Iranian Father on Life Sentence Shoots His 3 Daughters with a Rifle

Iranian Father on Life Sentence Shoots His 3 Daughters with a Rifle

Iranian Father on Life Sentence Shoots His 3 Daughters with a Rifle

This seems so whacked up you’d almost think it has to be a fugazi but it was reported on by mainstream media in the Middle East so it’s most likely real. According to Dogan News Agency which is based out of Turkey, this is what happened:

53 year old Iranian father of 3 girls identified only by his first name of Mehrdad had been sentenced to life in prison for his previous involvement in drug trafficking. Iranian authorities released him on temporary bail to give him a chance to spend some time with his family because his oldest daughter was about to get married.

So the man went to his village in Kermanshah province in western Iran, took his three daughters to a remote woodland for a picnic, pulled out an automatic rifle and opened fire to shoot one daughter after another. The girl who was recording the “picnic” on her cell phone camera exclaimed: “Dad, for heaven’s sake!

The daughters were identified by their first names as 19 year old Mehtap, 12 year old Mehsa and 7 year old Laden. The father shot each of them reportedly because he loved them so much and with him being in jail, he was worried about their future.

Whacked up people everywhere. WTF?

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52 thoughts on “Iranian Father on Life Sentence Shoots His 3 Daughters with a Rifle”

  1. I expect once he had seen how much his daughter’s wedding was going to cost him he realised that with three daughters and all of them likely to get married that he was well and truly fucked either way so he chose the cheaper option.

      1. @Brokeback, These Muslims aren’t allowed to jerk off either so the poor bastard probably had a bad case of blue balls and thought that his privates had finally been given permission to go out on active duty.

        Now he will have to go through all that pain all over again, Allah, you complete and utter bastard, you couldn’t even give this faithful follower of yours a break now could you, you horrible, nasty old bearded cunt you.

      1. @ killa….thanks my man, I think he fell off a building or something but thats only a guess……’re probably right about the tainted virgins…the fellas are gonna be very disappointed..

  2. Persian men are fucking crazy. The only girl I ever dated was half iranian. I literally think he was planning to kill his wife. He died of heart failure one day. Actually, now that I think about it I saw his body right after it happened. Kind of weird to see someone alive and well but then lifeless 12 hrs later.
    Anywho, he didn’t give a fuck about the law. He would have beat the shit out of anyone who deserved it. I had to hold him back one day after he flipped shit on his wife. Sounds awful but for her sake, I think it was better that he passed away.

  3. Its really sad when you see it from the girls perspective. Kinda easier to step in her shoes. You think they knew he can do something crazy? I mean he just got out of prison and Iranian parents are not well known for their caring nature.

  4. Persian father killing his lovely daughters. A weakness the middle-east man has because he cannot save his wowan from what once was and maybe again…no matter how much you defile their bodies, hide them under cloth,….does not matter, if they are wanted they will be taken with or with-out your approval and like before the women will be grateful.. and the men will be held accountable for their insolence….

  5. Nobody knows what he thought he was saving them from. Neither does anyone know that man’s enemies, their capabilities or any other unsavory background particulars. Given the choice between shooting your daughter or knowing that in your absence she’d spend the rest of her life chained up in a basement as someone’s sex slave — gang ass-raped like a goat 14 times a day — which would you rather have happen to yourself personally? I’d take death. Perhaps he was a good father after all. The thing is nobody really knows.

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