GCM Guards Shot by Jewelry Store Robber in Rio Preto, Brazil

GCM Guards Shot by Jewelry Store Robber in Rio Preto, Brazil

On Saturday July 15, 2017, two GCM (Guarda Civil Municipal) guards were shot by an armed robber while his accomplices were assaulting a jewelry store in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. Both guards were shot, but both survived and remain hospitalized. They are both said to be in stable conditions.

In addition, a 17 year old boy who was inside a store with his uncle was struck and killed by a stray bullet.

The guard Tássia Tomada Dourado was shot in the stomach and is hospitalized at Base Hospital. The other guard, Cleiton José da Silva Gomes is hospitalized in Santa Casa de Rio Preto. He was shot once in the left arm and once in the left leg.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the videos:

Different angle CCTV footage of the same shooting:

Short aftermath:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “GCM Guards Shot by Jewelry Store Robber in Rio Preto, Brazil”

    1. Were they cops or security guards? No situational awareness apparently. Looked like they were responding to a call, but just let that guy walk up on them with a gun in his hands, and then she just stares at him until he shoots her, and the guy barely fires back. It’s a wonder they aren’t both dead.

      1. The robbers had luck. If the so called ROTA (Tobias de Aguiar Ostensive Rounds, a military police shock unit) had showed up and had been shot by the robbers, all of them would be killed by now… .No bykes here but modern Hilux SW4 and heavy weapons (machine gun, etc..).

    2. Mr. Rent A Cop Thought He Was A Real Cop. Lmfao, I Couldn’t Help But Imitate Him & Make Siren Noises For Him & Say He Needed Back Up On His Imaginary Radio… Lol!!! Then He Slowly Falls To The Ground Hahahaha!! Saying Oh Shit! Pimp Down, Pimp In Distress.! (In My Katt Williams Voice)

    3. lol I agree cops on bikes is hysterical! I first saw that in Detroit and I found them looking so silly and shorts too, must be cops on bikes thing but I remember thinking who is going to stop for a cop peddling a bike

  1. The female cop was so oblivious to her surroundings. See the difference between the way they act. Da Silva was pretty attentive and Tassia wasn’t. She didn’t notice the gunman until he was right next to her. Poor woman. That’s the time she realized that having a fetus in her tummy is much better than a bullet.

    But if you look at the brighter side, she actually became a human shield and probably saved Da Silva’s life.

    OR was she used as a human shield by our guy? I hope so. Lol! Fuck chivalry.

    1. Yeah, at least the male cop managed to get his gun out and shoot a little. The female one served as target practice, so she did have some use. If she wasn’t there, the robber would have emptied all his clip on Da Silva Gomes.

  2. Always be a premium guy and work as a arrogant manager or boss in a suit and in a bureau!

    Working outside is for low performer and filth people who didn’t paid much attention in school!

    Filth country Brazil!

    1. Yeah OK, bankers and lawyer types are real decent human beings.
      Give me someone who does an honest days work over these cunts anyday. Your ‘theories’ really are just half baked shit dribbles.

      1. [email protected] all politically correct sissy comments about those “poor” outside workers. Yeah, like they are all decent, kind and so great!

        I rather cry in a Ferrari than in a bus.

        Why is it that BIG TYMERS in startups or great CUMpanies are always happy and motivated??? They can give you precious advise to strive for more.

        While your so “praised” and “decent” outside workers like farmers (fart-inhalers) and hotdogs fraggles always demotivated and have a victim mentality and are always sad. Fuck them!

        Never said that bank people rock! They are Father sniffers!

        Business makers and money makers I respect! Making apps, money online, not working outside like a slave!

          1. Yeah, maybe, but he’ll be drying his eyes on a Hermès scarf, not on a bit of used bogroll or an old pair of his sister’s knickers like you…

          2. Well that’s obviously the goal in this life isn’t it, to own a Hermes scarf. You could wear it while you watch the Kardashians.
            The free and critical thinkers are alive and well.

  3. If society and the judicial system here were fair, the shooter would be put to death, for he fired irresponsibly, with the intent to kill and ended up killing an innocent 17 year old bystander. Instead, if caught, he may be out in 5 years or even less on parole.

      1. Nope, I said many leave on parole after 5 years, for murder, manslaughter even lessm The maximum sentence for murder is 33 years, if I am not mistaken, but it seems sometimes they extend the sentence of those considered much too dangerous, such as serial killers.

  4. Lesson learnt for survivors:

    The best time to rob a store in Brazil is early morning, when the security guys are making their way in. That is the time they are paying the least attention (because work only starts when you are ready, right?) and most likely to be sucker-punched by some random dickhead with a gun.

  5. There is so much you could comment about on this video I don’t even know where to start. From the bicycles, the park job, the outfit, I think the female officer actually has an orange flare gun instead of a real gun, the passerby’s, the complete lack of situational awareness, the horrendous point blank shooting and even with the video sped up, that was the slowest fall I’ve ever seen.

  6. They must be looking at each other in the hospital reliving what just happened. The girl did good serving as human shield!

    That’s how it should always be. I remember in a surveying course I took long ago, we used to use the female students as water bitches:”bitch get me a wipe to wipe my sweat and a bottle of water. We lol figure this shit out with the instruments.”

  7. Ace and Gary, The Ambiguously Gay Duo bicycle police cops, demonstrate the proper way to park a bicycle before they set out to foil the evil plan of notorious bank robber Mr. Big Head, but not before Mr. Big Head spots them and greets them with a golden bullet shower.

  8. Who were the threesome of bozos’s wearing the red pants across the street???!!!

    Oh by the way the cops really looked good especially parking the bikes, they must have been trained as park police, if they were American those guns would have been flying like the fucking Calvary !!!!! Geronimooooooooooo

    1. Yep. The place of Jesus’ crucifixion is often associated with police in the U.S.
      I know what you’re saying though.
      I might add as a side note, however, that even the harshest critics talk shit on garryowen from a distance.

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