Head Smashed As Man Is Stabbed and Stoned to Death in Guerrero, Mexico

Head Smashed As Man Is Stabbed and Stoned to Death in Guerrero, Mexico

Corpse of a man was found near the El Aguaje colony on the road between Tlapa and Metlatonoc in Guerrero, Mexico. The victim has his head badly smashed with stones and was also stabbed once in the jaw and once in the face. His brain matter has reportedly been washed off by the rain and watered into the soil.

The man had no IDs on person so as is common in Mexico, he will be buried in a public mass grave. Only one photo available.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. i wasnt really aware of what goes on in mexico,curiosly i saw a program last night talking about it, they were saying in this city juarez they have reports of about 20 homicides a day,and its a common thing for people living in there to see some of this in plain day light,its become a normal thing, most of this are buried out on a desert,they just make a hole on the floor and there you go,there was thousands an thousands of them

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  2. Never ever ever go to Mexico if you do you truly are looking for trouble maybe with a group of people or something like that but fck walking around Mexico at night iv always wanted to go there but after seeing everything i have seen on BG about Mexico i would never go there.

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