Gangster Shot in Head Performs Agonal Breathing in San Fernando, Trinidad

Gangster Shot in Head Performs Agonal Breathing in San Fernando, Trinidad

This video shows an aftermath of a gang shooting in San Fernando in Trinidad and Tobago. The presumed gangster is shown on a bed with a bowl of some food spilled over, as blood from his head stains the sheets. As life departs his body, he performs rather impressive agonal breathing.

Best Gore member @DarkoDeathstar explains:

Gang violence (as well as crime) have been on the rise here in Trinidad the last year and it’s not getting better.

Thanks a lot for the video, @DarkoDeathstar:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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144 thoughts on “Gangster Shot in Head Performs Agonal Breathing in San Fernando, Trinidad”

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  1. That’s some thick ass blood. Looks like the sheets absorbed the moisture separating it from the other matter in the blood (I guess cells and plasma, right?). Reminds me of those videos out of tribal Africa where they tribespeople drink cow blood.

    1. Thick blood (also known as hypercoagulability, Antiphospholipids, and Hughes Syndrome) is a condition where the blood is more viscous (thicker and stickier) than normal. The unusual increase in the thickness of blood is due to an abnormality in the clotting process.

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  3. Analysis:
    The bullet came through the window, meaning it could have either been stray OR from a quick targeted hit. The guy filming knows calling the ambulance is useless just like whoever sliced of the rest of this video.
    Notice at the very end more brain matter puffs its way out the exit wound, Brain be like: “so long buddy, you’re on your own now”, I’d like to see the rest of that process.

      1. Did you witness it? If not, you can only analyse the video like everyone else 🙂 The temporal hole we see from this angle is the exit wound. That means he was shot from the window position.

        If they entered the house to do a quick hit, they wouldn’t bother to go all the way to the window side to take the shot. And of course you can see the victim did not expect it let alone have any chance to react. He was shot suddenly through the window

        1. The bowl of cereal fell exactly where he was sitting. He had no time to react. Yes that’s an exit wound.

          I believe that the bullet was fired through the window – and considering the force that blew open the side of his skull, I’d doubt that was a “stray”. This was deliberate.

      2. Well @alphamorphine this easily makes u a shameless liar to claim to know the circumstances surrounding this incident and to say that it happened around your area in Trinidad. Please provide the right information if you are going to submit videos, I come here for my daily dose of reality around the world and would prefer not to read a false narrative surrounding a video. This in fact happened in the Bahamas hence why you can’t understand what the person recording is saying. More specifically it happened on one of our family islands, Bimini, and from my understanding he was shot accidentally by his brother who was dicking around with a loaded gun hence him being shot in the bed while eating. The cameraman is just one of the first on the scene and seems to be an emotionless bastard. Please in future don’t lie about videos just to seem relevant….it’s quite tacky

  4. This is what is said.
    “I wanna headshot bro”
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    “I wanna headshot bro”
    “I wanna eat ya noodles”
    “Last breath bro”
    “I want death”
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    Courtesy of Monkey Translator

  5. This in fact guys happened in the Bahamas (Bimini island) and is listed as an accident sense witness claimed the shooter (who was the man’s brother) did not intentionally kill him, although it is still being investigated

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