Indonesia – Brutal Lynching of Ahmadiyya Muslims by Mullahs

Indonesia - Brutal Lynching of Ahmadiyya Muslims by Mullahs

This is not the first nor last video of brutal lynching from Indonesia (check out this Lynching of Two Alleged Thieves Video for introduction to Indonesia). The most populous Muslim country in the world is an expert at expressing how peaceful their religion really is. What’s amazing about Muslims is how it’s often the entire community that joins violence when there is an opportunity (rhyming unintentional). 1,500 Muslims came to have their kick at men in the video below.

This video contains footage of Mullahs, who are clerics or otherwise respected practitioners of mainstream Islam, brutally lynching the living bejeezus out of three Ahmadiyya Muslims. It’s basically Muslims lynching Muslims for being members of Islamic movement they don’t consider pure. It took place in Indonesian province of Banten, in the community of Cikeusik on February 6, 2011. All three lynched Ahmadiyya men were killed in the name of Allah.

Ahmadiyya Muslims are a minority in Indonesia, as are Christians. Incidents of religious violence in which Muslims attack Christians are very common in Indonesia, but this case of Muslims attacking Muslims cast a whole new light on the religion of peace in this South East Asian country. A few days later, elsewhere in Java, a different mob of Muslims burned down three Christian churches as retaliation for Indonesian court only handing down the harshest sentence available to a Christian man for distributing leaflets they deemed insulting to Islam. Sentencing the man to 5 years in prison, which by law is the harshest sentence for this type of crime in Indonesia, was not good enough for Muslims who demanded death penalty.

Indonesian law guarantees freedom of religion, but as can be seen from the video, the pitiful response of the police to uphold the law and protect practitioners of religions other than Orthodox Islam makes the law laughable and ineffective.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Muslim are Bad to the Bone even here in my country in the Philippines where our president have forge a peace treaty with the MILF(not Moms but Muslim rebel) its a non-aggression treaty but when our soldier chase some criminal element near their territory they were wipe out 19 soldier were killed just carry out their duty. I don’t know what our president did but rumor say they bomb the one group responsible for the attack but not a All out war on MILF. I don’t know if these moron really to be trusted or trying to fool the president.

    1. Cool Dude. Wish you luck. These children that your brothers are “killing” are in full rigor & post septic. They were drug out of there final resting place only to be beat again for camaras & the spirit of the movement. Is’nt that what it’s really all about? A bunch of Gee, are’nt you glad this is not you, or you mother, or daughter. All a go fuck your self, then hit a taco bar.

      1. first of all, im an anti-muslim!!!! all the people who are in this video, SUCKS!!! they act like wild animals! they have no hearts, souls!!! maybe their god is LUCIFER like them!!! xit this video!!! fuck all MUSLIMS!!! watch out, im gonna do this also to you guys (MUSLIMS)!!! (MUSLIM IS A FUCKING ANIMALS !!!) (I WANT ALL MUSLIM DIE LIKE THAT !!!) (IF I SEE MUSLIM I WILL DO THAT TO HIM) (WATCH OUT ALL THE MOTHA FUCKING MUSLIMS !!!!) FUCK YOU ALL!!!!

    2. I do not like to say all Muslims are bad. Not all Muslims believe that killing others is the right thing to do. However, Muslims are in tolerant of Christians. I live here in the Philippines and I am a missionary pastor. As terrible as some of the photos that are presented here. It is real life and it is the world in which I live by choice. Thank you for opening my eyes

    1. Man, I can not agree with you more. Let’s just blow this BITCH up! That’s what “religion” & “faith” are all planing for. KABOOM! KABOOM! KABOOM! But I hope that the future caretakers of what’s left understand we did it in the name of Jesus, & the war on drugs.

  2. That cop near the end looked like the mentally-challenged son of the Chief of Police. More cops should wear combat helmets instead of just hats. That’ll prevent fatalities due to head wounds, either bullets or blunt objects. Apart from motorcycles, the helmet can protect the cranium of officers operating Class C vehicles as well. The bright blue tint doesn’t hurt either. In fact, everyone should be required to wear a helmet at all times. Maybe that would’ve protected the victim being lynched from those sticks to the head.

  3. I’m new to Best Gore (and an atheist Indonesian) and it bothers me that we have so many bullshit religions here in Indonesia. The government basically forces you to claim a religion and obviously the cock-sucking police are really inept too. It’s so fucked up here.

    1. wow WillyT you are very rare individual! do you have to keep it a secret? I would think it would be dangerous to admit such a thing in your country?! Im an Australian by the way so ‘Howdy neighbour’

      1. Yeah, we have to choose a religion on ID cards sometimes; so you have to lie to get a SIM (drivers license) or to do anything else for that matter. Being an atheist here isn’t so easy. Cool to see Australians on BestGore BTW.

  4. Oh, come on, some of you are such idiots. Stop blaming the religion. Blame the ignorant people doing these inhumane things instead. No religion teaches bad, no religion forces you to convert and choose. It’s your choice. It’s just the government, higher authorities and other power hungry bastards that legislate religious laws. Grow up and stop insulting.

  5. Is it me or did that guy with the helmet just realize someones filming this looked twords camera then tries to stop the 2nd guy thats still breathing from attacks hes like oh shit camera recording ! wait wait wait stop stop stop !

  6. Love the lynch mob referee theres 1 in every lynching usually the village elders or the town cop thats when they throw on gnarly headgear but shit in a mob like that who wouldnt shit my helmet would wear a helmet and its helmet would wear a helmet then id referee but ive seen a lynching never participated cause a whiteboy from florida has the right mind to just look the other way n keep on walking hand on pistol in my pocket saftey pushed off ready to go off because you get stuck in a town lynch and youll be stuck there and cant leave so you better get a gun if you plan on visiting long them damn lynches go on for somtimes hours at a time !

  7. Not to cause an argument or a debate or anything, but religion is not always necessarily responsible for such acts. I mean that it’s not as much about the religion as much as it is about primitive, ignorant people. I live in a country full of Muslims (Jordan) and I’ve never seen anything like that happen here. In the country has a low crime rate and is considered safe, but look at the video here. No rules. No responsibility. Nothing civilized. Just a bunch of primitive beasts that kill people in the name of “Allah” and calling themselves “Muslims”. If people in my country saw that they’d be shocked like hell, lol. Better leave them in ignorance.

  8. The “Prophet” (and I use that term very loosely) Mohammed was an egotistical, moniacal, self centered, self servicing, child molesting, bastard. His bones have been found in the ground unlike Christ’s who’s bones have never been found because they are not here. “From dust have ye been made and to dust shall ye return”. He might have been in contact with “god”…. The “god” of this world aka Satan. Islam is pure evil and a cult. But!! Don’t offend them!!! They’ll wanna kill you! There is no light of Christ or I’ah the Creator in them. There is no revealation of eternal life in Islam and no redemption or reconciliation to the Creator. It is only concerned with temperal, earthly and it is punishing.

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