Group of Snackbar Terrorists Wiped Out with Precision Blast

Group of Snackbar Terrorists Wiped Out with Precision Blast

I’m not a military expert, but here’s my interpretation of what went down:

A large group of snackbar terrorists is seen heading towards the wall on the left but most quickly abandon the idea and retreat. My guess is they spotted a tank and realized that death was imminent. One explosion takes place behind that wall at the beginning of the video, then there is a sound of what could be fire from the tank mounted machine gun and then there is the epicly precise blast that wipes out a bunch of the terrorists.

The blast seems too small for an aircraft shell but too precise for an artillery round to hit twice in the same spot. Therefore my guess is it was one of the tanks similar to those seen in this footage.

BTW – I’ve never been involved in live combat, but it seems contra intuitive to me to run towards the area that was just hit with a round. Basic logic tells me that a tank is likely zeroed in on that spot so running there immediately after the first explosion would be like running into the line of machine gun fire. Unless of course that first explosion was triggered by the terrorists who thought it wiped out the soldiers and ran toward it to kill the wounded?

Like I said – I’m not a military expert and know nothing about guns. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Group of Snackbar Terrorists Wiped Out with Precision Blast”

        1. And you sound like a faggot. Allah is not the moon god retard. My fucking God you have not a clue. If you are going to slam someone’s religion, slam with facts not collected from the Klu Klux Klan kid’s page.

          1. What utter shite. How can anything that doesn’t exist be the same as something else that doesn’t exist? That’s like suggesting Humpty-Dumpty, Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Dee and Little Bo Peep are all the same nursery rhyme characters. Not even paradoxical – just plain nonsensical.

    1. it must be a scary feeling being in a war even around a bunch of stronger soldiers, because those bombs and guns can wipe you out in seconds. the only thing close that i have in war is my dreams and that’s sometimes scary enough. i once had a dream that the talibans were jumping out of planes with parachutes and landing on roof of buildings. after i saw them there was a huge explosion and i woke up

    2. It could have been a shoulder mounted rocket launcher…the muzzle flash seen is to small for a tank believe me….m1-Abrahams muzzle flash or say even a Stryker or a Bradley….now if it was a tank round that hit ESP that range of the camera man would have been knocked to the grounds for sure, and his fellow retard friends going to the that wall would have been the best modern Picasso I’ve ever fucking seen…wow talk about a lucky shot…I didn’t even count how many sand coons ran into that lol…..

        1. I’d say it’s from somekind of improved long barrel mortal, usually mount in the bed of small truck as short range cannon in city battle. If you ever watched Black Hawk Down, you’d know what I mean.

    3. What you are seeing here is natural selection, the stupid die first, personally speaking the sooner all these retards die the better.These fuckwits are still stuck in the 15th century,it’s a shame that genetic scientist haven’t worked out, an aerosol spray targeted to their genetic make up,we wouldn’t need armies,just crop dust the fuck wits

  1. Here’s a couple of guesses…

    They may have figured the tank was likely to move on to a new target having just hit that area, so this is the one way the turret will no longer be pointing (if it was indeed a tank).

    They may have wanted to use the smoke as cover.

      1. I would of done the same to but I would’ve been one of the dudes in the back lol. Let everyone else run first and I’ll take the rear and provide cover let the dumb ones go first. I’m sure the guys in the back that survived shit themselves.

      2. Been in that kind of situation before, new TV show on Al Gazeera, Worlds Dumbest Terrorists, brought to you by your friends at Best Gore where GTA players get their inspiration. Psssst, I’ll bet they can’t wait until mommy lets them use the car.

    1. if they thought the smoke would be idealk cover the fucked up. m1 abrams and some shoulder carried weapons use and have thermal, i.r., etc sensors. they would be just as clearly sean through the smoke as in daylight

    1. Muslim extremist from all over the world are descending on Syria. I remember a guy from saint Louis was on Fox 2 (local news), saying he was going to Turkey to cross the border and fight against the syrian government. I hope that ass hole died.

        1. Actually yes Midnite, Persians consider themselves white. For the most part they hate Arabs. Persians were in fact the first Aryans, they consider themselves the master race. The term Aryan originated in Persia. It totally surprised me when I found out. Trippy eh?

        2. Also, just for what it’s worth. One of the girls was a non practicing Muslim. The other one however was Zoroastrian (basically the precursor to Christianity, it was one of the first if not the first monotheistic religion.

  2. It does seem pretty dumb of them to run there right after it had been shelled but maybe they had to get somewhere and that was the only option. They might have thought that by running thru all that smoke and debris would provide good cover for them to escape. It’s very likely it was a tank and it had them pinned down, they did seem really eager to leave that area and probably belived that the next round was going towards them so they ran to where the first round went off hoping to escape with all the smoke providing cover.

  3. T-72 tanks have an autoloader for their main cannon, which will take a minimum of 6.5 seconds to load a new shell.
    You must be right Mark, it looks like they thought that “lighting never hits the same spot twice” and wanted to use the smoke for cover. They were pinned down by crossfire.

    (When someone shoots in your direction with a modern, supersonic bullet, you will actually hear a second, more high-pitched bang, sometimes it will be stronger than the actual shot. It is the sonic bang of the bullet coming in your direction.
    It is a sure sign that someone is shooting in your direction and you better keep your head low).

    Unfortunately for the allah-terrorists, a new shell was already ready and a push on the trigger sent snackbarists to their child-raping heaven.

  4. My my what a bunch of plebs!
    BTW, just signed up after being a luurking daily visitor for the past six months. When i first found the site i was ohhhhhh nasty (chainsaw beheading) but something kept me coming back and now i can’t stay away! Keep up the great work Mark – BG Rules!

  5. What does Allah snackbar do? Every time one of those cocks says it one of their buddies dies, great for the west but they haven’t copped it yet. Great vid tho the guy who just got to the wall then bang, laid out! Made my day.

  6. Man I’d love to be over there shooting some muzzies. I don’t care what side just shooting some Muslims would be pleasure enough. Death would be assured to come if I was over there but I would welcome that. Actually I’d go on Assad’s side because they aren’t always shouting Allah Allah Allah.

  7. I dont understand why the scream alluah akbar when they are watching their friends and fellow soldiers die if god was greater why is he not saving you? Because hes on the side of the marines of course!

  8. Well no more goat and boy fucking from those recently deceased Snackbarists. The world is a MUCH better place without those Muslim shit stains. Allah Snackbar may more of those creatures be blown to shit on a daily basis.

  9. Mark, artillery rounds can be incredibly accurate and can hit the same spot, usually within 25ft or less from the last hit. However, im not sure of the technology involved in this particular scenario.

    1. Oh yeah, and large explosives dont actually have to directly hit, the concussion from an artillery/tank round can kill well beyond any fragmentation. even hand grenades can kill with concussive force alone, so it is possible that some of these snackbarist died from pressure waves and not explosive impact.

  10. As ex militay i would say these malita type idiots thought that as there was obviously some heavy gear about,which blew the hole in the wall they should bug out through the hole, but there was a tank there and these lot went out via HE or MPAT shell he he

  11. Generally artillery fire won’t hit the same spot twice. In WWII it was common practice to take cover in craters created by artillery fire due to the unlikelihood of being hit again.

    However, you can also see the muzzle flash of the tank right before the second explosion, in which case it was stupid to run there because there was a tank and it obviously was already aiming at that spot.

  12. Pretty sure it was a tank and that tank commander knew what he was doing. Something tells me that this was their retreat path, the commander figured it out and had that corner zeroed, as it would be a choke point along their path. Only thing holding him up was the speed the autoloader would round another shell.

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