Government Vehicle Runs Over Protester Building Road Block in Bahrain

Government Vehicle Runs Over Protester Building Road Block in Bahrain

Government Vehicle Runs Over Protester Building Road Block in Bahrain

What is happening in Syria is a genocide carried out by terrorists supported and financed by the Zionists because the leader of the country does not suck Zionist cock. On the other hand, what is happening in Bahrain is a genuine attempt for an overthrow of the dictatorship by genuinely unarmed protesters but you won’t see it being propagated by the Zionist media because leader of Bahrain is Zionist cock sucking puppet. So instead of supporting Bahraini protesters, Zionists send money to the oppressive Bahraini government so they can shut the protesters down. And to help them with their efforts, Saudi autocrats, the same that hire mercenaries to kill civilians in Syria, sent their troops in with sole purpose of crushing the protesters.

In their desperate attempt to counter the oppression of their Zionists supported government, the unarmed Bahraini protesters in this video attempted to build a road block using the limited resources that they have – used vehicle tires. But the dictator’s enforcers came on a vehicle provided by the ZOG and plowed through it like hot knife through butter, mercilessly ramming one of the protesters who did not get a chance to jump away. The oppressors continued on their merry way, leaving the run over protester on the road like road kill. Behold the filth of Zio for the day of reckoning is nigh!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Government Vehicle Runs Over Protester Building Road Block in Bahrain”

    1. I find it amazing on the videos that the people actually do care to help someone, that they move the person around or pick them up. Maybe though not everyone knows that it could lead to paralaysis? Either way it is pretty damn crazy.

  1. this looks more like some kids who don’t really know what are they doing… i wouldn’t be surprised, if the guy driving the car was just scared and thought this is an attempt to steal his car or kidnap him.

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