FSA Attempt a Rescue of Wounded Comrade During Intense Shootout

FSA Attempt a Rescue of Wounded Comrade During Intense Shootout

FSA Attempt a Rescue of Wounded Comrade During Intense Shootout

FSA jihadists attempted to rescue a wounded comrade trapped inside a car. In order to do it, one went to get him out of the vehicle while about a score of others covered him with nonstop fire. I don’t even think there was much incoming fire, cause incoming sounds different when filmed from the area of outgoing fire, but these terrorists have unlimited supply of ammo courtesy of war criminal and international arms dealer Barack Hussein Obama of Kenya who smuggles arms to Syria on behalf of his Jewish overmasters, so they don’t care about wasting. They just fucking press their triggers and keep them pressed whether there is any need for it or not.

At the end of the day, the wounded comrade did not make it. He was either finished off with a sniper round during the rescue attempt, or had already been dead before these tools went to get him. Too bad no tanks were around to wipe the whole lot of them out with a single round. Fucking jihadists:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “FSA Attempt a Rescue of Wounded Comrade During Intense Shootout”

  1. I love the crackle of automatic gun fire in the morning. also the smell of napalm. I have machine gun fire recorded on a loop and play it loud thru my mega surround sound system. drives my cats crazy cuz they think they’re getting shot at. they actually run and duck also. the police have visited me cuz nosey neighbors think there’s gang warfare in my apt. it sounds that realistic thru surround sound. yea, my house is a party. c’mon over. bg bitches only however. I gotta be the only cock in the room. improves my chances.

    1. That’s too funny mouse man, poor cats though.

      I love to crank up the surround sound when there’s a cool helicopter scene in a movie and it sounds like the chopper is in the room.

      F’kn hate nosey neighbours.

      You will be the only cock in the room but not the only swinging dick…….. Joke there fella, couldn’t help it.

    1. Excellent! i’ll expect you soon. bring the angry chicken with you as she resides in London as well and bring lube for backdoor activities. I wouldn’t want to hurt you ladies. you don’t seriously think i’m hung like a mouse do you.

  2. i really hate how tactically stupid some armies can be, if the government forces there were to go through a building and get to the end of the street with a sniper or an LMG, theyd have slaughtered at least 3 or 4 and scattered the rest. stupid armies think to simply these days!

    cant wait to join the army and show them some good deceptive strategies

    1. yes i agree those terrorist fight like fucking retards jumping around like idiots…I’m a civilian and know that they should be in a firing position…first of all for accuracy secondly to be a less visible target.

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