Finsbury Park Mosque Attack in London, UK

Finsbury Park Mosque Attack in London, UK

In Finsbury Park’s Seven Sisters Road in London, UK, a white van rammed a group of worshipers outside a mosque in what British police refers to as a terror attack. The attack left one person dead and eight others wounded.

All of the victims were Muslims attending Ramadan night prayers. The group that was rammed was reportedly helping an elderly person who had collapsed. He is said to be the attack’s fatality, although at this stage it is not clear whether his death is a result of the attack.

According to eye witnesses, the van driver shouted “I want to kill all Muslims“, as he plowed into the crowd. He was pinned to the ground by onlookers and arrested by the police, who said he was 48 year old.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pics and videos:

Aftermath video:

Attacker detained by members of public:

Arrest of the attacker by police:

Longer video of Muslim worshipers detaining the vehicular terrorist in Finsbury Park, London. Props to Best Gore member @mujula for this one:

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201 thoughts on “Finsbury Park Mosque Attack in London, UK”

          1. “Religion of peace’ my ass!” It IS a (false) religion, they are child rapists, woman beaters, murderers, gang rapists, liars, thieves, war pigs, piss drinkers, etc, etc.

          2. It’s amazing for white people to see such people with calmness, substance and godly ora everything they lack, when I see white people I see hate, emptiness., fakery and no godly substance at all

          1. WOW this really UK?? with all them sandnigro drapes and abrattattakaddak babbling, it looks more like some shit dump third world places like spain or iraq

    1. good but still not enough we need mass deportation of all muslims from my country but to watch them scuttle around in panic makes me so happy shame he didn’t hit more two can play at your game fuckers

      1. Aw look at this little fuckwit. Typical Brit. ”Muslims are taking over, taking our jobs and killing our people, let’s get rid of them” imagine britian without Muslims, britian wouldn’t be britian without them. They do more for this country than you and your people have ever done. This terrorist AKA ”white van driver”, he got off lightly. He did get a good beating, but the Muslims knew better than to finish him off as that would give your people something else to talk about and more reasons to hate on Muslims. How about you get off your ass and go do something about your issues. And that goes for the rest of the retards commenting on this. It’s truly astonishing just how many stupid people there are walking this earth. If all Muslims were ISIS, the world wouldn’t stand a chance. Bare that in mind next time sunshine X

        1. Britain would be a whole lot better off without you welfare trashistans fucking up the joint…

          If you’re so better than us… why are you leeching off the white man… you stupid fucking bitch?…

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    1. Catholics don’t want to kill me
      Protestant’s don’t want to kill me
      Hindu’s don’t want to kill me
      Jews don’t want to kill me
      Buddhists don’t want to kill me
      Muslims want to kill me, It’s written in the Kuran that the true way to paradise is martadom against the Infidels. Simple Islam is terrorism

    2. All religions are terrorist. They are all trying to kill each other. The muzlims want to red rid of the christians. The christians want to get rid of the jews. The Catholics want to get rid of the muzlims. The jews just want to red rid of everybody in the world. Why? Because of their religion.

      Anti-Theist have no religion!

        1. its organised religion that’s the problem…these fuckers forget the times when they murdered men women and children during the witch hunts! THE CATHOLIC CHURCH did this to those people!
          Proud to be pagan! HAIL the Goddess<hail the god!

      1. Cosmic spirituality equals the fact that everyone is a piece of God and everyone has God within them as their higher power so if everyone is a piece of that why would you want to kill off anyone else?

      2. The Christians want to get rid of the Jews?


        And I guess we should annihilate every Secularist on the planet then considering that Secular world views/ideologies lead to Marxism which led to the death of over 100,000,000 in only a century.

    3. Of course it does. Without islam these coward attacks wouldn’t have happened. All religion is retarded (how the hell can people be so deluded in this day and age) but islam takes the cake.
      Oh my ”cake”…now they’re gonna discuss for hours if that’s halaal or not. Complete idiots.

          1. LOL thanks simple fact mate is if someone in another country wants to kill another person because of a religion it doesn’t effect me. But when a chap blows himself up killing inocent children in my country, That does effect me.

          2. @Legion of St George,

            The Mozzies are not killing you just because of their religion.
            US and UK foreign policies (i.e. safeguarding oil supplies in the middle east, taking arms over there, i.e. the war in Iraq and Afghanistan by coalition forces), led to a massive loss of Muslim lives over there, and now they are just retaliating.
            It’s about politics, not religion.

            I used to read in the paper about all those Middle Eastern lives lost over there as collateral damage etc, but I didn’t give a shit. Now I read about terrorist activities over here costing British lives. Logically I don’t give a shit on this either (I’m a Catholic btw, not Mozzie). Maybe I’m just an asshole, but as long as it’s not my family or friends involved any shit that goes on, I don’t care.

    1. You’re right. The Brits should not tolerate terrorism in their own country, especially as they have given these Muslims benefits of democracy, education and freedom that they couldn’t get in their own shitty chauvinistic countries. Muslim countries expect guests and immigrants to bend to their rules, so they should now bend to the laws of Britain.

      Yes, yes, I know their argument “Britain does not belong to you, it belongs to Allah”.
      Be that as it may, Allah (or whichever is the real Almighty), has given Britain to the English people, and therefore it is more theirs than it is the Mozzies.

      Moderate Muslims would do well to AGGRESSIVELY distance themselves from extremists, not by just verbally condemning their actions (anyone can do that), but by actively outing any secret knowledge or intelligence gathered, that will help catch terrorists.

        1. Actually, I’m an immigrant myself. I was just being objective.

          Although I voted “Remain” in the Brexit vote for economic reasons and the wellbeing of the country in general, I can see why the indigenous population voted “Leave”. It’s because UK has taken in a lot of immigrants from all over, who just want free benefits and housing, but no jobs, yet all funded by the taxpayer. That must have made a lot of other people really hacked off.

  1. I don’t know why people want to the new method of killing people seems to be with vehicles, and the success rate seems to not be very high. People do know you can order flamethrowers online through the mail right??

  2. This looks like its been organised by Bumfights for a score and a bottle of Jim Beam. The dude looks homeless.

    Last video looks right out the sand dunes minus the concrete jungle of london, they got the guy on the ground giving him a kick, but no snackbars?

    This is certainly concerning being english, I dont fancy a race war as well as brexit and this hopeless government.

  3. Been saying for months that this is gonna happen.
    And as soon as I heard about this last night I thought bet it’s a white guy this time.
    Unfortunately this is the world we live in now.

    My guess is next time there is another terrorist attack,regardless of if it’s London or not when the people gather to mourn together there will be a follow up attack and more innocent people will be murderded

  4. It’s bout to be on and poppin now. Strike and counter strike. Time to stay indoors and watch some ball games. Never leave the house without some heat and be ready to react at all times. Things will never be peaceful as long as we have this stupid war on terror. Not at home and certainly not abroad. This could literally lead us into WWIII. Just last night the US shot down a Syrian plane. And since Russia set up a few SAM sites, it is only a matter of time before a US plane is shot down by Russia. Then we can kiss it all good by.

    1. Id rather the Earth was reduced to a radioactive Hell hole as opposed to being overrun by Jihadists and thus transformed into a global caliphate, bring on the ICBM’s, they are a preferable end to the dull knife of some Surah preaching, Jihadi cunt.

  5. Personally, I’m all for a race war. I’m all for the Brexit and I’m all for Britain becoming a violent, racist horrible place to live in(even more than it already is) because perhaps then it will finally lose it’s status as an “El Dorado” for immigrants and put them off some what and if it could also encourage a few of those traitorous lefty liberal types to fuck off as well all the better.

    Uncontrolled immigration is the greatest fucking crime one can commit against a country and it’s people. Japan for example was able to rebound and rebuild after two Nuclear bombs were dropped on them. Would they have been able to rebound and rebuild if for example 2 million niggers had been dropped on them?, I doubt it.

    1. What I can add is that it seems contradictory for one to support both uncontrolled immigration and labor rights. One seems in opposition to the other according to the law of supply and demand. If you have a greater labor supply, that is, a greater demand for jobs, wages go down and safety standards and number of hours worked too, as people will be more willing to work in these conditions as to provide them an edge over competition. This becomes more relevant with unskilled laborers, as the jobs for these segments of society, such as in agriculture and industry, seem to be ever more scarce.

      1. That’s exactly why the modern labour party is considered a joke and it’s messiah, Corbyn, a champagne socialist because one cannot be in favour of both uncontrolled immigration and better working conditions/wages as they tend to negate each other.

        The above is also why the modern left wing liberal is a joke as well because one cannot be in favour of both women/gay rights and increased Muslim immigration/rights for much the same reasons.

        1. I try to explain this to some of the women I know (because they’re usually the ones who don’t understand). They’re pro-gay feminists, yet they support Islam. They don’t want to believe that being a homo is punishable by death in some of these countries or how horroribly women are treated in these countries. Ask a progressive liberal what they think of bigoted religious zealots. Then ask why they would want to let a bunch of bigoted religious zealots immigrate here.

          1. “They don’t want to believe that being a homo is punishable by death in some of these countries or how horroribly women are treated in these countries”

            The main stream media is to blame here, that and the fact that most people are too lazy to research the subject for themselves.
            I wanted to know more about Islam, I felt that the MSM wasn’t telling the whole truth (surprise) do I picked up the Quran, the Hadiths and the Sunnah… I wasn’t impressed with what I read at all being that I am a Kafir/infidel/Crusader.
            I try to tell as many people as I can but many wont believe me so I point them to a website called which is a thoroughly well researched website which points out exactly why all non Muslims should stand against Islam in either of it’s two forms.
            Islam is an enemy to anyone/anything that isn’t a part of Islam.

    2. You cut right to the basics. No BS, my friend. The liberal “love everyone” crap we Christians have been selling just gives Islam easy “sheep” targets to slaughter. Wake up world and exterminate Islam …. it is the ebola of our times.

        1. Empty Soul – Agree that the all-inclusive lovefest actually brings the opposite. At one point in time, I was more liberal. I haven’t changed but what “liberal” means has changed too much for me to claim it. Random example: Homosexuals. It’s not enough to be okay with gays and just live and let live. Now, it seems as though we MUST embrace them and celebrate the gayness. I was on board at the live and let live part and let them marry. I don’t care. That’s liberal. But things turned to liberal on steroids and now, we must celebrate that people are gay. We can’t say “I don’t like homosexuality” without repercussions. That’s the new kind of liberal and it goes for every aspect of liberal ideas: immigration, women, race. We were fine when we just tolerated each other. We really were. I think the agenda that we must accept and celebrate our differences is when things went off the rails and people began doing the exact opposite. There’s something about being forced to not just accept but approve of something you don’t that makes people go completely in the opposite direction. Backlash. Not all but many white nationalists, some mens groups, extreme Christian groups were formed by backlash. These people were probably tolerating the differences but got tired of the demand to go further and now, we have such a mess. I don’t know why just coexisting without necessarily getting along isn’t enough for the far left. It worked fine for quite awhile.

          1. @itsplaster

            Classic liberalism is fundamentally different to modern liberalism for the very reasons you described, the former being based on tolerance whereas the latter is based upon absolute acceptance.

            Modern liberalism also has a nasty way of eating it’s own children. For example, let’s say you are a liberal and you are standing in the centre of the circle because you don’t belong to either the extreme left or the extreme right of that circle. That circle then starts moving a little bit more left each and every day until one day you open your eyes and find yourself standing on the extreme right even though you yourself have not moved an inch since the beginning, it is then that those standing on the extreme left of the circle accuse you of being an heretic and attack you thus driving you into the hands of the political right wing where you now find yourself standing within a similar circle, the only problem being that it keeps moving a little bit more right each and every day.

            The answer I guess is not to get attached to identity politics because group identities move a lot depending upon the socio-economic factors at any given time. Personally I tend to fall into the left wing/right wing depending upon the subject in question, I am right wing on immigration for example and left wing on what consenting adults choose to do with each other behind closed doors(tolerance) and who and what I end up voting for will depend on my own particular positives to negatives ratio.

            As it stands now though the left wingers are far more of a problem than the far right because the right wingers may hate you for certain behaviours but they will still tolerate you for the most part and allow you to exist whereas the left wingers won’t.

    3. Empty Soul and others: The worm has turned. Fuk Allah, it is payback time! The liberal “love everyone” crap we Christians and candy-ass progressive, liberal, Democraps have been selling just gives Islam easy “sheep” targets to slaughter. Wake up world and exterminate Islam …. it is the ebola of our times. Lock n Load!

    4. Amen, there’s a reason Africa and other third world shitholes are so fucked up and that’s a good example of why we shouldn’t take any niggers into our countries, they’ll turn our countries into the shitholes they came from, let natural selection do its work in Africa and those third world shitholes.

        1. Yes… White people have been conquering and invading for millennia… just like everyone else… but the difference between us and you niggers… we civilize conquered lands…
          Niggers do nothing but leech off the White man…
          Look at South Africa for reference… dumbass…

    5. ” Japan for example was able to rebound and rebuild after two Nuclear bombs were dropped on them. Would they have been able to rebound and rebuild if for example 2 million niggers had been dropped on them?, I doubt it.”

      I haven’t laughed that fucking hard in ages, lmfao.

      That was fucking Gold and true also, hahaha.

  6. It was a tit for tat situation and the guy just did what he set out to do .
    It was a payback hour ……….. that hour .
    There are a lot many terminators out on the loose so the Muslim Goat fuckers need to watch out ……..cause their time has come
    Its simple
    Don’t offer prayers at mosques but in the stinky toilets of your homes with loads of poop around and that would be safe .

      1. What are whites supposed to do? Come and shoot up nigger neighborhoods? We’re not brain dead apes like you’re kind. We actually have something to lose. I’ll wait until one of you animals trespasses on my property to exercise my rights.

    1. I do admit that some people would’ve expected a mob to kill the man right there. Instead, they called the police and acted like most people would. But, when the retaliation comes, it won’t be a Muslim like these people.

  7. This man is a fucking LEGEND and hopefully wont be the last to take a hit at the rag head bastards. If we was to all pull together we could wipe the muslim cunt of the face of the earth. Now who’s up for abit of muzzie bashing?

  8. It’s funny and suspicious how this attacker wasn’t killed by the police on scene like every attack that happened so far, why?
    The authorities conducted so many false flags in their own citizens, the european people are brainwashed to think that Muslims are criminals, murderers, terrorists so when they retaliate to these false flags it’s quite understandable, just to feed the khazarian leftovers global domination agenda by declaring the Jew World Order

  9. Political Correctness has led to this, along with EU human rights legislation. Those two doctrines are, in my opinion, The main culprits in today’s fucked up society.
    And being as it is that colleges and universities are overrun with moronic leftists, the road to recovery is going to be long.
    Human nature comes into play, too, in that the youth are idealistic, which leads them toward the left. Only a couple more decades under their belts will alter that to a more cynical and realistic sense of the world.

        1. @hashblunts
          Just in case you hadnt worked it out so far, @shoahshana-goldberg-shekelstein is NOT this members real name (rather, a screen-name made in a display of irony).
          He or she is NOT a jew, that is NOT her/his real nose, and he or she is just about as anti-zionist as it is possible to be…without actually dropping a fistful of nukes on all of the israeli occupied parts of Palestine.

          Just a “heads up” for you

  10. What you grow is what you collect… If you grow hatred against others like this so muslim cult that is not a religion just a cult for a guy so call Muhammad that just was a known rapist and have a vast army to kill other religion´s beliefs, so from that date and on this is a cult just to hate.

    You collect hatred violence this is the result.

  11. what the fuck did liberals think in the UK. They have permitted the fuckin Muslims to rub shit in their faces. The liberal politicians have done jack shit to stop the Islamic bullshit in the country.
    Look at the fuckin courts there. Soft touch bullshit on Muslims. Fuckin Islamic Gangs drug up and rape British girls. One group of recent Muslims totally 9 fuckers raped a 12 year old girl. Then, count the total number of Muslims attacking Brits. Either mowing them down with cars, Beheading the Brit military guy. On and on and on.
    So, one pissed off fella got his dandruff up, and said FUCK THIS, and took it upon himself to pay a little retribution for the fuckers ruining his country..
    I say, as liberalism has turned its back on its own people the People will rise up where liberals deserted them. People will react when its government won’t. Where the liberal government of England appeased the Muslims with ever increasing capitulations. The British people were getting shit on by never ending demands of Muslims. British moderate muslims did this to themselves. British politicians are gunna have to accept their responsibility when a civil war breaks out. If the British government fucks with their own, the British people will revolt against the government and every Muslim will be run out of the British Isles on a rail.
    thank you to multiculturalism run amok.

    1. It isn’t a “white” thing. It’s a JEW thing. Jews have brainwashed many whites (goyim) into supporting evil and injustice. There’s a reason that Europeans have hated Jews for millennia. Jews have turned that around to make whites love their enemies and genociders. It won’t last forever though, history repeats itself. Jews are going to be kicked out 110 times and it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back because we live in the internet age where the whole world can see the Jews for what they truly are.

  12. Old dude in the street was already suffering fatal heart condition. Attacker charged attempted murder. Mosque was not near attack point. Witnesses lied about response time.
    When it’s a muzzie: oh we have to stay calm light candles sing songs, when it’s a whitey: oh we must stop this madness!
    Left liberalism is sickening to the core.

  13. Nice first attempt at a revenge attack, maybe next time use a fucking Semi Trailer and do it properly, load it with explosive so it also takes out the fucking mosque. what a hack job this was. but nice to see !! FINALLY someone doing what a lot of people wish or want to do but rather stay politically correct and “oh so multicultural embracing” this was bound to happen, not “if” but “when” stay tuned for more to come.

    1. also I am not muslim nor do I like the religion islam, but the majority of muslims are peaceful and decent people forget that it is the second largest religion and going to be the biggest religion in the world with billions of followers so even if there are 1000s of terrorists, that’s a tiny fraction of people that consider themselves muslim.

      I was thinking that in order to stop all these terrorists the U.SA and other superpower should give an ultimatum to terror groups/ terrorists, another terror attack in their country and they will drop a nuke on their holly site in Saudi Arabia.

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