Headless Victim of Bombing Attack in Port Said, Egypt

Headless Victim of Bombing Attack in Port Said, Egypt

There was a manifestation of sorts in Port Said, Egypt today, held in protest of the expansion and influence of Muslim Brotherhood and the protesters were attacked with a bomb. Detailed information is scarce, but several people appeared to have been killed. Photo above shows one of the victims. He was decapitated and quite badly torn. Odd thing is that most of the damage is to his upper body. As if the bomb exploded inside is head.

Many thanks to all you’s concerns regarding my unannounced disappearance. I was only supposed to be gone for one night but it ended up to be two days. A few years ago, I paid Manila, the capital of the Philippines a visit but left very quickly for reasons I could no longer remember. 2 days ago, I took an overnight trip there cause I got a plane ticket for next to nothing but the refresher quickly reminded me why I got the fuck out of there the first time as soon as I’d arrived.

First – a bus from the airport I was in crashed on the way to the city. I was in the front seat so I caught all the action. No casualties or injuries, but I got covered in invisible glass dust that embedded itself in all my skin pores, causing unbearable itching. It also caused hours of delays on my way to the destination. After hours of waiting for a replacement bus, I started to search for a place to stay in so I could shower the glass off me, but I kept encountering nothing but horrible locals, which coupled with incredibly filthy air, fresh piss all over sidewalks and overall aura of unfriendliness whereby you can’t take a step without being stared down and someone making remarks or otherwise making you feel uncomfortable with mocking sounds, I decided to straight up turn around and leave without even staying a night. For the first time in my life, I think, I took a long trip to not even stay one night. Manila just sucks like that. Plus the place has the most expensive accommodation in the world. Value for money is worse than anywhere else in the world. You’re paying Western European prices but getting Philippine quality and unfriendliness of service.

After 2 consecutive days of being an itchy stinkball, having gotten no sleep whatsoever, I returned to my place of origin but am tired as all hell so there’ll be some catching up to do with sleep and rest. But I’ll try to make a few more posts before I pass out.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the pic from Egypt.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I’ve often wondered how a country known as a nation of servants is also famous for poor and unfriendly service. I guess they’re just cheaper (I think the cost of running my car annually is more expensive than paying for a Bun Mui house servant for a year).

  1. Glad to hear you’re safe and sound!

    It is very strange how the victims lower body didn’t suffer any damage, as you said. But, what I find most disturbing is the Sponge Bob sheet they covered him with. Creepy.

    Thank you DerSteppenwolf!

    1. Maybe the guy was standing behind a low wall which protected the lower body from the blast.

      However, the force of the explosion in the head area is massive compared to the rest of the upper body, still.

  2. Hello all, i would like to introduce myself to the BG community. I have been following the posts here daily for over 2 years and reading all of your comments. I am familiar withall of you as a result and oddly enough, decided that it was time I join – not from any of the crazy stuff I have read or seen here, but for some reason because of the abcense of our founder.

    2 days without an update made me realize how much I appreciate what you do here and decided to register to tell you that. Thank you because your posts remind me daily of how precious life is and how fragile our existence is. I love and cherish the time I have with my family more because of you. Im genuinely happy to see you returned safe and sound from manilla.

        1. Welcome, I followed the posts while, (couple of months) before joining aswell, only been a member now for a week or so. I found the site because my friend and girlfriend was telling me to go here and look up the “1 guy 1 jar” I found it “interesting” so I started looking at more and more posts soon enough I guess I was hooked.

          As for you, Mark, I’m glad you’re safe and I look forward to more posts!

  3. Sponge Bob is hysterical! Love him.

    Mark, sorry you had a miserable trip, but glad you are safe at home. You were missed.

    And, I am pretty certain that there was damage to the lower body. I don’t see any feet!

  4. Aw mark your here in Manila I could have welcome you if have told me.mmm Air filled with fresh urine and lousy local service…yep your here alright. Lucky you don’t walk these street at night its not pretty safe even riding on a public vehicle like Jeep, Taxi, Bus etc. But anyway have a safe travel, my friend.

          1. Touched a nerve there? Can’t you take a joke or do you always squeal before getting hit? If you can’t bear to have the ‘pride of your country’ busted or your views contradicted, your going to have a hard time, especially here. An i will jolly well say whatever i want, if it happens to be not in line with your ‘views and beliefs’ than that’s too bad.

    1. Welcome @niner, I enjoy the comments here as well. They are usually well thought out and original with above average critical thinking skills in play with sardonic wit that makes me really laugh. I like some of the personalities as well. Usually.

  5. Welcome Home Mark … I bet you wanted to kiss the ground as you got home. That place is pure shit! We sure did miss that ass!

    As for Spongebob’s dead mate there that’s just disgusting but I’d date em.. Lol J/k but who are the two guys in the picture the meds or the corners cus I guess you just toss On a stripped shirt and bam your a certified corner. Lol

    1. True, Hocks. You gotta have the right friends&family to tell the stories to though. Some non-travellers are so thick their minds can’t fathom what adventures are like, some even don’t believe the stories, and some are indifferent as fuck to anything but their own little world . And some are jealous, i suppose. I was baffled upon return how few people were interested in travelling stories, and how they condemned travelling. They think travellers are hobos with a backpack. But then, the land i once called home is still Neanderthal land.

      1. Hey Thompson, I’ve had the same experiences, it’s a shame too, I’ve mostly put it down to jealousy and that some people don’t know the difference between a holiday and travel. It takes guts to go and get amongst it, that’s why some people will die in the same place they were born in, and be quite happy to do so. Not me though.

        1. Right you are Hocks. Same here. Shitty to hear you had similar experience; yet it feels a bit comforting to know i’m not the only one. It sometimes makes me think of a hobbit returning to the Shire after all the experiences; you’ve changed, nothing will be the same anymore after all you’ve seen & done; but the hobbits back in the Shire don’t understand , for them everything is as it always was and will be.
          I guess it may take some stamina to not get disappointed by this. I think travellers should band together where they can.

  6. Mark, you should have gone further south, maybe to the province of Palawan, specifically Puerto Princesa City. That town is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines. Its popular for its beaches and islands. The tourism industry there is pretty developed, so accomodation is not a problem. A few weeks ago I stayed at a hotel near Puerto Princesa Airport which was pretty decent and spacious, for only about 15 USD a night.

  7. Welcome back Mark, and thanks for posting so quickly, I was beginning to develop withdrawl symptoms. On a side note, anyone who continues with the SpongeBob bashing will be subject to severe consequences. Don’t make your comments turn you into a featured article. And that goes Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Patrick Starr, Gary and the rest of the gang. You’ve been warned.

  8. @MARK, i am glad you are ok. I did not think anything was wrong until last evening having still no posts. Anyway HAPPY you are all good bro & get some snoozies. O ya, and stay the fuck out of that MANILA shit hole will-ya ! πŸ™‚

  9. Holy shit. I was a bit nervous since you usually leave a message saying you’ll be away. You almost became your own post. Glad you’re safe, man.
    Thanks, @DerSteppenwolf for this picture of shredded meat. Good morning to me.

  10. Good to see you safely back, mark. I can somewhat imagine what it was like there. Manila is hard. Since Philippinos seem to worship everything that comes from America, i would’ve thought they would’ve also been more courteous to you though ( after all, you are from the N-Am. continent ) . I know when i was in the Philipp., i lied sometimes, saying I was from America. But i won’t do that again, lying is low, honesty feels better.

  11. The most repulsive whores I’ve ever seen were in the Philippines, in Angeles.
    And the worst night i’ve ever spent in a hotel was also in the Philippines. I arrived in a certain city late at night and searched for an affordable hotel ( imagine being in S/E Asia and having to look for an affordable hotel ! That alone already ) . This was hard to find and meanwhile my ears were getting shattered by the countless inevitable karaoke-bars that country is cursed with. In the end i found a hotel. It was the cheapest-ass filthy looking hotel i’d ever seen, still the entrance was secured with two big gates. It stank and my room was the dirtiest I’d seen so far. I was warned not to open the windows. When I tried to go to sleep, it turned out the walls were very thin. Next door, a girl came in with a guy. They had loud sex and I could hear everything. Then another girl with a guy came in, in a room across the hall. Same fucking thing. Then another. It went on all night long. It turned out I’d rented myself a room in a whorehouse that night.

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