Floater with Face Eaten by Fish Recovered Off Coast of Thailand

Possible Gunshot Wounds to the Chest? Also - Sea Water and Its Creatures Are Much More Hard Core with Corpses

Floater with Face Eaten by Fish Recovered Off Coast of Thailand

Thai fishermen recovered a corpse of a man from the sea after they noticed the floater just off the coast of Thailand. The corpse had a tattoo of a leaping dragon with a tiger head on his chest but otherwise was vastly unrecognizable because fishes ate most of his face and scalp. Nigh indestructible eyes can survive the head being crushed by a truck, but don’t stand a chance against the fish.

Thai police said they could not determine at this time whether the deceased was a Thai national or a foreigner because he had no Ids on him and his head was reduced to skull. They do think however that he was a victim of murder, not drowning.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Indeed. Indentation (belly button, nostrils) and protrusions (nope, lips, eyelids, nipples, etc.) create a “shelf” of flesh for easier noshing, and fish work their way in from there. Similar to most people starting at the tip of a slice of pizza.

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