JonBenet Ramsey Autopsy and Crime Scene Photos

JonBenet Ramsey Autopsy and Crime Scene Photos

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was a prepubescent girl made to look like a hooker and promenaded before adults in a pedophiliac charades commonly referred to as child beauty pageants. On December 25, 1996 when she was just 6 and a half years old, JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in the basement of her parents’ house in Boulder, Colorado. Blunt force trauma to the head and strangulation were reported to be the causes of death. To this day, her murder remains unsolved.

Born on August 6, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia, JonBenet Ramsey was a major cash cow for her family who would not hesitate to turn her into a clown and put her kiddy curves on display for closeted pedophiles. Her untimely and suspicious death caused much uproar in the USA with many believing that her parents and brother Burke Ramsey had their hands in it. In 2003 however, new DNA evidence which proved the existence of third party blood on the victim took them off the prime suspects list and in July 2008, they were completely cleared.

Kidnapping for Ransom

On December 26, 1996 JonBenet Ramsey’s mother Patsy Ramsey discovered a ransom note in the house claiming that JonBenet had been kidnapped. Writers of the note demanded $118,000 for girl’s safe return and instructed the family not to contact the police or friends or else the girl would die. Despite this threat, Patricia called the police and friends to tell them everything about it.

Upon request by Boulder Police Detective Linda Arndt, John Ramsey and two of his friends initiated the search of their house for anything unusual. During the search of the basement, they found the body of JonBenet Ramsey with duct tape over her mouth, nylon cord around her neck and her wrists tied above her head.

The police quickly assumed that the Ramseys were surely behind the murder and made a number of fundamental mistakes. Failure to seal off the crime scene, allowing the people to come and go and move stuff around was one of them. Not collecting proper crime scene evidence was another. As a result, the investigation into the case remained inconclusive.

Ongoing Investigation

Steve Thomas, a decorated detectives who spent 2 years investigating the case publically announced before his resignation that he believed Patsy Ramsey – JonBenet’s mother was responsible for the girl’s death. However because there has never been enough evidence to obtain a winning verdict against Patsy Ramsey, the charges were never filed.

Meanwhile, panel of pediatric experts concluded after their investigation that JonBenet Ramsey was a victim of long-term sexual abuse. Speculation were rampant that girl’s father John Ramsey had a lot to do with it. Being affluent as all fucking hell, the Ramseys sued a number of media outlets for defamation.

In 2003, Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy publicly announced that she believed JonBenet Ramsey was murdered by an intruder. Particles of foreign DNA were found in JonBenet’s underpants so she looked around until she found her suspect – 41 year old John Mark Karr, suspected pedophile who escaped to safe haven for criminals – Thailand.

Unfortunately for Mary Lacy, renowned forensic expert Henry Lee said he believed the contamination of the underpants, which were nowhere near JonBenet’s size was most certainly unrelated to the crime, implying that the DA was wasting her time chasing an alleged intruder.

Mary Lacy had John Mark Karr arrested and extradited from Thailand only to learn that it was not his DNA that they found on the underpants. As a result, charges against John Mark Karr were promptly dropped and the case went cold again.

Mary Lacy was so subscribed to her intruder theory, she would not accept the expert analysis of the handwriting on the ransom note which once again pointed a huge finger at the girl’s mother Patsy Ramsey.

Needless to say – Mary Lacy lead investigation was a fiasco. As of February 2009, Boulder has had a new district attorney – Stan Garnett. He has a disadvantage of a lot of time lost, but he’s determined to continue investigating the case. With new DNA technology at the cop’s disposal, the seemingly dead case was reopened again on October 2010.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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154 thoughts on “JonBenet Ramsey Autopsy and Crime Scene Photos”

    1. Or at least tried to cover it up. They had a part in it, third party DNA or not.
      I’d like to see if the case ever gets solved. Cold cases getting solved are always pretty interesting to read/hear about.

    2. The Parents may have wellfucking killed her… Even if they didn’t physically strangle the poor little mite.

      What sort of values do these people have? To expose a child in the absolute WRONGEST sort of light.

      This. Is why the rest of the world thinks that America is fucking whacked.

      1. @trooper
        The world thinks america is fucking whacked? Oh hell no. America IS fucking whacked. The sad part is that we have to read your guys’ newspapers in order to see whats really going down in our own country.

        1. Yes, America is whacked.

          Because her parents dress her up like an adult pageant queen or whore. I’m sure they had many secret creepy pedo admirer.
          I don’t think that her parents did this to her, and the sadist who killed Jonbenet is still out there.

          1. I don’t know what you guys are talking smack about amer for, I whack off here all the time, OH I get it, thats why amer is whacked. hehehehe

        1. CHEERS hlb!

          Nah, sorry to disappoint pal, but I wouldn’t touch America.

          I will train Tea Party Revolutionaries in our borders… And provide funding and weapons.

          Unless you guys get into real trouble… I won’t sacrifice any significant amount of money or men on the USA.

          Henry Wineheart? Mmh. I should have a look.

          1. I could spend about a half an hour translating it into Irish the old school way, with an Irish,English dictionary, but that disappeared along with the school days.and to be quite ashamed I know very little of the mother tongue. I am happy to announce the IRAL is on your side !

          2. Jew!?

            The Manx and Irish languages are so similar it is said that they can communicate eachother without much confusion.

            I really need to learn Manx.

      2. It’s child abuse in my opinion. what a retarded thing to do. Are Americans that bored to put there child on display for sickos to enjoy and jerk off too. It’s obviously for the parents( if you can call them that) satisfaction and has nothing to do with the kids. They were born losers, so for a short time they can feel like a somebody through there kids. What a bunch of fucking morons. I swear if I ever found out there is one in my presence, I would degrade them 10 times as they did to there child!

        1. I think it was Burke! I used to live outside Boulder when this happened and saw the autopsy report. I think he was sexually curious and had stuck the broom handle up in her and when she was going to tell he panicked and strangled her. The parents had lost one kid and were trying to keep from losing the other. The police tapes reveal Patsy muffling the phone and saying “Not now Burke” but when interviewed the parents claimed Burke was upstairs asleep. The ransom note also specified the actual balance that was in the Ramseys Bank account (What kidnappers ask for $118K?
          The family definately manipulated the media and the authorities.

    3. Brother did it.
      Parents covered it up.

      They lied and said the last thing she ate was crab at Christmas dinner; they found one undigested piece of pineapple in her stomach. Brother was eating a bowl of pineapple, and Jon Benet stole a piece. The brat hit her in the head with a flashlight over it.

      He was shown a pic of the pineapple and asked what it was and couldn’t answer the question cuz he knew he was guilty.

  1. This case was all over the damn news when i was a kid. Even if her mom killed her, the real crime is the name. Jonbenet? Fuckin really? Maybe in france. But bitch this aint france hoe.
    Anywho, the whole thing sounds shady. The previous sexual abuse makes it look VERY suspicious.
    Furthermore, who the fuck thinks its okay to dress up your poor child like a hooker and parade her around? Thats gross. And it doesnt teach children anything positive.

    1. My guess is daddy was playing with the poor little thing for years on end and mommy knew about it.
      Maybe she was getting to an age where the abuse was more difficult to hide resulting in murder/coverup.

    2. @Killajamal, Jonbenet was named using a combination of her fathers first and middle name, John Bennett Ramsey.These pagents are all about the money in my opinion. The entry fees, the custom made dresses, hair and make-up, spray on tans…there are catagories for little boys as well. I don’t like them because they could make your young child a target for a child molesters plus they teach these young children that your worth is based on your looks.( RIP Jonbenet.)

      1. @ramm
        That was actually my first thought. She was getting old enough for him to worry about getting “fingered” for it. Haha. So maybe he wanted to shut her up.
        I was fully aware of the origin of the name. Which makes it even more awful. What girl wants to be named after her fucking father!?? He must be full of himself (hmmm maybe he wanted to share and stuff her full of himself too. What an ass.)
        Youre right. Those pageants are fucking bullshit and kids should not be exposed to that lifestyle.

  2. I am sad to announce that this American disease is spreading over here in the UK as well.

    It is one of the fastest growing industries over here.

    in my new Britain. The parents would be up the fucking wall straight after the Royal Family and the Politicians.

    1. Eww I cant stand these things! Im from a super small town, not even 3000 people, yet this guy/drag queen who happens to be married with kids managed to get on this show called toddlers & tiaras I believe. Hes been on daytime shows, even came out on south park. I think hes disgusting and a disgrace.

  3. Henry Lee! my favourite TRU TV star!…
    Well, from my experience in this kind of shit, I won’t be so hard on the DA. He probably tried hard to find a NIGGER to frame on this whole mess, but no one seemed to be at hand in that upper class neighbhoor. Taxpayers money at work, pals

  4. Man it sucks when kids get killed (anybody kids or adults alike ) , but when it comes to little ones its really sad . But what pisses me off the most , is that these stupid mothers dressing their kids up like fuckin hookers , knowing very well the sick , demented fuckers living among us just waiting to strike at any moment , but hey who cares right. These low life sad excuse for motherhood bitches prance those little girls around like seasoned street sluts . All made up with tons of make up & such strutting down the boardwalk . These little angels need a regular childhood , not courses on how to dress and act like tramps. Protect your kids man, fuck…

  5. Actually, the case was in fact solved. It was a chinese foreign exchange student who they had let stay with them for awhile. The mother of jonbenet unfortunately died shortly before the arrest was made.

    1. I can’t find the article to support that, now I look like a dufus, but did see an interview not that long ago, saying they had arrested a foreign exchange student, and that he was responsible for her death, it was an interview with the father.

        1. @daweeka they found the killer O.O woah I was trying to figure it out last time while I was watching the do commentary on YouTube to me the parents were in on it because they looked extremely suspicious they looked like they were covering something up are you sure it was a foreign exchange student O.o ..? Time for some more investigating ^_^

        2. Good day to you,I seem to remember something along that story you speak off,there is a documentary about this case and lists the extremely long line of suspects. I’m pretty sure its on you tube,check it out .: )

      1. @daweeka Salut ma belle montrealaise (in english ), hello ya cute montrealer ! ha! ha! i am glad they caught that prick. Thanks for the update. One less asshole , didler on the streets…ALL GOOD…

  6. If theres one thing that upsets me its innocent kids falling foul to the sick fucks that seem to populate this world. If i could ever get one of these low life scum bags in a room on our own (man or woman), I’d make you some gore to be proud of. Fuck them in the ass with ravor blades and dish out some old school torture on the fuckers, flip flop style.

  7. She was beautiful if she was alive right now she’d be a hottie i’d probably be fapping to her because she’d end up being a pornstar this post reminds me of “Cold Case” gotta love the series 😉

  8. The Learning channel Did it… . What’s up with that channel anyways it has those perverted child Pageants with those obsessed parents and the kids dressed like hookers. Fucking channel is evil it even promotes people having 20 kids. That fucking pervert show ‘9 and counting’. WTF cunts. I hate that channel .. we have & fucking Billions people in this world we don’t need Families having 20 kids . I am going to try to Promote Abortion in this country. I will offer every family that has 2 kids or more 20 dollars to Abort their next child.. I think this will work.

    1. Psh, wonder how long you’ve been here. Wanna go back and watch the video of the 5yr old getting splattered by an ambulance that was posted yesterday?

      Somebody call a “wahhmbulance” for this moralfag.

      Been like 10 years since I heard that one but it really applies here.

    2. Obviously you aren’t a reader, as there is a “welcome to best gore” page, the home page. On it, the contents of this site is listed. Sometimes the topics become adult, veer off topic, people joke and mess around, there are debates, and updated news articles. Mark, works diligently to keep this site up and running, so we can have a site free of people who can’t handle the truth about the world. This site discusses drunk driving accidents, the violence going on in the middle east, gun violence, gang violence in the United States and Canada, etc. This is a murder, and a discussion forum. If you can’t handle this, allow me to be the first to say, bye. Click on the puppy. And don’t come back. There is far worse on this site, you’d know this if you have been here awhile…byeee… Ammi…

    3. @ammi im sorry but of all the comments you can put on here.. How dare you put these up!!! You are a grown folk for fuck sakes! Have some sense!

      See how i did that? I am the shit i know lmao!!

          1. Hahah I respect that. I’m liking this site more and more for its gore as well as intelligent commentary.

            Clearly Mark does alot of work on this site and I respect him greatly for it.

            Its reality, there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it! I love BestGore!

    4. @ammi you always thought life was going to be joyfull and full of love O_o look around you this world isn’t what it looks like this is a realist website the owner mark made this website because he wants you to know that this world isn’t perfect and happy life isn’t always fair this world can be cruel and fucked up. if you really want to see how fucked up this world is this is the place you want to be in. If you don’t want to click on the cute dog picture no one is forcing to be here.

    5. Fuck off, Ammi, you scum of the earth. I didn’t get why SOBs call the people who are responsible for the “What People Searched For To Land Here” sheep until now. You fucktards aren’t frequenters of Best Gore so it’s more than likely that you searched for something to the effect of “nude child murder pics”. Go die slowly and painfully.

  9. I feel like I should mention Mark that those “moles” on her neck aren’t actually moles, they’re the wounds inflicted by a taser, which is all the more abhorrent.

    I try to think that we are all equipped with an innate moral compass, but looking at what some humans can do to a child like this is just odious. I have ti believe that these monsters are just aberrations of nature and nothing else.

    1. Not really, the pedophiles like the lack of pubic hair, the innocence, no breasts, a small body, control and of course, fear…. what does a bullet cost for these pigs, there is no reason we don’t have the death penalty in cases that are beyond a shadow of a doubt. None.

  10. Parents should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to their kids. You can’t blame the kids, they don’t understand the implications of what they are doing.

    Now one of the kids in ‘Toddlers in Tiaras’ has her own show. What next?

    Definitely being exploited for money, then the parents wonder why their kids end up dead.

    1. I saw a trailer for that…. absolutely disgusting. Mom looks like Jabba the Hut, the little girl is fat as all hell, dad looks like he gave up years ago.
      The trailer has some great white trash quotes.
      Little girl introducing her sisters: “Anna’s the pregnantedest”
      Mother/JabbatheHut: “Sugabear’s my babydaddy”

      This family should be quarantined and incinerated.

      Youtube “Honeybooboo” or some shit to see it.

        1. That family sounded more like they should be doing porn rather than a show staring their kid.

          The kids should be televised losing weight.

          Who the heck thought of that name honey boo boo sounds like a name for a cow.

          1. That family should be keeping up with their trailer and locking that mama up in a pig pen. I saw a clip of those stage mom’s giving their kids candy pixie sticks and they were eating all that sugar and drinking bottles of soda just to keep them full of energy.

            A few months ago this psycho mother took her 5 year old tanning and the child got 2nd degree burns.. the mother looks like a slab of leather herself.. I don’t understand what is wrong with these parents. They need to let them enjoy being a kid.

          2. @kels – I remember that story about the 5 year old and the tanning, aparently it wasn’t the first time the mother had taken her daughter into the tanning salon with her.

            I think the parents put their kids in pagents for themselves more than the kids. They (the parents) want their 15 minutes of fame, to act like kids themselves, to see in their kids what they never were, and to make as much money as they can.

            Most of the parents make complete asses of themselves. When the kids are older and look back on all this, not only will they regret it, but also cringe at what their parent’s behavior.

          3. @gunkgirl, Yep and I don’t remember why the salon let her bring her daughter in there either, they’re just as much to blame.

            I totally agree. You always see parents pushing their kids into cheerleading and doing the things they wish they had done at that age. I just think these kids in the pageants are way too young to be in that kind of spot light. That honey boo boo looks like a damn brat, I can’t imagine she’ll become a better person after all of this exposure. I wish nobody would watch the stupid show and then they won’t stay in the spot light with their crappy 15+ minutes.

          4. @kels – the salon said that it was either that or the kid be left out in the car. They also claim that the kid never actually went into the tanning booth with her mom, but the burns tell a different story.

  11. I think these child pageants need to be outlawed not only here in America, but worldwide. Im speaking from a mothers point of view, and the fact that it logically makes sense. If it hadnt been for the way this poor girl was dolled up and paraded in front of pedophiles (honestly what other types of people actually watch these things?) she might still be alive today. Ive seen that show Toddlers and Tiaras and I cant help but cringe. Let kids be kids, not exploit their innocence for your own selfish reasons.

  12. Im pretty sure that it was daddys buddies pumping it to the little thing and momma got paid for the whole prostution of her little darling then shit got ugly when the little shit decided to not take it in the ass anymore so they did what any fuked up parent would do and killed her. Or she dove to save her brother from a flying penis and somehow got choked out by a shoe string.

  13. She was a year younger than me and at the time of the murder, which i still remember very well, i was also in pageants. The one i was in though was against makeup and was a very prude christian ran one. I do believe that the parents were involved and that they may as well have been the ones that killed her because of all the inconsistancies in the case, the detective having the dad and pals check the house?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? What a fuckin douchy slip in the legal system, not that the legal system really does their fuckin jobs anyway.

      1. [email protected] yeah pretty much, u know frilly dresses, deff nothing off the shoulders or above the knee, no make up, that was substituted for ’50-’60 style hair doos, i myself am not christian or any other type of anything now, however my mom was back in the day… Fun stuff tho i have to admit

  14. When you dress your little girl up like a whore and parade her around like she’s in a meat market then you are bound to attract sick fucks. I heard that her parents were into orgies and swinging, and they let all sorts of freaks into their house. They should be in prison, cuz it’s their fault.

      1. she looks a little too young and tender for orgies, mang….you’re horny as a fucking bull lately, trooper…I wanted to go out tonight to check some AMERICAN ass, and now its raining like in the old testament…fucking fuck, at least i managed to secure some italian MORTADELLA, SALAMI and bread from the nearby “foods of all nations” market….im kinda sick of this “italian” AMERICAN food with MAYO, KETCHUP and horrible “parmesan” (yea right) cheese poured all over things

      2. Tulio…

        Americans tell me that I would get a whole raft of pussy coming my way if I went to the States… It is the Accent and legendary British Charm.

        I wish you the best of luck in your conquests Toodles.

        I am too Horny. The constant masturbation is going to wear my penis down to a stump by the time I am 30.

    1. Aren’t you into orgies and swinging Elle?

      I have to admit… A BG orgy and BG swinging parties will be enough to swing the preferences of most.

      I like the idea of Orgies… But swinging… Naah.

      I get to jealous. I flip if another fella puts his hand on my missus… And I wouldn’t tolerate another woman putting her hand on me as a nod of respect to my missus.

      1. I’m like you, orgies are cool (especially when you pop some amyl nitrate) but I don’t like the practice of swinging so much. Relationships kinda fuck everything up.

        If I had kids though? I wouldn’t indulge in that anymore. I wouldn’t even take a man who was not their father into my house. You have to put the little darlings first.

        1. You are right Elle.

          Relationships are peculiar things… Either the greatest or worst things EVER.

          I have had sex with my GF at the time with two other couples. A few times. It was good.

          I have never used poppers actually.

          I like your thinking Elle. It would be a bit confusing for them if their Mummy was in the house alone with a strange Man.

          1. I have a wonderful relationship with a man who isnt the father of my lil man.. My son is 6 and me and the hubs been together for 5 so he is pretty much the dad of my son!! Its a wonderul feeling lnowingthat your son is as loved as you are by someone!

  15. I remember when this happened, everyone suspected the parents from the get-go and since her mother is currently rotting in hell, she’ll never pay for what she did. Not only writing the note but for subjecting her daughter to these bullshit pageants. They’ll never reopen this case unless they feel like framing another Asian guy. Anyways, money talks… and since her father killed her, all he has left is her pageant pictures to jack off to, fucking pedo.

    It’s sad because kids are supposed to trust their parents… And seeing those autopsy pictures with the markings on her neck.. It’s disgusting.

  16. Do you want to know what I think is just as offensive and caters to these perve peddies? Grown women, mostly celebrities, dressing up in sexy little girl clothing with pig tails and sucking on lolly pops! Also the fad of grown women having completely bald vags. Cut the hedges do kill the bush!! Hmmmmm, it seems society contributes to this more than we know!!

    1. Got to agree with you on both points there.

      I didn’t want to touch school girls when I was a school boy, I wanted to go around knocking the other school boys out or get pissed. So to then have a grown woman dressed like a child to as a symbol of lust…. well thats just f**king wrong.

      Then theres teh whole lady bush thing I agree with. Nice and neat yes, but not bald. When I do get lucky enough to see a woman in the nip, I’d prefer to see her womanly bush than to look down at a bald fandago. Nasty !

    1. Maybe she was accidentally killed and they tried to cover it up or she was going to speak up about being molested? There were also rumors they beat her for wetting the bed and accidentally killed her? Not sure of the reason .. but it’s obvious they’re in on it and tried help to keep it under wraps.

  17. dang this girl and i had the same birth date and everything i just barely celebrated my b-day this monday she would have been 22 years old like me its sad to know she didnt even get as far as to her sweet 16 ;( r.i.p leo/horse you would have been something great. <3

  18. Sad sad case, I remember when this happened, I was under the impression that yeah, the parents did it, but then again, no solid motive, and to look at those crime scene photos, she died in a horrific manner, .. terrible , glad you didn’t post any nudes, would be disgusting.. even for bestgore , am I wrong..?

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