Innocent Man Shot in the Abdomen with a Shotgun by a Cop

Innocent Man Shot in the Abdomen with a Shotgun by a Cop

Today’s “old gore classic” is a video well deserving of the title. One of the original Faces of Death sequences, the video shows a young man getting shot in the abdomen as he tries to run out of the building surrounded by cops.

If the information I have is correct, than what lead to the shooting and subsequent death of this innocent young man was a robbery which evolved into a hostage situation. You can see people leaving the building with their hands above their heads at the beginning of the video. These are allegedly hostages who were released. The man who is later shot was one of them.

He was just so stressed out by having become a hostage, and so relieved to have gotten out of it unharmed, he just wanted to be gone from that cursed place asap. Unfortunately, him running away from the building seemed suspicious to a trigger happy cop with a shotgun who instead of giving it a second thought, put a slug into the man’s abdomen at close range.

The shooting was an accident, but why nobody even attempted to help the man as he was bleeding in the street doesn’t seem like an accident. I don’t know if someone with a shotgun blast to a gut can be saved – the bleeding was massive – but no wonder he died seeing how nobody gave single shit about him?

With cops like these, who needs hostage takers?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. It’s like getting hit by 9 .32 automatics at the same time! 00-buck in a 2 3/4″ 12 gauge consists of 9 .330″ wide 48gr. lead balls that can expand even wider upon contact with the human medium. Fun stuff!

  1. Yup.

    I have absolutely nothing to say about that dude but I am still here after 2 years and feel a need to donate (seriously)

    Drinks anyone ?……… how’s about a cone ?……….. Joint maybe ?


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      the income i make as a stay at home dad isnt enough, my husband arrives from space camp at 6 am, he has spagetthi today, i think? yeah spagetti and tylenol for dinnor

          1. little sicko is a fucking asshole.
            not because he lied about age, but because i’ve been fooled by tranny’s before. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

        1. Intreseting.
          I thought I had read somewhere he had said he was in his 20’s (assuming it’s a dude anyway)

          The only thing that i find annoying is the shit he writes, is like a Thai pointer.
          YES. We KNOW that’s a corpse, you don’t need to POINT OUT the OBVIOUS

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  3. For there to be such massive blood loss so quickly the blast would have to sever either the Superior Mesenteric artery, or the Inferior Mesenteric artery, or both. In such a case the victim would exsanguinate in rather short order. Basically, he died from hypovolemia caused by a trigger happy asshole who can’t tell the difference between an escaping criminal and a scared hostage. When you can no longer tell the difference between the wolves and the sheep then it’s time to retire your gun and let some one who is still qualified do the job. But then again who really gives a shit? The guy who got erased was the lucky one, he was allowed to leave quickly, no lingering on for hours/days/weeks, etc. I can only pray that my end is that dramatic and quick ( and filmed for BG) I only need a few seconds in front of the camera to say “I dedicate this video to Best Gore”. I am officially changing my will next month. If BG is still around pics and/or video of me being dead will be sent in for you guys as the ultimate Fan Sign. No one knows how much time we have left so we should plan ahead and make sure that the ones we care about are taken into consideration. Fuck the world, Best Gore FOREVER!!!

    sorry my comment turned into such a weird rant

    1. Strangly enough, I have also been planning on my death scene being my fan sign.
      I know that there are others, there MUST be others that have though that as well, as it’s not THAT unique of a concept.

      To HAVE our corpse with a Best Gore sign (around the neck) actually MAKE IT onto the site though, wouldn’t that be pretty fuckin’ dope

  4. I remember this one. It’s quite old, from the 70s, and from Colombia. It was a mass arrest of mules and other small-time drug peddlers, in a place where they went to get their merchandise.

    If I remember correctly, they all were getting escorted to the truck to be taken to jail, but this guy tried to run for it, and lost. He got shot mainly because he had a backpack.

    Back in the 70s in Colombia they had a trouble with bombs left and right. Including proxy bombs, guys kidnapped who were kept as security by the narcos. Basically, it’s like suicide bombing, except that the “volunteer” is doing it because he’s being forced to do it, because they got his family (usually).

    So when he ran toward the guards with the backpack, they had a second to either shoot or risk going BOOM.

  5. I remember this from Face of Death (damn I guess I been attracted to gore since childhood…) and back then the scariest thing bout this video was hearing the heartbeats at the end of the clip but now I realize that part was just sound effects…

  6. Point blank center of mass, he’s done! No spread at all, the nine lead balls all drove eachother in deeper wreaking havoc on themselves fragmenting, expanding, and that’s all folks!

  7. in finland i don’t think that they just shoot people with shotgun just because he/she was robbin a shop and they are running away and they are like 10m away 😛 and in publig places :DD

  8. This incident is from the mid eighties from El Salvadore.It was first released on a 2 part series of vhs tapes called “Banned from T.V.” (I have both,but can only find one).It was a hostage situation however I think the guy was shot in the sternum area hence the bleeding out quick.I bought /ordered both tapes off t.v.I’m surprised that more clips from those videos havent shown up on the web.There are some decent execution scenes.
    BTW we used beneli’s with 3 1/2 in magnums
    .000 buck 15 lead balls alternate with Hyper shot slugs.

  9. I had to comment on this again.Watching this many years ago I have recalled this scene in my minds eye.This scene is my “when you know your gonna die in a few seconds,just let it happen”position.I mean this cat knew it was over,right.This one really hits me deep.And to add injury to insult I’ve seen folks capped by these incredible instruments of death,and they are brutal,like cannon ball brutal,and do massive damage.For up close encounters,and home defense,they cannot be beat.Looking at the business end of one of these monsters is a bitch,naw mean?

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