Husband Kills Wife by Stabbing Her to Death (bloody pics)

Husband Kills Wife by Stabbing Her to Death (bloody pics)

Here’s one wife that was shown what’s coming to her for serving cold supper. We need more husbands like that. There are way too many women who would disobey their man. Unheard of. Time to put a stump on that shit and show them bitches where their place is.

All kidding aside, what appears as a formerly functional family ended up being a wifeless enterprise after husband took care of the business with a knife. Not sure what irked him off to pick up the knife and stab his wifey to death like that but maybe it was a sleeping demon that has awaken inside his head and urge to murder took over.

Pre death, the wife looked like she was a decent fuck, but even the hottest slut is worthless is she turns you down when you want to fuck her in the ass.

Any experts on Ginsu Knives here? The murder weapon in the picture kind of looks like one. These bitches cut like crazy and are always sharp. A madman wielding a Ginsu Knife is going to draw blood one way or another, unless he’s so clumsy he slips on a chicken shit and hurts his ass so he can’t walk no more.

Gallery of pictures featuring husband and his murdered wife he offer by stabbing her to death is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Husband Kills Wife by Stabbing Her to Death (bloody pics)”

  1. She wasn’t all that pretty..
    Alas; she definitely got owned. Prolly the husband got pissed off, thinking she was cheating. Or maybe she wasted the money, aha. Sorry, getting carried away with what she could’ve done. Or it could have been something petty, like lack of sex.

  2. Nope, she wan’t a beauty queen, BUT… I’ll bet YOU wouldn’t kick her outa bed for the way she looks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    From the blood spatter on her arm and elsewhere, it looks like she lived for a little while after the stabbing… vomitting and coughing up blood as her stomach and punctured lung filled up. Nasty way to go. Especially at the hands of the very person who has vowed to love and protect you.

  3. Teehee, your right Louie, I prolly wouldn’t kick her outta bed,
    especially now, woo!
    But hey; now she doesn’t have to live with that godforsaken man
    he’s super ugly too.
    Poor children though, having to live in an orphanage cuz ‘Daddie killed mommie’.
    Wonder if he was abusive before hand? That’d suck

  4. The knife seems a regular one, not a Ginsu. Looking at the family picture, they look Latin American and not very wealthy. In this sort of countries is easy to find pirate ginsu knives, and are very cheap. Besides, the handle of the knife is not a ginsu because it is flat, whereas the ginsu has a cylindrical handle.

  5. ugh? that man looks like mr. bean and stabbing his wife is sort of immature with his kind… hey did he fuck his wife after killing her? maybe he just got tired of his wife moaning every time they have sex.. necromania would be cool….

  6. There’s new cap align on the radio in my area about domestic violence and there saying that “there’s never an excuse” which is such bullshit. There’s always an excuse as to why women should get there as beaten and not making the dinner is one of them! This shit gets me real angry I’m gonna send in the photos of this to them and maybe they will think again about trying to promote feminism and realise they are only good for 3 things!!! Cleaning, cooking and fucking

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