Shame shame!

  4. Damn. I always feel bad for the unsuspecting tourists that visit that place and stay anywhere other than the ground floor, but I must admit- these murders in which the victim is thrown off the balcony, always make great gore masterpieces at the bottom! Love the broken skull pieces and beautiful flash wound colors! Very cool looking! 🙂

  5. @juicy, I agree, no way to re-create that type of effect manually. Although I was a little disappointed with the couple that fell from the window while having intercourse, they didn’t leave but a smear of blood on the concrete below, I would have liked to see the underneath, the area that connected with the street lamp as well as the pavement. It’s truly amazing just how far the brain can fly 🙂

    1. Thailand and Dignitas can’t be compared of course, one reason is that Dignitas is all about dignity , which is a nonexistent word in Thailand, har har.

      No, but seriously, I respect Dignitas. It has nothing to do with ‘suicide tourism’. I think they do a good job helping people to end their suffering. In fact they helped over 6000 people so far, which would be an average of about 400 per year. ( for some reason about half of them are from Germany, btw.)

      About Thai death numbers…well…i guess we’ll never know all…who knows what’s still floating in the sea or buried somewhere….

      1. Because the Germans, of all Whites, have been brainwashed to hate themselves the most.

        This has represented in them having the lowest birth-rates of Whites, and I guess seeking to kill themselves.

        Rather than pro-create, they’d rather just kill themselves.

    1. Right? Makes me shake my head when I hear people going on vacation to Jamaica, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc. when they’ve seen not even 1/10th of their own Country, or their own Countries beauty (Including beaches and the like).

      But I guess, they get something there they can’t get at home.

      1. I have lived in the same city for almost 30 years. The only other place I have ever lived is Birmingham AL back in the 80s when I was a kid. That was for only 2 years before my father moved us back to Florida. I’ve been to Chicago a couple times to visit family, but that’s it. I’d like to spend my last decades on this planet exploring my homeland. After that, if I still have some life in me, I’ll worry about foreign lands.

        1. Yea! He has a pale I think it seats 8 maybe 10. He travels a lot, always has! It’s cool because I get a lot if material things, but ill never know my father, he’s never around and ever was. But hey! Who wants to go to Thailand? Lol.

          1. Sorry your dad’s never there. Do material things make up for that? Hope your dad gets to spend some more quality time with his kids some day ( …and take what you can in the meantime hehehe, including that plane to go on a trip with a bunch of SOB’s of course (: )

          1. nah the lipstick is good..it promises to not come off on anything so we are good to go…errmm in case I have a drink that is….wouldn’t want to mar any of your fancy smancy glassware

  6. What the fuck is wrong with those murdering bastards? Poor woman; she never thought she’d meet death like this. And these are the ones that we know of . What about the ones not reported to the media?. It angers me that such scum exists on this earth.

  7. There should be a public service announcement on taking a vacation in thailand, besides Best gore, for real though. This shit is getting ridiculous. If your visiting thailand theres only a very few reasons you would want to visit that shithole of a country, it is known as land of the smiles. I can imagine that they smile the whole time they are beating your brains in. bUt people go there for 1) Child Prostitution, 2) nightlife and hedonism, 3) Cheapest place to satisfy your carnal urges..oh its also one of the biggest Buddhist countries in the world, (not sure if there is a connection there).
    Final thought: For people that think its a bargain for a place to get your rocks off and satisfy your lust. Think of the price you have to pay for that thrill. If your comfortable to die for some pussy, then your life is pathetic enough and you should definitely take the trip to the land of smiles.

  8. Today I was with my family, and my uncle told me he and his wife are going to visit Thailand very soon, because of it’s beauty. I told them it is very dangerous and dumb to go there, and all they told me: ”Ah, child do not worry, we are fine and Thailand is a very nice, and welcoming country. The people love foreigners.” My god, they don’t know shit.
    I actually believe that the nature and animals etc. in Thailand are beautiful but besides that it is a shithole country.

    1. “The people love foreigners”.
      Good grief, these people really don’t know. No offense to your family. A former friend of mine spent a month in Thailand and still thinks the people were nice, i can’t believe it. Anyway, i wonder what your family will say after they’ve been there. *snigger *

    1. Oh haha! Now I can see your avatar! I am SO sorry! I couldn’t make out what it was a pic of on my phone! So lol now I can see! And I am sorry I asked if it were you! 😉 forgive me!

  9. What a thorough and effective wake up call! *calls room* no answer. Maid *knocks on door* “wake up call!!!!”….. Still nothing! A team of Thai maids break into the room and can’t wake her! The only thing left to do is to toss her out the window! To their surprise, she STILL doesn’t wake up!! What the hell? Heavy sleeper!!!!!


    1. @brokeback I couldn’t have said it better myself! Lol! In countries with bazillions of uglies, just roaming around aimlessly, maybe it’s a good thing we stick mirrors in front of them! Thin out the hurds!

    1. You are also wearing sunglasses. Many people with sunglasses now. I think it actually looks quite cool, having conversations while everyone is wearing shades. I may paint some on my avatar.
      Sunglasses are even fun to wear while you’re having sex. Sometimes.

          1. @Ali Yea, you can’t keep ’em on for too long , that’s true…or so i’ve heard, of course…
            …Eh, ?? tossing the puppies?? i couldn’t even find that in the slang e-dictionary??

  10. That must have been an exceptional precision warp to have her land on her head like that.
    I get this image of a rocket launcher firing off her body , for some weird reason…(:

    They could even have pre-cracked her skull , for better effect.

  11. Was this a tourist? She does not seem to be wearing typical vacation attire. Also she has this read thread around her wrist. Buddhists get threads like that when they go to a monastery for worship or blessing.

  12. Only two possible ways I could see this happening! One is she was tripping balls and thought she was going to swan dive into a body of water. Or she was knocked unconscious and thrown over the balcony head first! This kind of head trauma is not common with accidentally falling or suicide or even intentional homicide for that matter unless the victim was knocked out and thrown over head first without any sign of resistance to her appending doom!

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