Islamic Scholars Assassinated by Contract Killers in Karachi, Pakistan

Islamic Scholars Assassinated by Contract Killers in Karachi, Pakistan

CCTV footage from Karachi, Pakistan shows what police are calling a contract killing of three men.

The brazen attack in broad daylight happened on January 31, 2013 on Shahrah-e-Faisal, one of the city’s major streets. Unidentified motorcycle assassins intercepted a small van and the gunman leaped off, opening fire. The targets were Muftis, or Islamic Scholars, from the Jamia Binoria, a sort of Islamic university.

Mufti Abdul Majeed and Mufti Saleh Mehmood were travelling in the back of the van and were shot dead. The gunman also took out the driver for good measure. Jamia Binoia student Hassan Ali Shah was the third victim.

In what looks like a well-rehearsed plan, the assassin hops back on the motorcycle and speeds off, callously leaving the now-driverless van to veer off the street and crash.

Video of the murders of three people in an apparent contract killing is below:

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