Guy Accidentally Shot and Killed at a Wedding in Egypt

Guy Accidentally Shot and Killed at a Wedding in Egypt

Guy Accidentally Shot and Killed at a Wedding in Egypt

Sounds like a brilliant idea to invite a guy with a gun to your wedding. Give him a few drinks… what could possibly go wrong? We’ve seen how well weddings and guns mix on Best Gore several times. Here’s a guy who handed his gun to a kid and here a guy thinking Russian Roulette was just a joke.

This video is from Egypt. There is a kid by the door wearing black t-shirt with white font on it. And then there is a dancing guy with a gun in his hand firing into the air. At least he thinks that’s what he’s firing at. A few shots do indeed go into the air, but then as he reloads while dancing, he swings his arm upwards to fire, but presses the trigger too early, shooting and killing that boy in black shirt. He even continues to dance like nothing happened. Fucking Egypt.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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104 thoughts on “Guy Accidentally Shot and Killed at a Wedding in Egypt”

      1. Yeah, where are all the women? I bet they’re good at belly-dancing, but they’re probably not allowed to show it off in public since it’s a patriarchal society.

  1. Moral; kids and wedding guests, don’t play with firearms.

    Maybe, if they didn’t segregate the men and women, dickheads wouldn’t have as much reason to show off how macho they are?

      1. I thought so too at first. But then I realized Gay men dance really well! Something these Goat Fucking Snakbarists obviously don’t do. They have no idea how to dance.

        1. It’s no surprise that they can’t dance. Just listen to the crap they have on. I’d go into convulsions, too, if I had to listen to that shit.

          1. Indeed, gay here as well and no dancing skills. But if you need your car fixed, that skill I do well.

    1. Considering the fact that most Egyptians are Muslims, it would be sacrilege for them to consume alcohol. (Perhaps, they’re Christians?) But, hey, NO ONE truly adheres to the teaching of their religion anyway.

      So, it’s either they were—as you’ve mentioned—wasted or they were really immersed in the atmosphere of the gathering (exemplified after how most of them didn’t give a shit about what just transpired).

      1. Many muslims are not really devoted to islam and its rules, they are just sheep following the majority.

        So yes, you can find so many of them who drink and fuck before marriage (whis is not allowed in islam)

        I know so many of them, and if you ask why do they commit all these “sins” and still pretend to be muslims, they say that they want to live their lives, and when the time comes they will Make a Pilgrimage in Mecca and repent (muslims believe that after a pilgrimage in Mecca all your sins will be erased)

        1. Appreciate the info; however, I’m already aware of that—I, too, am familiar with Muslims.

          As I’ve stated: “NO ONE (of any religious affiliation, whatsoever) truly adheres to the teaching(s) of their religion anyway.”

      1. yes Game of thrones is just like Best Gore in that just because you are important & are preparing for something big, doesn’t always mean you are going to survive it. Life doesn’t work that way, people die prematurely and unexpectedly all the time, good doesn’t always win over evil and the bag guy doesn’t always die at the end of it.

        1. Just started watching Game Of Thrones, its my new favorite show…atleast until The Walking Dead shuffles its dead rotting ass back in front of my couch.

          1. you should try playing the Game of Thrones drinking game. Its pretty simple. Step 1: keep drinking til the pain stops

  2. Dancing reminds me of Lord of the flies for some reason. And the Super-douche tries to keep dancing as nearby, guy go’s down like a sack of potatoes.

  3. This is just too stuppid to be true,when i see things like this i remember hitler and perhaps his idea of extermiantion wasnt so bad after all

  4. FUCKKKK these assholes, what is wrong with these retards. Poor kid man , he looked about 20 maybe. Stupid,Stupid people to bring a gun to a wedding :(

  5. “Egyptian lover baby!” Lol! What a fucking stupid idiot! Well, at least they’ll all be seeing each other again soon at the funeral!

  6. It’s funny how some people already seem nervous when he already fired a few shots prior into killing someone but no one said something just laid back and watch what happens

  7. Spotted the shooter at :42 seconds it was the guy in the black leather jacket who has seen way to many episodes of happy days. I love how he just blows that top off and keeps dancing though. Not a fuck was given that day.

  8. I guess i’m the only one to find this sound really catchy…i loved the dance move at the end…the “i shot him but didn’t hear him balling” move.

  9. Kinda entertaining how they all go to make sure their heads are still there after everyone fires off a shot lol guess stuff like this happens quite a bit

  10. Is the word of the day “gay”? Or did many of you have brainfarts today and couldn’t think of a better way to describe this clusterfuck wedding?
    I agree with the comment way up there, good thing it wasn’t a shotgun wedding.
    Although that would’ve been slightly more exciting to watch, I doubt everyone would’ve been dancing so badly if it was to the tune of flying pellets.

  11. In what sort of twisted forsaken reality is it ever even remotely a good idea to be waving and firing a gun around while dancing in a crowded room of people?

    Trying to wrap my head around it is literally killing my brain cells.

  12. I never could have thought Egypt would have a gaybar’s and clubs where homosexuals can meet and dance the night away.. but good for them..they have!!
    Or is this more a Egypt Gay Pride kind of thing..

  13. Hello, I’ve been on BestGore on and off for about a year now, but never really used my account to comment, even though the comments are a great place for discussion on the topic. Anyway, I like what this site is about… and those dumb motherfuckers had it coming bringing an idiot flailing a gun around whilst shooting in random directions as the life of the party…

  14. It’s like trance tribe minimalistic music that start’s from 0:15, i like it…

    Guy continue to dance because he didn’t catch what he did but anyhow this doesn’t mean that he is not drunk animal.

  15. Jesus Christ wtf is wrong with these idiots. People see these stupid fucks and they start to belive that these are what all gun owners are like. For some reason in the middle east and some other backwards ass places this bringing guns to weddings and shooting them aka “celebratory gunfire. You would think with all these accidents they would stop allowing guns at wedding or maybe even offer blanks for the safety of the other guest, afterall its always the guest without the guns that end up getting shot. Fucking retards can’t even hold their weapons right. They’re holding them like fucking little gay drunk toddlers or something bunch of dumbasses hope they shoot each other while dancing the macarena or some shit.

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