Head Beaten to a Pulp with Pressure Cooker

Head Beaten to a Pulp with Pressure Cooker

On the evening of Thursday January 24, 2013 a man identified only as “Carioca” was assassinated in the Nova República community, Ernesto Geisel suburb in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. Carioca had his head beaten to a pulp with stones and a pressure cooker.

According to locals, the victim only moved to the neighborhood a week ago and each time he was seen, he was drunk. On the day of his murder there was a commotion in his house followed by ghastly screams. The residents alarmed the police but by the time they got to the scene, Carioca was already dead. The perpetrator has not been identified yet.

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47 thoughts on “Head Beaten to a Pulp with Pressure Cooker

  1. They always say “when seconds count, the cops are minutes away.” To sum it up, don’t be a drunk fuck and arm yourself against people who will kill you using any form of weapon they can.
    He got fucked up.
    Side note, I’ve always thought it’d be super badass to fight off a home intruder using just a can of pepsi. Whoop his ass with a soda can. Bragging rights.

  2. “Carioca” is just a term that describes people from Rio de Janeiro. The pressure cooker element to this story is slightly amusing, Brazilians live in a staple of a certain kind of black beans, or “feijão”. They take ages to cook unless you use a pressure cooker, which makes pressure cookers as ubiquitous in Brazil as the old Havianas flip-flops. So this is almost like a Chinese person being murdered with chop sticks.

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