Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed in the Heart by Another Inmate in Jail Cell

Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed in the Heart by Another Inmate in Jail Cell

Brutal video from prison in Brazil shows an inmate getting repeatedly stabbed in the heart area of the chest by a left handed inmate while lying on a bunk bed in a cell. The upper bunk is casually occupied by another inmate who films the stabbing with his own smart phone, and of course there is also an inmate who filmed this video and some casual observers in flip flops.

The victim was still alive when the video was filmed, but I don’t see him surviving the attempt on his life. That was some vile shit right there.

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138 thoughts on “Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed in the Heart by Another Inmate in Jail Cell

  1. That’s pretty brutal, I love the way you hear the knife squish when he gets stabbed, but he didn’t even try instinctively to put his hand up to stop the blows?

    • Suicide by con. He probably couldn’t cope with 40 years of hard sodomy so pissed off the most psycho con he could find to end it all for him.

  2. I expect it was shock and disbelief of what was happening that kept him from reacting, they probably caught him unawares with the first strike.

    Still, that’s prison for you and I doubt he was a boy scout anyway so no loss.

    • More than one guy wanted him dead, they were all supportive of the murder. One was saying “hit him in the face” then when the stabbing stopped one said “go to hell brother”.

  3. Looks like the best jail ever, they have knives, phones and they get to upload their shit on the internet. Awesome prison, better than Norwegian prison.

    • It was. How fucked would it be sentenced to prison down there eh? You ever hear of that law where even mass murderers are allowed conjucal visits because the govt feels that its every humans right as well as keeps the inmates “calmer” ( yeah fucking right) I saw that one a documentary.

  4. Everything about that was… odd. And disorienting. It looked like someone was standing behind his, and his mattress was up on it’s side?
    Either that or they’re inside an M. C. Escher drawing..

  5. Everything in that video was a contradiction. The phones in jail, the whole world watching and filming, no resistance from the ‘victim’, the overkill – how many times did he get stabbed? What the fuck is going on? Would love to hear a full translation of that video. Fuck me, that was full on…..

  6. Actually was just thinking if that was on a TV show, the crime fighters would contract an expensive psychological profiler to tell them, “The killer had a good knowledge of anatomy, so we are looking for someone with medical training, a nurse, a doctor he’ll even a dentist, and the victim was stabbed 56 times so there is a theme of lovers jealousy in there along with the fact it was caught on video….so I’m thinking we ring his wife, who is at work at the hospital at the moment and ask her…..or.. wait…. hang on, I think I got it, let’s ask a witness who was the killer!!”.

  7. That was fucking brutal. Talk about killing the fuck out of someone. I wonder did he do something to enrage the aggressor, or are they just doing it to make a reputation for themselves? Or maybe if he doesn’t do it, he’ll be on the receiving end of a blade. Prison is not a place I want to go, especially in these kind of countries. O reckon prisons in Ireland would be like holiday homes compared to these places. For anyone who likes to read, there is a fantastic book called “marching powder” about a British coke smuggler who gets caught in Bolivia on his way out of the country and is thrown into a prison that sounds too mad to be true. It has its own cochineal factory and inmates run the show. Well worth a read.

      • Cochineal is a beetle Jonny it produces a red dye which is a much sought after natural alternative to synthetic dyes . Just thought I’d fill you in on that one .

    • @jonny sorry to correct you but the guy who wrote the book is an Aussie. I know this because he came from my town. It is an awesome book, a fantastic read to see what goes on behind the scenes

      • Although you are right that he went there to meet the British in-mate to write the book. The 2 became friends and he stayed for quite a while doing tours etc of the prison, eventually being arrested himself

        • Aha, i fucked up a bit on the details. But man, what a story! Id have loved to have visited it and gone on the tour with him in his heyday. If we could send a camera crew in there for 24 hours we’d be sure to have some amazing material for bestgore.

  8. One thing i dont understand,in that movie Diehard that blonde guy gets hanged by those iron chains and then they blow up the roof with him in it so how is he still alive in the end?

    • He was below the roof so he wasn’t in the blast zone. As for hanging from the chain maybe he was faking that he died so he could come back and surprise everyone. It’s a movie thing where you think all the bad guys are dead but then one suddenly comes back to life, reaching for a gun.

  9. i want to see brazil/mexican style prisons in the US. right now, they get to live rent-free, tax-free with three square meals, free health care and a free college education. take americant prisons back to the nineteen thirties at least when the prisoners were terrified of the gaurds. pull a random guy and beat them the fuck to death over nothing just to make a point. once you’re sentenced you lose all rights as a citizen. see how many want to go to prison then.

    same with border control. gun down every man woman and child who comes within a hundred yards of the fences. you aren’t a citizen, you don’t exist. therefore it is not murder. you can’t murder a person who doesn’t exist. i’m tired of this abusive manipulative idiots. don’t even get me started on the nigger welfare whores….

      • No, your heart is in the middle of your chest. Ask any doctor. It’s not to the left or right slightly, it’s right between your tits. Next time someone has a heart attack, watch where they grab their chest…and video it for bg

  10. Looked like he muttered something to the guy stabbing him around 11 secs in !
    Along the lines of “Stop stabbing me in the moob and get on with it dickhead.”

  11. Wool, like we say in Brazil: Caralho !!! hahahaha. This shit was horrible, but it’s strange how they are so calm while talking in the phone !!! TIT STABBING LOL !!!

  12. Just seen the other video, better quality and you can really see the stabbing action. I doubt you could react in a strengthen matter when your repeatedly getting a knife in your chest. Flip flop flip da flippty flip flop da flip flop ya don’t stop

  13. I’m not sure about this but does the guy getting stabbed ask the stabber what his name was? At around 11 secs. On a side note this video was really weird and disturbing and I seen pretty much everything this site has to offer, left me a weird chest pain just watching it.

  14. It’s a commom thing accidents like this happen everytime at Brazil, it’s a lawless land, politicians are the corrupt in the world the president there is a well know terrorist who killed lots of innocent people in the past but instead of being imprisioned or execute for her crimes, the corrupts just manipulate all media and put her on the president status using a fraudulent eletronic election system, who was banned at ALL countries who tested the system…

    Someday the people will awake and these corrupts will be hung everywhere, but instead of helping the people, an ONU intervention will just STOLE THEIR OIL…

    Poor Brazilian people.

  15. I love the way sociopaths enjoy their passion! Overcrowding would be a thing of the past if all prisons adopted this wonderful pastime of killing you way to the top of the food chain! Steak for only three!!

  16. Dude was hashed by the time this tape started. All the stabs we saw were just icing on the cake. There was already blood all over the place and with it bing an ice pick shaped weapon this had been happening for a hot minute already

  17. I don’t quite think he can believe what is happening to him. He looks like he is in a lot of shock. Quite rare to see a murder like this, we always seem to catch the aftermath. Good post!

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