Gambling Mafia Member Gunned Down in Brazil

A Few Headshots Can Do That

Gambling Mafia Member Gunned Down in Brazil

42 year old Raimundo Ubirajara dos Santos was reportedly involved with gambling mafia operating among other things VLT slot machines around Bahia in Brazil. Earlier this week he was sitting in a plastic chair in the doorway of a sports bar on Avenida Ubaitaba in the city of Ilh茅us when a duo of hitmen approached him and gunned him down with .380 caliber pistols.

Strangely, the gunmen did not come on a motorcycle as is customary in Brazil. Instead they drove up in a car, parked about 100 meters from the bar and proceeded to approach the mafiaman on foot. A few headshots finished Raimundo on the spot.

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  2. Gambling people have a lot of money. They aren’t your average, crackhead-flip-flop-da Silva. I think they will take revenge on his death.

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    1. And great for throwing through windows when you’re drunk out of your mind. Which is what one of my Mexican neighbors proved recently. Good lord.

      1. @futuredays- lmao! That’s some true shit right there! I’ve seen that happen a few times! Those damn cheap chairs are much sturdier than they look! Lol

  5. no use crying over spilled blood…but seriouslly, he’s mafia and he dressed like that? i know shitty-ass white trash with better fashion sense.

  6. Cover charge for Brazilian sports bar: $20

    Personal plastic disposable red lawn chair : $8

    2 uneaten cheese burgers and untouched glass of beer: $12

    Best spot in the house to lay back and gaze at the stars: Priceless !

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