Grandfather Kills Son-In-Law While Holding Granddaughter In His Arms

Grandfather Kills Son-In-Law While Holding Granddaughter In His Arms

They have responsible gun owners in Portugal too and they’re just as trigger happy. Another thing Portugal also has are Da Silvas and they’re just as trigger happy. I find it tragic that a little girl had to witness the death of her father from the arms of her grandfather. Many thanks to Best Gore member hobo for translation of the story:

AntΓ³nio Ferreira da Silva (the grandfather, age 67) killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Claudio Rio Mendes (the father of the 4 year old child, age 35) while holding his granddaughter in his arms. The images of the murder, taken from an amateur video, prove that the 4 year old girl witnessed the moment when her father was gunned down. The incident took place on February 6, 2011 in Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal.

The relationship between the grandfather and his son-in-law got on a slippery slope after the young couple separated following the woman’s allegation that the man was abusive. Still, being the father of the child, Claudio wanted to stay with his daughter who was forcibly taken away from him.

Because Claudio was not having any of the shit from the in laws, father of Ana CarriΓ§o – his ex pulled out a .32 caliber revolver and popped 6 bullets in his son in law while holding his granddaughter in his arms.

After unloading his gun, the grandfather told the witnesses of murder, which included Claudio’s new girlfriend who was pregnant at the time, that he would turn himself in. What a way for the kid to start off her conscious life.

Thanks hobo:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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120 thoughts on “Grandfather Kills Son-In-Law While Holding Granddaughter In His Arms”

  1. I’m assuming that the lady he bitch slapped was the grandfathers wife, which fueled him with rage and led him to shoot the bastard. Serves him right. A year ago I beat up some nigger for kicking my dog IN MY YARD. You just don’t do that kind of shit unless you want an ass whoopin’, or in this case, six rounds. Sweet street justice, mmmmm. πŸ™‚

        1. So I’m guessing you would call the cops and wait about 8 minutes in hopes the perpetrator won’t run away. Cowards like this should’ve been shot way before he harmed anyone. Fuck, even if he hadnt slapped my wife, I would’ve shot him just for beating my daughter. A wise man once said, “ch-check yoself befo ya wreck yoself”

          1. It’s indescribably refreshing to see someone with integrity on this site. True, the topic is brutal, but what differentiates your post from the other “omgomgiwouldkillblahblah” comments is the willingness to see into the heart of the matter and what was truly at stake; that domestic violence is not ok, that it is something not trivial, and unmitigated, proves fatal.

            It was a tragic and ugly thing for the granddaughter to see, and it could’ve been handles better… But at the heart of the matter is this;
            She would’ve witnessed violence, messy violence, every day if her father was around. The trauma would not only be significant, it would be endless. Abusers eventually snap, and prefer to take others down with them if they can help it. He would’ve killed her, the child, and then himself.

            It’s awful but it’s such a pervasive occurrence that a formula can be almost universally applied. Unless that Abuser found himself in a jail cell, Someone’s gonna die, why let it be the innocent?

      1. I suppose if you believe wife abuse and slapping an older woman is ok,then you would have trouble in believing in a reckoning or any justice as well………….was the wrong time and place
        to do this though.

          1. It’s called Karma MrHarper.
            There was alleged previous abuse.
            If he so easily strikes a woman as we witness in the video, I can only imagine what he did to her behind closed doors.
            He got what he deserved… but yes, it is unfortunate that it had to happen in front of the child.

          2. No you abuse a woman smack a man’s wife in front of him while holding your grandchild! Grandpa pulls a gun out and pops a few caps in his ass! I’m sure he just did a favor for his Daughter and Grandchild! I’m sure the trauma of abuse throughout her life would have been a better choice! I think not. Grandpa wasn’t playing!

          1. I could see how the response could happen…But anyone worth a damn never would’ve let themselves go haywire and act out like that in front of a child and whatnot…ugh. “Here, hold the child for a sec I need to get my gun.” Oof.

          2. @ eve, please believei knocked the shit outta .my exes mom for son a stupid lowlife eastward to his face when he was only 1, don’t. Fuck. With. My. Child. Nuff said!

          3. @luna…….ahem!!!!……*cough* yes i agree,a paddling with a “pussy pacifier” or switch is
            to be encouraged,if with mutual consent……or close to it,even using your “rod” of correction is a weiner….sorry i meant winner,but a distinction must be drawn with abuse,uuuuum!!! please excuse me,i must attempt to get a grip of myself.heh!!

  2. This man blew away another man and turned himself in to face the consequences… seems responsible to me.
    Also, another thing, Guns owners save themselves and countless others by blowing away criminals all the time.

    If law abiding citizens have their guns taken away… only criminals will have them.

  3. Where the hell did the son in law disappear to? He got shot and and the person taking the video doesn’t zero in on the body. Everything happens so fast, that if I didn’t know what was going on, I would’ve missed the shooting. I had to watch the video again to catch the shooting. I hope the old man serves time for shooting his granddaughter’s father in her view. Stupid geezer!!

    1. It changes as soon as you marry,even if her parents are gigantic assholes…… will not be
      allowed to say so,an enraged mother inlaw has more power than a .32,and can cause more
      grief and trouble. πŸ™

      1. @odgoso

        Don’t worry she wouldn’t be living in the same state as me anyways plus not gonna give her the address if I ever live with my future wifey πŸ™‚


        No daughters? πŸ˜₯ yeah would be an honor to have your grandsons & granddaughters πŸ™‚

          1. @TheBoatman

            Awh sorry! well if it makes you feel better i’d pretend you are my children’s uncle or better yet grandpa of course it’d be a miracle if i ever have my own children lol πŸ™‚

            @odgoso will do will do! ty

    2. That’s to bad Jesus, I have never met you but you sound like a cool guy to me. If I had a daughter I’d probably have no problems with you dating her.
      As for me, I get along very well with all my in-laws. Haven’t met one yet I didn’t like or didn’t like me.

          1. FD,i have to agree,if i wanted to listen to mindless rhumblings like rap,i would prefer to start
            my 4?4 and stick my head under the hood,is much more pleasing to the ear,well mine
            anyways,some folk seem to enjoy it.

  4. The guy in the red shirt slapped the grandmother right before he was gunned down. If you ask me it was a crime of passion. The grandfather was thinking about shooting him when the argument started because he was reaching for the gun.

    When the guy slapped the grandmother causing her to fall to the ground it was too much for the grandfather to take.

        1. Fiend, I notice that you are pretty hostile to folks on here who have views which are challenging to your own. It’s too bad you respond with swearing and ‘gtfo’ instead of engaging in intelligent debate. Or, at the very least, let people have THEIR say, as you like to have yours. Not looking for a fight, just wishing you were a little less defensive.

  5. I could not understand a single word, but it looks like Grandpa was in the right when he protected his family from the attack of the son in law.
    When he hit granny and knocked her to the ground that was all it took.

  6. Grandpa was cool but he should not have killed the big dumbass. I think he just flipped when the old lady got slapped. Well anyway red sweater guy won’t be abusing any more women or spreading anymore demon seed. He looked like a bully. Screw him. I’m glad I won’t be on the old guys jury.

          1. Me thinks Future just called me a Black Widow…
            Ah well, I’ve been called worse πŸ™‚

            You’re all invited to the trimming party – as long as I’m not bush whacked!

            Y’all crack me up ~ thanks for that.

      1. Gracias Sen?r ………el piggusta?(my espanol es non bueno) I sure would like to join the Native American church but I’m afraid I may be a bit too white breaded for them. I’d stick out like a raging boner in thin sweatshorts.
        @Fiend, I wanna trim your bush! And your plants! Ha! That reminds me, it’s time to start growing again….

        1. Come down to south Texas we got plenty of peyote growing wild down here south of San Antonio of and directly east of laredo, in fact this is the area where NAC members with “peyote licences” come to buy large quantities of peyote then travel with it up north to their reservations to re-sell it to other tribes and NAC members for consumption in ritual, all of it regulated by DEA. There are even more vast peyote reserves located in Mexico south of Laredo and even more peyote eating cults than in the U.S., you can literally buy duffel bags of peyote in Northern Mexico…good luck bringing it back tho.

          1. Roadtrip! That would be one paranoid 9 hour drive back home though. I’d just tell the cops they’re interfering with my god-given right to get right with god. (right before I go to jail)

        2. @Senor Piggy, my bad with the senor el piggusta name. I don’t remember much from spanish class but I think it should’ve been senor el piggusto, the male version. Or is that still wrong? Either way, it’s still horrible espanol. My apologies.

          1. No apologies needed. Me gusta piggusto. Translates to “happy pig” or “Pig Happiness”. . I’d give you an “A”. I had a friend who was a native american and he had about three of these peyote plants which freaked me out but he said it wasn’t a problem it was legal for him. Anyway good luck on your membership application to a native american tribe. You can go by the name of the White Buffalo.

  7. I do not believe in guns and this situation is one of the reasons.

    Did he really abuse his wife? No one can be sure of that except the guy who got shot down and the girl who kept screaming. Is it a good enought reason to get shot? In front of a child? In front of the new pregnant gf?

    I have a question for people who believe that shooting the guy was a good idea… If you believe that shooting him was a good idea for his “crimes”, then what kind of punishment do someone who shoot another man in front of his daughter and pregnant wife deserve? I’m hoping that the people in the jail this old fart gets put him will rape him in the butt every days and beat him senseless, because no matter what way you look at it, the guy killed a fellow human being. Afterlife or not, this guy’s world no longer exist, he will never be what he could have been only because granpa thought it was a good idea to bring a gun and shoot him 6 times. Why not just point the gun and say gtfo instead? Why not arrest him yourself until cops come? Why not shootin him in the legs so he wont escape, why not “anything else” then just killing him?

    This is just wrong in my eyes and makes me wonder if responsible gun owners really exist somewhere.

    1. You’re right: After four years of being terrorized by the asshole, the old man should have surrendered and gave in. Please. Do you honestly think he would have pulled the trigger without being catalyzed to it? Do you think that if guns are taken away from citizens, the criminals will also offer up their own and nobody will attempt to take advantage of the disarmed populous?
      There’s only one outcome for such a harebrained idea, and it doesn’t include a new social utopia. Examples in the last ten years alone have been given on what happens when people are stupid enough to believe that gun control will reduce gun-related crimes.

  8. An important fact everybody overlooks is that this is the man’s child. He’s the girl’s father and this abusive family like a gang of gypsies took the child away from him by force. He stood up for his father’s right, such as every father worth his salt would have and for that the abusive family killed him. No wonder he found a new girlfriend.

    Responses by responsible gun owners in this posts are another proof that people with guns are incapable of rational thinking. This old murderer will spend the rest of his miserable days being somebody’s bitch in jail. Portuguese court should dispose the family off custody immediately and give the child to somebody else’s care.

  9. hello my name is paulo and i am portuguese
    this the man who killed his son in law has been under house arrest over a 1 and now i is stuck in preventive prison while running the trial
    sorry my Englishi use google translate

  10. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the son-in-law had probably given that family hell for a long time – at least four years, which is how old the girl is. The girl, who probably witnessed her dad beating and threatening her mom over and over again. The grandfather had probably already exercised an extreme amount of restraint in the past, after hearing his daughter was being abused by the SIL, and the SIL finally pushed his luck a little too much. Figured if one of them would roll over and take it, so would the rest of them, and hey, what’s an old man going to do to someone as big and bad as Mr. Spousal Abuse?
    I’m speaking from witnessing these things firsthand, of course, except in my experience, there was no grandpa to save my sister or my sister-in-law. They just kept getting beaten, and the slimeballs kept getting away with it.
    I know it’s wrong to kill a man in front of his own family – who doesn’t? That shouldn’t even be an issue here. But since it is: A man also can’t just beat the mother of his child, provoke her parents, and threaten to steal the child away without arbitrarily putting his stupid fucking neck on the chopping block. One less piece if shit wasting our oxygen.

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